Ariadne's Thread and The Myth of Happily Ever After

Ariadne's Thread and The Myth of Happily Ever After

A truth-full account for women navigating timeless and enduring challenges

How to take action on your own behalf - an ancient map for women today.


Women in the western democratic world have gained many freedoms in recent years. But in some respects, are as trapped by our cultural paradigm as ever. Reenlisted in epic and endless repeat versions of “happily ever after”, women have not been well served by the all-pervasive narratives they have been raised with. Part map, part workbook, part friend, Ariadne's Thread and The Myth of Happily Ever After provides an overarching narrative across everything women face when staying true to an inner thread of calling.


Beautifully written, clear-sighted and practical, this re-vision of the ancient myth of Ariadne’s Thread gives “happily ever after” a long overdue re-write. It provides deep and insightful navigation truths for women exploring divergent paths and trusting more deeply their own inner authority. Menato’s feminine wisdom is a faithful inner and outer guide. Added potency comes from the fact the author has clearly lived by what she shares in these pages. ~ Barbara Cecil, author, and co-founder of the women’s international leadership program, Coming Into Your Own

Sarah-Jane Menato takes a timeless story and makes it a powerful guide for women’s lives today. Through her incisive insight into the deeper narrative of the Ariadne myth, Sarah-Jane compels us to live our lives more fully, take creative action more courageously and hold onto our ’thread' more intensely as we journey into the unknown, uncovering new hope as we go. ~ Sarah Rozenthuler, chartered psychologist, leadership consultant and author of Life-Changing Conversations

This compelling narrative reveals how the archetypal themes of the Greek myth of Ariadne, originally framed within a patriarchal culture, can be re-visioned as the journey of a woman who learned to follow her own inner thread through the challenges and transformations in her life. Weaving in her own personal story to great effect, the author describes how this myth can inspire and guide women to be true to themselves and to their deepest instincts ~ Clare Martin, author of Mapping the Psyche

Sarah-Jane Menato
Sarah-Jane Menato Having lived, worked and raised her daughter in a number of different countries that include America, France, Italy and South Africa, Sarah-...
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