Art and Science of Light Bulb Moments, The

Art and Science of Light Bulb Moments, The

This book explains why Edison didn't necessarily have a light bulb moment when he didn't invent the light bulb.


Do you ever wonder where ideas come from? Have you ever had an idea, done nothing with it only to see someone else come out with your invention a year of so later? This book explains why this sort of thing happens and more. It shows you how to get into the Artful state where unlimited ideas flow. It also shows you the Science of how to make sure they happen in physical reality and generate unlimited spin offs. It is a must-have manual for entrepreneurs, inventors and explorers of the mind.


I've read, interviewed and met many personal development teachers and gurus over the last 20 years. Few, if any, attain the ease of communication Tom has, and furthermore, I know of no one who bridges the potent gap between 'normal' and 'spiritual' like he does.

This book, his latest way of helping us to know ourselves better, should be required reading in any school, business or public service organisation that wants to be part of a new, evolved and creative world.

When Tom writes, you receive the wisdom of the extraordinary realms he speaks of. When you read Tom, you learn how to access those realms.

Given that form follows thought, this book is an instruction manual for a fulfilling future - for individuals, organisations, communities and the planet alike...

~ Carl Munson, Producer at Barefoot Broadcast

Tom's ability to impart often complex information in a simplistic manner enables the reader to receive the full benefit of the learning. The very first exercise in this book enabled a new thought process which manifested in a tangible result’.

~ Tamsen Garrie , Network Director 4Networking Ltd

I really like your work, I think you manage to convey a lot of information concepts and tools in an exceedingly accessible way, which given the 'far out' nature of your work is seriously cool. Well done!

~ Tim Johnson, Director of Strategy 4Networking Ltd

Even the most hard-headed (and left brained !) of businessmen will enjoy and take away something really useful from this book.


Thank you Tom for your most enlightening, transformational book. Right from the first chapter I was engaged in the step-by-step simple exercise that produced my first light bulb moment and facilitated insights into areas where I had previously felt stuck.

I have learned so much about how my mind works and how I can harness the power of working with Whole Brain and Whole Mind Thinking.

Tom puts you in the driving seat right from the beginning so you can apply the techniques and experience the positive changes as you read through each section.

It's an easy to read book and the Flashbacks at the end of each chapter helps you to remember the key points an essence of that section.

I particularly liked the chapter 'Interpreting Your Dreams' using the technique on how to seed your light bulb moments while you sleep and the simple analysis to help you extract the meaning of your dream.

Such an innovative approach to help even the busiest of people to experience breakthrough and emerge with one big happy smile! You are truly a modern wizard in these challenging times."

Eileen Alana Clynes
Reiki Teacher /Trainer
Professional Holistic Well Being Coach


I have had few light bulb moment in my lifetime. Some I missed because I thought they were too bright for me. (Missed my opportunity) Fear of success. Tom's simplified yet intriguing ways to acknowledge light bulb moments and using the art of accepting it gracefully has made me think of my next mission. If you want to know how light Bulb moments can work for you. I highly recommend "THe Art and Science of Light Bulb Moments".

~ Mala Shah

Tom Evans has covered a huge amount of really good information with a light touch that makes it very accessible. I am someone who is often woken in the early hours with an idea (a light bulb moment) and have to get out of bed to write it down. I am also an avid user of mind maps. So, I have some understanding of what Tom is writing about. Yet, I still gained a huge amount from this book.

In the first part of the book, there are lots of interesting details about how we operate in the world and how we relate to it. How the brain works, what the mind is, how the emotions and gut interact with the mind, how breathing and inspiration are linked, and so on. In the second part, he shows us how we can literally change our minds and be more effective and successful. The wide ranging material means you get a vast amount of insight in a short space. The guidelines, suggestions and exercises mean we have the help we need to put it into practice.

Great book and highly recommended.

~ Richard Mott, Author of Holistic Business Matrix

I think this has to be the most mind expanding book I've read this year!

For the scientific or the esoteric, this book has something for everyone. Tom uses easy language and a light hearted approach to get into the workings of the mind. He effortlessly throws in links to further reading and entices you into the exercises at the end of each chapter.

Well worth a read, definately worth sharing and certain to allow plenty of lightbulb moments!

~ Nicky Marshall, Author of One Hundred Tips to Love Your Life!

I was privileged to have an advance copy of Tom Evans' brilliant book, 'The Art & Science of Light Bulb Moments' and have also experienced Tom's effective, practical and enjoyable workshops based on his explorations and discoveries.

Like Tom himself, 'The Art and Science of Light Bulb Moments' works powerfully and effectively on many levels; it is well-written, inspiring, practical and like a breath of fresh air for the heart and mind. If you put into practice only a fraction of the rich resources on offer in this book, you will transform your own life, and quite possibly that of many others, too.

Read, digest, do - and be sure to send a copy to everyone you care about.

~ Christine Miller MA FRSA, Founder & Editor ReSource Magazine & The ReSource Foundation Author: 'Secret Garden of the Soul'

I purchased this book as I was fascinated by the concept of generating ideas on demand. It is an excellent read as it simplifies the way our complicated minds work and allows them to be inspired through some pretty straightforward exercises. They are easy to follow and well explained. I particularly liked the one involving mind maps for 'Disassociation'. I've used this exercise with a couple of my Coaching Clients. Perfect for brainstorming ideas and / or resolving challenges and blocks. One client even recognised his values from doing it which was something we had been struggling with for some time. Thank you Tom!

~ Lisa Parkes

A great book and one that I would definitely recommend! It's been written in a way that's not too waffley but still interesting to read.

The techniques revealed in the books seem too simple to work but are not only easy to use but are effective.

Since reading I've started to use the techniques at work to generate movement on projects we were stuck on

~ Imran Khan

Tom Evans has written a very compact and easy to ingest book to enable people and businesses to capture their ideas and bring them into being. The author shows superb techniques to enable the reader to switch on to not one, but many, Light Bulb Moments.

This remarkable book takes the reader on a multi-layered journey where an informed awareness augments the ability to bring ideas to fruition. I personally found I as able to recognise a Light Bulb moment and bring it right through to conceptualisation and way beyond, whilst reading the book.

In balancing the left and right hemespheres of the brain and tapping into the superconsciousness, recipies for success are abundant. Particularly, if the mind is open to these wonderful methods that Tom not only writes about but invites his audience to take part in.

An invaluable book for any business (whether large, medium or small) or equally, any personal project you might wish to undertake.

Congratulations to Tom Evans for yet another exciting and enlightening read.

~ Wendy Spenceley, Author of Tarradiddle - Off Beat Tales & Alchemical Eats

As I sit in my armchair with my leg elevated above heart, I am reading the Art & Science of Light Bulb Moments. Tom Evans speaks my language. The book is inspiring, exciting, plus is augmented by some amazing audio visualisations.

It is helping my recovery and making me smile. When movement is no longer natural or automatic, it keeps you focused in the now. I am being inspired by the book, and healed by the visualisations moment by moment. What a gift when life changes on the flip of a coin. I recommend all of Tom's books.

~ Margaret Abraham

A fascinating book, which promotes you to question, acknowledge and become aware of yourself, and your true potential!
Offering both spiritual wisdom and practical science, in a down to earth fun style. With lots of practical tasks and tips to try yourself, thoughout the book.
It encourages freedom of thought, letting your ideas and thoughts flow and almost create themselves...
For a long time I have called Positive thinking Possibility thinking, as its surely more positive to be open to many different possible outcomes? This book taught me how to review even the 'thinking' bit as too much trying to find ideas in the mind can influence your ability to have the awesome light bulb moments and ideas, the ones that resonate with your heart!
Read it, Take part in it, Enjoy it - and then go on to create something just as awesome as it!

~ Ms Caroline Griffith

I really like this book.

It's well written and easy to read, and it contains a wealth of interesting and, perhaps more importantly, useful information. If you do the exercises, you can't help but get illuminating ideas, insights and inspirations that will make your life more wonderful.

Highly recommended.

~ Ivor Murray

'The Art and Science of Light Bulb Moments' by Tom Evans is an interesting self development and self help book that delves into some of the more curious areas of human capabilities.

The Art and Science of Light Bulb Moments - IN A NUTSHELL

Tom Evans says his book is about "how to have light bulb moments on demand and how to make them bring real world results for your benefit and for the benefit of others." He adds that he wrote this book for "inventors, scientists, teachers, businesses, students and anyone who wants to have a bright idea to change their world and indeed the world itself."

Light bulb moments are often associated with 'mad scientists'. You probably have already had light bulb moments but never quite understood what they meant. Tom shows that anyone can have them. Even more importantly, anyone can harness them, using them as personal development tools to take their life into new directions!

The Art and Science of Light Bulb Moments - REVIEW

Tom Evans is a trained electronic engineer so it is interesting to read his slant on subjects that some consider 'airy fairy'. Also, some readers may feel that the content is just commonsense or from other quarters, e.g., Walt Disney's Three Rooms, Edward de Bono's Six Thinking Hats, Myers Briggs profiles, Tony Buzan's Mind Maps, etc. However, Tom does state that he has "borrowed extensively" from others. What is interesting is how he brings together tools like these to create new models.

The text within some of the diagrams is a bit grainy but there is interesting data sprinkled throughout from fields including physics, chemistry, biology, neurology, psychology and history, e.g., "Our brains constitute only 5% of our body mass yet they consume 20% to 25% of our energy."

He also makes statements that do make you stop and think such as:

* ...thoughts don't become things, they are things.
* ...nobody but you has control over what you think or do.
* ...when you experience one (a light bulb moment), it changes your body chemistry.
* The light bulb moment seems to come along just when you need it - or the planet needs it.

The chapter on 'Ordering Your Dreams' was particularly useful. Tom begins "What better way to be more productive than by using the third of your life when you are sleeping to be creative?" He explains how to 'seed' your dreams to get insight on certain issues and how to 'use' your dreams to achieve more creativity. You will be intrigued to read about his vision for super-sensitive pencils!

He also covers:

* The benefits of journals or diaries
* The assets of Whole Brain Thinking
* How pain (physical or mental) stops creativity
* How to generate light bulb moments on demand
* The effect of breathing through alternate nostrils
* How Superconsciousness, Religion and Physics connect
* Why hand-drawing Mind Maps is better for your creative flow
* How to manage your ego to give space for light bulb moments
* How you can use Moon phase to optimise creativity and innovation
* What to do with your light bulb moment - going from vision to reality
* Why the last 10% of your project can take 90% of time and resources
* How thoughts come in flavours and how to choose which to experience
* The importance of generating light bulb moments throughout teams and businesses
* How to break down the complexities of making money from your light bulb moments

The Art and Science of Light Bulb Moments - WARNING

Warning - you do need an open mind to fully appreciate this personal development and self help book. As I said in my review of another of Tom's books (BLOCKS) there is much depth behind his text and you need an open mind to acquire the full power of these books.

Tom covers material that even he says "might sound fantastical." He adds "The concepts in this book as so ethereal and intangible in nature, you cannot use your logical mind to decide if they are right or wrong for you - or not." You can definitely use this book to help you on your self development journey. The key is to try things out for yourself and see what results you get.

The Art and Science of Light Bulb Moments - SUMMARY

This self development and self help book will give you a better understanding of light bulb moments and how you can use them to your benefit.

~ Dr Joy Madden

Tom writes beautifully and captures the magic of light bulb moments. He teaches us how to create light bulb moments and not just hope they happen. Your initial idea is just the beginning of the journey so read the book and let the adventure begin.

~ Bev James, CEO of the James Caan Entrepreneurs Business Academy

Creativity is one of the mind's most mysterious processes, long thought to come and go of its own volition. But in this insightful book, Tom Evans unlocks some of the mystery and shows that this isn't the case. This is an insightful book which uncovers some of the mind's mysterious creative processes. Tom Evans shows us how we can create the right conditions which enable insight and inspiration to arise, so that don't just have to wait for them. A very practical and accessible guide to uncovering your mind's potential. ~ Steve Taylor, Author of Waking From Sleep, Making Time and Out of the Darkness

Tom Evans shows how everyone in a team can be encouraged to have light bulb moments which can be used throughout the entire product life cycle.

~ Mike Southon, Financial Times columnist and best-selling business author

What a wonderful tool and resource for tapping into our creative muse anytime, anyplace. Written in an accessible style this book is for anyone who wants to take an idea from inspiration to manifestation. ~ Davina MacKail, Author of The Dream Whisperer

A very nifty little book for Entrepreneurs wanting to learn how to harness the power of our ideas. It's arty, scientific and magical and much, much more useful and inspiring than Dragon’s Den! ~ Judith Morgan, Entrepreneur,

Like Tom himself, The Art and Science of Light Bulb Moments works powerfully and effectively on many levels; it is well written, inspiring,practical and like a breath of fresh air for the heart and mind. If you put into practice only a fraction of the rich resources on offer in this book, you will transform your own life, and quite possibly that of many others, too. Read, digest, do – and be sure to send a copy to everyone you care about.

~ Christine Miller MA FRSA, Founder & Editor ReSource Magazine & The ReSource Foundation Author: 'Secret Garden of the Soul'

Light bulb moments - we all have them but many of us do nothing about them, not least understand them. Tom's simple, easy to read book gives you a fantastic insight as to why we have them, what to do to encourage them and how to actualise them once you have them. The book is designed to either pick up and read in total (much recommended) or just cherry pick the chapters that you need to focus on at the time of reading. It gives you a roadmap to follow for your light bulb ideas. I found the ideas of sharing your light bulb moments with your team and also how they can help the solo entrepreneur progress them especially interesting. I immediately saw how outsourcing can help bridge 'The Chasm' and how you can grow your ideas at your own speed. ~ Eva Davies,

Tom Evans
Tom Evans Tom is known as the Wizard of Light Bulb Moments and is a master at breathing life into any business opportunity or issue. He has developed ...
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