Avenues of the Human Spirit

Avenues of the Human Spirit

A compelling true account of Graham Nicholls hundreds of out-of-body experiences and a guide to spiritual fulfillment.


Avenues of the Human Spirit takes us on a compelling journey through many life-changing experiences towards a greater sense of spiritual fulfillment. Genuine life changing experiences such as perceptions through time, out-of-body experiences and a profound spiritual awakening illustrate how the author reached a philosophy of benevolence and freedom that we too can draw upon in our everyday lives. These Avenues of the Human Spirit are the ecstatic changes we can experience beyond our bodies, in deep meditation or removed from the everyday world in nature, but they are also the everyday choices we make that define our world. The authors spiritual awareness has also grown from an understanding of the spectrum of human experience, from the harsher sides of his childhood in working class London to the joys of spiritual exploration. The result of these combined perceptions is what makes Avenues of the Human Spirit a unique and life-affirming book.


A fascinating Book. Lots of people have written about their out of body experiences, but few have taken the trouble to follow through in this way. The result is an important, multi-layered work that goes far beyond the question of out-of-body experiences to present a thoughtful and intelligent examination of visions, psychic abilities and the nature of spirituality — all particularly potent for being based largely on personal experience. Avenues of the Human Spirit is a book I would recommend unreservedly.

~ Herbie Brennan, New York Times Best Selling author of Astral Doorways, Five Keys to Past Lives and Aquarian Guide to the New Age. He has sold more than 7.5 Million books worldwide

Searingly honest, real and spiritually inspiring, Avenues of the Human Spirit is a fascinating journey from the personal to the universal, Nicholls’ book serves as a  catalyst for readers to further unlock their own spiritual potential, to break through barriers and go beyond boundaries. Carefully navigating a middle course with feet firmly on the ground, he shares direct, first hand experiences of his flights to the farther realms of consciousness. If you're looking for an indispensably inspiring, must-read account of one seeker’s unique voyage of discovery to gain further understanding of the vast potentials of human consciousness… this is it. A stunningly courageous book! ~ Karen Ralls, Bestselling author, The Templars and the Grail; Music and the Otherworld

This is a wonderful, entertaining and unique book about remarkable out-of-the-body experiences and altered states of consciousness. Graham Nicholls brings us intelligence, wry humour and a warm heart as he describes his spiritual journey from his boyhood in a London council flat to his career as a successful artist. Most of all, he inspires us to celebrate and enjoy the wonder and magic of life.

~ William Bloom, Teacher, healer and author of The Endorphin Effect, Feeling Safe and Psychic Protection

Avenues of the Human Spirit will surely achieve its goal of motivating readers to not only explore various ways to evolve spiritually (especially via the OBE), but this book will further compel readers to use their new-found spirituality to create positive social change. ~ Philip Paul, The Out of Body Experience Research Foundation

A captivating account. Blending compelling personal spiritual experiences with a modern scientifically based world-view. ~ Alex Tsakiris, Host of the Skeptiko parapsychology podcast

Graham Nicholls
Graham Nicholls Graham Nicholls is an English author, speaker, artist, and out-of-body experience (OBE) specialist. He had his first OBEs in 1987, a practic...
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