A powerful mystical experience reveals humanity's true reality and directs us to our awakening through self belief and conscious living.


This is a book of our time. We have spent the last decades collecting the cars, the house, the image, and now we are reaching for whats next. We numb our worlds with wall to wall TV and an endless busyness that exhausts and shadows who we really are. When we stop, we long to maintain the stillness and enjoyment that we find. We are asleep. The world is changing. Awakening is the answer to human happiness. It's easy, we just need to wake up, remember, and look to our future. From modern Mums to business high flyers we are homogenising our existence. We have the opportunity to harness our human psyche, build upon our past and present and create an amazing future. Whether you have been made redundant, are looking for the answer or are simply looking to feel and have a brighter future, you have the power to awaken to conscious living right now and in doing so feel the astounding spirit of source within you.


The book contains an amazing amount of esoteric wisdom encapsulated in a small, very readable format. It includes manageable writing exercises to help readers evaluate both their conscious and unconscious belief systems. It will make a terrific spontaneous purchase that customers can discover and share with their friends. ~ Anna Jedrziewski,

Awakening is a gentle book with a thought-provoking message which has relevance for everyone. Many people sleepwalk their way through life, concentrating only on their list of tasks and the next thing they need to be doing. Liz Villani was awakened by a mystical experience and now experiences her life in a completely different way. She shares her ideas with the reader. Awakening will open your eyes and your mind and your heart to a new way of thinking. It is a simple gentle book with an important message that will resonate with those who are ready to hear it. ~ Judy Piatkus

The reader is presented with several lists of questions and aactions, developing the habit of positivity, taking conscious control of your beliefs and transcending negative beliefs. ~ Kindred Spirit

An easy to read book for those wishing to know more about the meaning of life.

~ Laura Boyle, Mercury

Awakening is the sort of book that finds you when you most need it. The timing is always perfect. Inspiration is at hand. ~ Robert Holden, Ph.D., Author of Be Happy and Shift Happens!

A little book with a BIG message. ~ Jacky Newcomb, Sunday Times best selling author of Angels Watching Over Me

The work of Liz is a blessing. She is truly inspired and brings an important message in our turbulent times. Make the time to read her wisdom and let it touch you deeply. ~ Ben Renshaw, Author of Successful but Something Missing and co-director of The Happiness Project

A truly real life book, We all get lost along this pathway, and with Lizs help she actually makes us look within ourselves again. Liz is a great inspiration to us all.

~ Barrie John, Guest Medium For Living TV's Most Haunted Programme Series 10

I am loving this book! ~ Johnnie Fiori, Actress and lover of all things spiritual!

This is the book we have all been waiting for! Through her own experiences and her professional knowledge, Elizabeth provides the reader with the key that will open the door to his or her self-awareness. Elizabeth's book is a welcome escape from the usual self-help tomes that grace the shelves of the bookstores. Written in a straightforward, easy to understand manner, this will be a classic, must read, can't put down book! ~ Marlene Woolgar, Proffesional Medium, Healer Tutor & Tutor at Tony Stockwells Avalon Project.

This insightful and succinct, non religious book is the answer for the many who have questions about the nature of life, about their own spirituality and their true identity. It provides positive, direct and accurate information which will help any soul who is in the early stages of awakening from the dream, or in some cases, the nightmare of the materialistic life. Elizabeth uses direct, no nonsense language, to show the way towards a better, happier, more holistic and fulfilling life. ~ George Fryer, Psychic artist

To live a life of joy and abundance, free from stress and tension and the ability to dream great dreams that may well become your reality, how great would that be? Today's world is so busy, complex and time consuming that we often have no time to really find out who we are and what we are here to do. Liz's book clearly explains what is wrong with our 21st century environment and how we can take steps to recover the joy of living fully, magically and authentically. ~ Sue Donnelly, Image Coach, Columnist and President The Federation of Image Consultants. The human face of image, Author of Feel Fab at 50.

Elizabeth draws awareness to the fact that an element of our self has forgotten to listen to the call within for home. Our dualistic approach to life has suffocated our joy in what is innately our spiritual heritage. She successfully underpins the difference between religion and spirituality and begs us to question the different cultures and concepts that have shaped us, and how none of us are going the same way but somehow the journey to awakening should be a collective responsibility, because we are all going the same way! This is the spiritual! In an era that supports a culture of blame and self annihilation, I welcome this work as it may offer some inspiration for us to actually want to ascend. ~ Avril Price, Psychic Tutor, Royal College of Psychic Studies, London

Elizabeth Villani
Elizabeth Villani Elizabeth Villani is a qualified coach, Reiki Master and intuitive teacher. An ordinary woman with an extraordinary message. Elizabeth gre...
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