Awakening Artist, The

Awakening Artist, The

Madness and Spiritual Awakening in Art

The Awakening Artist invites artists to discover their relationship to the greatest source of creativity the world has ever known.


Foreword by Steve Taylor, bestselling author of "The Fall, The Insanity of the Ego in Human History and the Dawning of A New Era.

The Awakening Artist: Madness and Spiritual Awakening in Art is an art theory book that explores the collision of human madness and spiritual awakening in art. It examines a condition of insanity that can be seen in most art movements throughout art history and contrasts that insanity with revelations of beauty, wonder and truth that can also be found in many works of art. The Awakening Artist references concepts of creativity put forward by Joseph Campbell, Carl Sagan, Albert Einstein, Carl Jung and others. Furthermore, The Awakening Artist discusses many of the world’s most important artists who explored the theme of awakening in art including Michaelangelo, Paul Cezanne, Claude Monet, Marcel Duchamp, Morris Graves and many others. Additionally, using concepts of Eastern philosophy, the book presents the case that human creativity originates from the same creative source that animates all of life, and that the artist naturally aligns with that creative source when he or she is in the act of creating.


Overall, this was an insightful and gently inspiring book, thought-provoking for artists and truth-seekers the world over. ~ Andy Lloyd, Artist:

The Awakening Artist by Patrick Howe is a fascinating book which will give readers much food for thought. He takes up a very different perspective on Art that encourages artists to work from a spiritual perspective, allowing the creative force of the universe to flow through them. He has some interesting views on prehistoric art too and how a change came over humanity some 6000 years ago which can be seen in our art. Well worth reading. ~ Elen Sentier, Author, Elen of the Ways

I can honestly say that The Awakening Artist has opened me to thinking about the spiritual component of my own work, and to seeing the work of others through the "awakened" lens. So much of what is written about in art history rehashes the same tired concepts, and says little or nothing about what the artist’s inner experience may have been. Patrick's thesis is based on his own observation and spiritual experience—and there is boldness in it. You may agree or disagree with his views, but it will undoubtedly get you to think more deeply about the spiritual nature of what artists do. ~ Mitch Albala, author, Landscape Painting: Essential Concepts and Techniques for Plein Air and Studio Practice

The Awakening Artist gave me a fresh and open-minded look at the meaning of art in the world and art history.  His ideas and explanations opened the door for me to see art and art making in a new way. Many artists and students of art are looking for a way to cut through the old interpretations and Patrick's book offered that to me! ~ Kathy Kimball, Ed.D University of Washington

Patrick Howe
Patrick Howe At the age of 15, Patrick Howe had his first one-man show in the lobby of Oregon Savings Bank, in Portland, Oregon. In 1974 he graduated fro...
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