Awakening Child

Awakening Child

A journey of inner transformation through teaching your child mindfulness and compassion

A journey of inner transformation through teaching your child mindfulness and compassion.


The lives we lead, particularly in the Western world, are technologically overburdened and spiritually impoverished. Our children can tell us the various merits of different operating systems for electronic devices, but are rarely in touch with how different emotions are experienced in the body, or how it feels to bring kindness to a moment of difficulty. They are bombarded almost constantly with information at a rate that mankind even 50 years ago would have struggled to begin to comprehend, and mental illness is at an all-time high.
Research indicates that one of every four adolescents will have an episode of major depression during high school, with the average age of onset being 14 years of age. The human race is at a tipping point, and we have no sane choice but to begin to awaken the capacities within us that have too-long lain dormant. We can choose to lead a child towards awakening, and thus awaken ourselves.


The Awakening Child is a great book for parents who want to raise their child more spiritually and awakened. I enjoyed this book and think it should be read by every spiritual seeker with children. ~ Rose Pettit , NetGalley

I can't recommend this book highly enough. I was glued to reading this, and every chapter really gave me more and more fantastic ideas to use with children I teach in school, as well as with my own children. It is beautifully written and a joy to read, genuinely touches the heart! I will be dipping in and out of this book and use it as a toolkit for the foreseeable future. ~ M Semple,

This is a beautiful and thought-provoking book, I love how the author has experienced first hand the challenges of trying to understand children, she completely relates to parents and makes you feel reassured that we don't need to be perfect . She talks with warmth and understanding. Her almost therapeutic and peaceful mindfulness is explained in a way that is easy to understand and gives you the ability and knowledge to use simple mindfulness to really make a difference . I can't recommend this book enough I have five children and can struggle , Heather has changed my family life and the way in which I work through challenges and understand my children. I also must add I gained peace and relaxation from not only reading this book but changing my outlook in life. ~ Anonymous,

As a teacher and someone who practices meditation and mindfulness I can't recommend this book highly enough. Beautifully written and a joy to read, genuinely touches the heart! I will read it again and again. There is a link in the book to Heather's website which is so useful as you can actually listen to the meditations included in the book which are delivered so well. A brilliant book by an amazing author. ~ Anonymous,

I have had the good fortune to have met Heather and her teaching in this lovely book reflects her tenacious drive to teach mindfulness to all. Wonderfully written, it's a great book to have in your 'toolkit' for helping your children through those difficult times they face growing up. My own children have already benefitted from me having read it. To teach a child mindfulness is a truly special gift and one that this book supports perfectly. ~ Mrs Allyson Taylor,

If you've ever wondered what mindfulness is about and what it is, then this book is for you. If you know about mindfulness and want to add to your knowledge, then this book is for you. Want to know how to connect and have a better life relationship with your children, then this book is definitely for you. Speaking from the author's own life experiences, you will feel at home and comfortable about putting the exercises into practice yourself. In fact, read about why it is OK for everything to NOT be perfect. Reconnect with your child in a deeper and more insightful way, helping each of you get through life and its ups and downs. It is an easy read, not bogged down with jargon, and easy understood. The way concepts are presented, although straightforward, they will make you think, challenging yourself to become a better you. A better you helps with developing a better child. Reading it, I was able to instantly relate and appreciate how the experiences of life can be looked at in a more positive way. And, in seeing that, it helps when talking to children about concepts that they may not be able to get their heads around. It is often a good idea to work together with your child to find answers. There is a lot contained in this book with a comprehensive range of suggestions for further reading and resources. After reading this, you will be pleasantly surprised at how you will have have changed your view on life, and, how much better it is to relate to both children and other adults. A great 'go to ' book that is recommended reading. ~ Mr M A Charlaw,

I would recommend as very easy to read, able to refer to when needed and very helpful with the exercises which are relaxing and easy to follow instructions. I read through the chapters in order initially and felt relieved that I am a normal parent in relation to the case studies which was comforting to know. I used a number of the exercises with my son, who has ADHD, and after the initial giggles, messing about and talking whilst trying to relax, he came round and enjoyed just sitting and thinking with me which was great to have one one-to-one time. I also talked through some of the strategies with my 5 year old son whilst we had our evening cuddles on the couch. He listened and we relaxed together. The book made me think about my everyday life, about how much we rush around and don’t take time to just sit, think and talk to each other. It was a gentle reminder to slow down and enjoy things more. ~ Diane Somers – Charlie & Oliver 10 & 5 Years,

The book is well organised, with easy to follow paragraphs that you can refer to. It may be helpful to have an index to find some of the different 'techniques'. I like the fact that the book gave practical steps to follow rather than just explain about mindfulness in general. I also found it interesting that it explained how to teach mindfulness to children. This is a good book for anyone interested in learning more about mindfulness and how to apply it to your day to day life and teach it to your children ~ Adeline Kretz – Hannah 6 years ,

This women is an amazing writer and absolutely wonderful at guided meditations. I really believe that this could make a difference in my child and have every intention of using these meditations daily. I think every parent who wants more for their kids than to just survive, should read this book. I know I want to raise children who are confident, centered, emotionally stable, and all around great adults. ~ Terra McGee, NetGalley

Heather Grace MacKenzie's wonderful book invites parents and those working with children to engage in a journey of self-acceptance and self-compassion in order to create a more peaceful life, both for ourselves and for our children. We come to realise that the best way to learn something is to teach it. Her words reflect her deep understanding of the subject-matter and, as always, come from the heart. ~ Lorraine Murray, author of Calm Kids: Help Children Relax With Mindful Activities

The insightful advice included in your book is in high demand at the moment, and the addition of your own experiences with your sons and from your teaching that you use to support the advice makes it all the more powerful and convincing. This combination works well, and I am sure there is a large audience for a book such as yours on mindfulness, especially with regard to parenting, at present. ~ Claire Gillman, Book Report for Writers' Workshop

Heather Grace MacKenzie
Heather Grace MacKenzie Heather Grace MacKenzie was brought up on the Scottish Isle of Islay, daughter of a farmer and a conservationist. She is a Mindfulness Teac...
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