Aware in a World Asleep

Aware in a World Asleep

A Principled Way for Living Spiritually

If you want to activate the fullness of spiritual being in everyday life, this is the source for you!


Aware in a World Asleep, is for the many who are now engaging spirituality as a path of highest good for them. As they seek real meaning in life, they come to find solace and an inner sense of power in the Truth that speaks in silence. A clear sense of personal integrity and purpose is exposed in the spiritually principled direction depicted on these pages, resonating as images of Truth found indelibly imprinted on the heart. Confusion and despair are transformed into inner peace and a joyful expression of ones true essence: divine consciousness individualized.


Jim Young offers an illuminated path to that elusive "essence" we've been searching for. 'Awake in a World Asleep' is accessible, real and inspiring. ~ Nouk Sanchez & Tomas Vieira, 'Take Me To Truth; Undoing the Ego'

The dedication of the author is apparent throughout and with perseverence, the inspirartion this book brings will be rewarding.  I whole-heartedly recommend this knowledgeable and sincere book.

~ Sarah Connor, Eternal Spirit

Jim Young speaks to your heart. Whether reading one of his books or while participating in one of his presentations, there is one thing I always feel: a shift in perception. Through metaphor, humor, life experience, and metaphysical principles, Dr. Young leads us to receive insights into ways of experiencing life as Life. ~ Marsha Havens, Co-founder of the Arkansas Metaphysical Society and President of the Christian Science Society of Eureka Springs, AR

Jim Young takes the spiritual pilgrim on a twenty-first century journey into the world of metaphysics and metaphor--he challenges the seeker to look within, not beyond, for the road map. ~ Jenny Wagget, Author, The Awakening Dream, a novel for young adults

A much-needed and insightful exploration of finding our inner strength and contributing it to the world. ~ Annie Woods, Author, Journeys to Places Out of Bounds

Dr. Young teaches that when we learn to let go of the ego-intellect so that our Spirit is manifested we live as the "masters" we were created to be. ~ Dr. Charles and Ramona McNeal, Facilitators, A Course in Miracles

Like "Have You Forgotten? Five Powerful Principles for Living Spiritually," Young's writings have inspired my own sense of spirituality, which, in turn, has inspired my art. ~ Steve Sumner, artist and art educator

Jim Young offers an illuminated path to that elusive "essence" we've been searching for. 'Awake in a World Asleep' is accessible, real and inspiring. ~ Nouk Sanchez & Tomas Vieira, 'Take Me To Truth; Undoing the Ego', put on cover? Nouk and Tomas are successful O-Book authors

James Young
James Young Dr. James H. (Jim) Young has served with distinction as a distinguished professor of higher education, and is the President emeritus of Stat...

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