Barefoot Indian, The

Barefoot Indian, The

The Making of a Messiahress



Due to an increase in demand of people wanting to know the meaning of life, the above position is now available.

For the right candidate, your role will be very varied and at times challenging but the rewards are significantly high.

No previous experience necessary, full training will be given.

A good sense of humor would be an advantage.

We are an equal opportunity employer.

Anyone is free to apply for this exciting career opportunity.

Please e-mail your details for an application form to

All applications will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.

The author responds to an advertisement. On getting the job, she is assigned The Barefoot Indian as training coach. In the style of Illusions or Jonathan Livingstone Seagull, she teaches a beauty which cannot be found in a mirror; how to ask and receive; the true nature of healing, and that limitations are self-imposed. Finally, she realises that Messiahress is what others call you, it is not what you call yourself.

Spiritual fiction, or not? Eternal wisdom is expressed in the context of modern day to day life in a fresh, sensitive, intuitive, humorous and profoundly inspirational way.


The back cover of this book captures the imagination before you even open it..... That alone makes it impossible not to open the book and find out what on earth is going on. What’s going on is the beautifully written story of the writer’s interview and subsequent training for the role of Messiahress. The book is full of wisdom and simplicity, and creates a word view in the author’s own inimitable way. To say anything further would only serve to ruin a beautifully written book that really needs reading with an open heart. ~ Deb Hawken, Eternal Spirit

Bridget Jones meets Illusions and The Alchemist. Fresh and gripping, accessible and entertaining, it describes situations that any modern woman would recognise, with spiritual wisdom woven in. ~ Rose Elliot, Author & Columnist

The book is warm, funny, but altogether life changing. It teaches lessons that are infinitely valuable, on life itself and the nature of the cosmos and the ailments of the human race. It takes you on a journey of the human soul through the eyes of an average human being (you), one who has doubts, fears (financial and otherwise) and would like to change the world if given the opportunity but has most likely given up on mankind altogether. They are so many answers, and my old self is itching to show off and tell you some, but I am not able to. The book is one you must journey through and reflect upon by yourself. A touching and life changing read, The Barefoot Indian is definitely one to pick up the next time you visit your local bookstore. It is an easy and essential read for all ages. ~ She Unlimited Magazine, USA

Wow, here is a small easy to read book which should be in the rankings of the Celestine Prophecy and Surfing the Himalayas, if they grabbed your attention then this one will. One not to miss as if you do you will not have any idea what others are talking so enthusiastically about. ~ Barbara Venn-Lever

This is a fun book. It can be read just as a story, or as a light hearted guide along the path to enlightenment. I thoroughly recommend this to anyone interested in a spiritual path. ~ Inspirational Friends

I received the Barefoot Indian a couple of weeks ago, and it presented itself to me to read last night - which I did in one sitting, unable to put it down. I think your book is a joy, a perfectly timed gem which offers real insight into spiritual growth...a quick yet powerful read - its depth and meaning are in fact huge. Perhaps that is one of its greatest benefits - like a truly masterful and effective teacher, it slips beneath the radar and offers lessons which penetrate without preaching ~ Resource Magazine

This is the most beautiful book, expressing eternal wisdom in a simple, easy to read tale. It tells the story of a young woman who applies for the position of Messiahress, in a humorous yet sensitive fashion. ~ Caroline Chaplin, Editor Renaissance Magazine

Julia Heywood is a storyteller extraordinaire. I was 1st introduced into metaphysical thought by Richard Bach via ‘Illusions; the story of a reluctant messiah’, and it has remained one of my all time favorites. ‘The Barefoot Indian’ is right up there on par with ‘Illusions’. I found I could not put the book down, once started. Every chapter is filled with subtle lessons on life that when contemplated, utterly astound you. And there is enough humor in the writing, to keep you smiling at the same time. We all seek & find our ‘salvation’ in various ways. ‘The Barefoot Indian’ will enlighten you to the savior you already are. ~ Rev Dr Dandra Gaskin

A modern day fable, Julia Heywood takes us into the realms of magical thinking. You may well recognise yourself at each step of this journey. You may find yourself saying 'ah, but it's only a book'. Yet within this slim volume there is a wealth of wisdom, available for practising in your own life, written with dollops of charm and wit. I shall look forward to the sequel! ~ The Changing Times

Julia's book reminds me of Richard Bach's book 'Jonathan Livingston Seagull', it's short, simple to read, and has a powerful message. ~ Roy E Klienwachter, author of Your life was never meant to be a struggle.

Although fiction, this story is intertwined with the author's own personal thoughts, feelings and experiences. At times amusing, it brings a great deal of eternal and profound wisdom and truth, helping the reader to view life from a higher perspective. An easy and incredibly enlightening read. ~ Rainbow News, NZ

The Barefoot Indian is an irreverent, funny, touching and profound book. Like Bach’s work, it charts the character’s journey along the spiritual path in a way that takes the reader along with her. It works on many levels, most simply as a funny and entertaining story, but also as a catalyst to ask those questions about the elusiveness of happiness and contentment. The real strength though, is that the book delivers its message in a way that doesn’t preach or proselytize, but rather offers advice with a nod and a wink. ~ Insight Magazine, AUS

Upon receiving Julia’s book, I opened the package and put the book on the table admiring the thought provoking cover when one of our volunteer’s daughter picked up the book. She too admired the cover then asked to look at it. I smiled and said, sure, observing the thirteen year olds interest in the book. She sat down and dove in. Needless to say, I didn’t get the book back for a day or so. Later that weekend she came by with her Father and dropped off the book and told me how much she loved it. That says volumes about this book! Julia’s book, The Barefoot Indian, is a breath of fresh air. It is a quick read with the power to open your mind and heart to your spiritual path. It is presented in a beautiful, creative way. The fun, yet intuitive nature of the format is playful and enchanting. The honest inquiries create a space in which you effortlessly expand your own growth’. ~ Leslie Palacio, Editor Pathways Within

Within a few pages I had come down from the intellectual wrangling that like others I get tied up in and just appreciated a wonderful story conveying the deep insights from the world's traditions without actually mentioning any. In fact all were blended and recognizable but anyone at all would be able to follow the story with as much enjoyment whether knowing anything or not about religion. The book is a real page-turner and I would deny anyone not to recognise the art of story-telling at its best in terms of hearing profound human and spiritual truths about how nonsensical some of our 'common-sense' view can be. It cuts through pretensions and all through story one is carried along. We don't know the woman's name who applies for the 'top job' and we do accept that this is 'unrealistic' through our all-too worldly eyes but she is the epitome of every wo/man and the book is impossible to put down as we follow her through her training. This was exactly what I needed to regain perspective after a crazed week of trying to fit in too much. I would not have considered buying this book if casually coming across it, however, without doubt, I would have been the poorer and I'm pleased to know it will be on my shelf to read in its entirety again and again. It is truly a timeless religious story for our time. I know that reads as nonsense but read the book and you will see what I mean. ~ Joan Wilkinson, National Unitarian Fellowship

Insight and humour and ordinariness, I really enjoyed it. Echoes of Richard Bach. ~ Mercury

I thoroughly enjoyed this story I would recommend this helpful book to anyone on any phase of their spiritual journey. Thanks, Julia for sharing your enlightened experience with the rest of the class. ~ Riki Frahmann, Planetstarz' Mystic Living Magazine

The messiahress to be is led on a journey, with the help of the Barefoot Indian, to find out both the meaning of life and who she really is. She is putinto different situations where her growth as a person is possible, she only needs to be open to the opportunity. Written with great insight and a sweet sense of humor this book will remind you that once you are on the path, you are always on the path. It will gentle take you back to your center, and the wisdom that you already possess. Every once in awhile though we still need our memories jogged, Julia Heywood has fascinating way of providing that nudge. Readers will find themselves answering the questions that are put before the applicant, seeing if they also are qualified to become a messiahress. ~ Whispers of Spirit

It is wonderful to read a story that engages your imagination, touches your emotions and really makes you think about the world around you. The Barefoot Indian by Julia Heywood starts with a response to an advertisement - "Messiah/Messiahress Urgently Required" - and takes off from there. Excellent as a piece of fiction, you can also delve into "The Barefoot Indian" as an exercise in developing your own spirituality. You are sure to enjoy this light and extremely accessible read. ~ Spirit Side Magazine

Julia's book is a beautiful metaphor for real people who are looking for spiritual wisdom. I say 'real people' because so often religious and spiritual books are written in a style that alienates real, everyday folk. This little gem is a modern fable which rings true deeply. It is clearly written both from the author's own actual experiences (ups and downs) as well as her own clear ability to 'bump into' wisdom and profound levels of understanding... these little nuggets of insight come quite 'out of the blue' and 'unexpectedly'. I suspect this is something that happens all the time for Julia so we, the lucky readers, can surely look forward to much more of these Barefoot Tales. As a priest I wish that just one tenth of the teachings of the Church could achieve the relevance and accessibility of this book. Thank you Julia. ~ Mark Townsend, author of The Gospel of Falling Down

An intriguing fictional tale of a woman who answers an ad for a messiahress and her subsequent on-the-job training. ~ New Age Retailer

Do you enjoy reading books that are written as a story rather than a text book? If you said yes then “The Barefoot Indian, The making of a Messiahress” is what you are looking for. Place yourself as the character in the book and you will find each chapter is filled with lessons of life that you will be able to relate yourself to. The story begins as the character applies for a job of a Messiahress. You will follow her from page to page as she leans to handle different situations of life and learn the correct choices. The story is charming, breathtaking, and a lesson that we are all eager to learn. ~ Promise Magazine USA

I loved this book! The style of writing is quite unique and very inspiring. I cant wait for further books from Julia Heywood. ~ Sandra Bell,

JULIA HEYWOOD’S use of I to identify the central character is a little disconcerting at first. It’s only when she fills in an email application form for the position of messiah/ messiahress – due to an increase in demand of people wanting to know the meaning of life, the above position is available – that it becomes obvious that it is as much the I of everywoman (and presumably everyman) whose adventure is unfolding. Having decided to accept the terms and conditions outlined by JC, the managing director, our apprentice messiahress begins an extensive training programme under the guidance of an advanced instructor, who goes by the name of The Barefoot Indian. Most of the wisdom that reveals itself is simple and straightforward – ‘‘don’t be ruled by that which doesn’t rule you’’, ‘‘what you desire you cannot have, what you have can never be desired’’, ‘‘in the midst of illusion you’ll find u’’. And with an ‘‘ah ha’’ conclusion that’s as unexpected as it is poignant, first time author Heywood delivers a powerful visionary parable that ranks alongside the likes of Richard Bach’s Illusions for its readability and impact. ~ Sunday Star Times, New Zealand

A beautiful and humorous book about the fascinating quest for the meaning of life with all kinds of recognizable questions, reactions and situations. Very informative and inspiring. A winner! ~ Ellen Faber, Editor, MOM Netherlands

This book, sub-titled ‘The making of a messiahress’, is a quirky, off-beat account of the progress of a trainee messiahress. ...In a way this is a modern fairy story and as such contains ancient truths which are given a contemporary twist. Because of its light touch this book would make an ideal holiday read, being both humorous and profound. ~ Margaret Barty, New Vision

A bright, sensitive and contemporary view of eternal wisdom. ~ Intersentia Distribution, Belgium

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