Believe and it is True

Believe and it is True

A Story of Healing and Life Lessons

When the polio trauma strikes Deborah again, she discovers new, exciting ways to heal her body, emotions and spirit.


This book is a personal narrative detailing a transformative healing journey.  Fifty years after polio struck Deborah's little three-year-old body, she was diagnosed with post-polio syndrome, with its overwhelming fatigue and muscle weakening.  But, she did not accept the possibility of losing the use of her legs, again.  Instead, she met the challenges head-on, healing her emotional wounds and strengthening her physical body.  Her story is told through her experiences of learning essential life lessons - life lessons available to every person - to manifest a healing journey.  Although her strong faith was developed through traditional religious beliefs, she discovered other spiritual realities, leading to an exploration of alternative healing methods.  Learning the energy healing method of Reiki, finding solace in connecting with deceased relatives, and working through emotional issues with a shamanic intuitive healer are just a few of her experiences along this amazing path.  Deborah's story resonates with anyone seeking mind, body, and spiritual healing.  Every person can discover the power to heal.  Believe And It Is True is a reality for all.


“Believe and It Is True” is an inspiring real-life story of faith, courageous exploration and spiritual healing. As I read Deborah Lloyd’s life story, the numerous blessings she has received as she opened to new forms of spiritual healing seemed to flow right off the page and into my heart. She is surely the ideal author to introduce readers to the various aspects of New Age spirituality, for her sincere and humble voice instantly inspires trust. She grew up in a Catholic family, and although she still maintains her Catholic faith, in her quest for healing she has gradually discovered practices such as Reiki, yoga and meditation, and gradually opened to ideas such reincarnation, channeling, past life regression, and synchronicities – and as a result, witnessed profound miracles in her life and a blossoming of her heart and mind into new levels of joy and communion with God. It is a delight to walk with her through these discoveries, and deeply touching to hear of the many ways in which her life has changed. She has not only overcome severe physical limitations but a very negative self-image formed through a crippling illness in childhood, and emerged stronger than any doctor thought possible, and with great gifts to share with us. Her beautiful faith has only deepened throughout this process, and readers will surely also find their own faith enhanced, no matter what their spiritual orientation may be. Each of the book’s chapters ends with a lesson conveying a spiritual truth, such as, “When we say ‘yes’ to God-given opportunities, wonderful things happen.” My sincere recommendation is, say yes to “Believe and It Is True” – and watch as healing miracles start manifesting in your own life. ~ Ram Das Batchelder,

A moving story of healing and taking charge of your own happiness and personal growth. So often, we find ourselves suffering and not knowing how to make a change in our lives. Deborah's story of facing all the challenges in her life (and empowering herself in the process) is an inspiration for all. Highly recommended! ~ clemig, amazon

Deborah Lloyd shares a well-written modern personal account of shifting spirituality. Many now feel called to something more than their birth religions, perhaps even beyond them. Lloyd gives a great account of what that transformation looks like, amidst intense trauma and life change. She artfully shares her own story of moving from organized religion without abandoning its core values, as she explores and eventually embraces wider spirituality. If you love stories of human triumph, or want insight into how esoteric approaches can fit into and enhance a core religious path, this book brings wonderful insight and support. ~ S. K. Harrell, amazon

Deborah takes us on a long journey from suffering joy... As she says: "I was aware this story was not exactly the whole truth, but rather a sanitized and shortened version. I was aware of my own lack of readiness in sharing my journey with others and knew at some point, I'd have to come to terms with this reality, if I was to write and publish a book!"....but write and publish it she does... The best bit of this book for me was Deborah's words in Chapter 31: Lesson #31: Healing is a continual, lifelong process..... She describes, with painful detail how she went from having a happy family, to one fraught with disaster and upsetment...but along with the suffering came insight and what she calls 'Spirit' the part that guides her. Considering the suffering that she went through, emotional and physical it's amazing she isn't angry or resentful and I finished the book with a great deal of respect for this author. A True Tale Well Told:) xx ~ Miss M. L. English, amazon

We all have 'baggage' that we carry with us in life, and this author's baggage and main challenge was polio, which she contracted as a child. In this heartwarming biography/inspirational story she shares with readers how she found the courage to explore spiritual practices, from Reiki to shamanic healing, and more. In an attempt to follow her heart and discover - despite her catholic upbringing - that Spirit (or God, for those who prefer this more traditional term) can manifest in many untraditional ways and help heal those who seek to see beyond what they've been taught as young children. Deborah Lloyd shares not only her life experience but also her life lessons, that can be applied in many situations - and she inspired me to further explore different spiritual practices that I was only vaguely aware of before reading this book. I am a political writer, turned spiritual writer, and am also a skeptic who needs grounded evidence in order to be convinced that things really are what they appear to be. The author provided plenty of 'grounded spirituality' which resonated with me and allowed me not only to enjoy and benefit from reading her book, but to also recommend it to anyone who faces challenges in life and is not afraid to explore spirituality in order to grow and overcome - not only their difficulties, but also their fears. ~ Daniela I. Norris, amazon

A deeply personal story of healing and the power of the mind. I was engrossed from the very first page. The author recounts her journey from the age of 3 being struck with polio through to her diagnosis as an adult with post-polio syndrome. Told in short, manageable chapters with a nugget of wisdom at the end of each, Believe and It is True is an inspirational account of what is possible if one is willing to go deep enough. Ms. Lloyd's bravery in sharing her story helped me personally and reminded me of the importance of being of service to others in whatever way feels right and natural for ourselves. This book would be truly helpful for anyone on their own spiritual healing journey, but works as well for anyone looking to improve their lives and wake up just a little bit more. Highly recommend. ~ danielle lb,

I was gifted this book at exactly the right time. It was almost eerie how much I needed this book at the time that I received it. The author, Deborah Lloyd would call this synchronicity. There is so much in here, but the part that I needed and touched me the most was about how Ms. Lloyd was able to reconnect with her deceased parents. I lost two parents as a young adult and it has been very difficult for me. Reading Deborah's account of connecting with her father and the confirmation that our loved ones continue to exist with us in the spiritual realm was extremely comforting. I began crying as I read this. It was so what I needed. I feel like my Mom, who passed away 11 years ago and who I have been thinking about often these days had a hand in putting this book in front of me. There is so much more to this book that gave me the sense that it was okay to be at peace, to put out good intentions, be a good person and take care of myself and those around me and that everything would be okay. With everything going on in the world right now, this book is extremely stabilizing and calming. Please read it and be well. ~ Leora,

What’s the saying? ‘Never judge another until you have walked a mile in their shoes?’ Reading Deborah’s personal insight into healing taught me how to write about sadness without eliciting pity, and how to describe personal challenges without invoking a sense of guilt in others. She describes how she accepted her fate of contracting polio in childhood and doing her best to get on with her life. With her own Catholic faith to comfort her; she chose a life of nurturing and helping others, whilst her own needs were neatly tucked away, not to cause problems for others. Her intellectual ordering of her own life helped me view her suffering from a perspective of comfortable empathy. Then she took me along a different path. She started to view her life and its events on an emotional level. Her interest in other faiths flourished and she accessed the brave spirit within herself. Self-healing started to feature on her agenda and as her doctors agreed, miraculous physical healing occurred. As she shares her experiences, so she is fulfilling her dream of helping others, by creating the ripple effect that she knows and feels so deeply. I wish I could have attended ‘The Great Shoe Event ‘– it was a momentous step along the path. However, Deborah has invited many to join her on the road to self-healing and I, for one, am glad to have had the privilege of her personal insights and encouragement along the way. A heart-warming and uplifting read for those who find themselves lost on a lonely road; a guide-map for those who have discovered exciting new routes and are keen to explore. ~ Helen, amazon

Deborah Lloyd's Believe and it is True: A Story of Healing and Life Lessons, is an authentic and moving story in which Deborah shares a intimate story that inspires courage and trust. The books helps us to understand what we are and seek a better life through healing. Detailing a personal journey starting with Deborah being struck by Polio as a 3 year old little girl. Deborah faces the challenges of recovery head on healing both the extensive emotional and physical damage she has suffered. By learning the energy healing method of Reiki and finding comfort through the connection with her dead relatives Deborah makes an amazing journey. Each chapter concludes with a short observation about how to live life based on her experiences. It is a pleasure to read as the story is told with an innocent excitement and joy of life that all too often is missing from people's lives. The overall message of the book is one typifies hope and the human condition. ~ Amazon Customer,

Books like this should be read by everyone. It's not just a source of learning but a source of hope, faith and inspiration for millions out there who are going through similar circumstances. The story of a woman who keeps getting better and better (from a serious ailment) when the rest keep getting worse can be described as a miracle. What's encouraging is that it’s not one of those instant one minute ramen noodle type miracles where you drink or eat something and you're back to normal. She went through a process and continues to go through it. She has gained so much of experience over the decades that she now offers her services to those who are in pain and need to be healed. A must read. I can't recommend it highly enough. ~ Vywack,

Deborah has taken the risk to self-reveal in the hope that others will self-heal. Writing a memoir of this type is not only difficult in the writing--due to it's emotional content and the difficulty of exposing one's self to others--but it is even more difficult to put it on the market for others' to perceive through their own lenses. I admire her courage. Her story is well-told and reveals the slow process of opening that describes the awakening journey. Not everyone's journey is just like hers, but what you will get in reading this story is that every time you/I think that we have arrived, there is another journey to be taken and each one is intended to heal and awaken. ~ Andrea Mathews ,

I am drawn to the stories of the interweaving of the religious and spiritual in each human experience as we break through the beliefs patterns that separate us. However diverse faith communities may appear on the surface in terms of their dogma, creeds and rituals, they all reflect the single spiritual truth that underlies them all. In offering her very personal journey to wholeness, Deborah Lloyd deserves our appreciation and respect for sharing her path to conscious evolution as she merges her traditional faith with an every broadening connection to the deep mystery of the spiritual. Her book, 'Believe It and It Is True' is inspirational, easy to read and leaves me with a deep appreciation of how her journey touches the lives of others. My Jewish upbringing may be very different to the Catholic milieu in which Deborah was raised— yet I identify completely with her sentiments as she draws to the end of her book: "So simple and yet so profound. So hard to fully grasp. God is everywhere. We live our lives thinking that we are separate beings, each with our own physical bodies, thoughts, emotions, spirituality: beings unto ourselves. We think that our negative thoughts and our emotions have little or no impact on others, unless we strike out in anger or intentionally hurt someone in some concrete way. We think our positive thoughts and emotions have little impact on others, unless we put them into compassionate action. These beliefs are false, covering up the real truth. The truth is that God, the Divine Source, the Universe, is everywhere, and our thoughts, emotions and actions do have an effect on the Universal Whole." Pg 192, Believe It and It Is True. ~ Heather Mendel,

This charming and educational little book deals with the broadening of life’s horizons for a typical American couple and how this brought both healing and dramatic changes to their life. Deborah Lloyd tells the story through a series of chapters that track her life and the lessons that she has learned from it. Each chapter concludes with a short observation about how to live life based on her experiences. It is a pleasure to read as the story is told with an innocent excitement and joy of life that all too often is missing from people’s lives. Ms. Lloyd is from the American mid-west, a rural and Christian background growing up in the late 50’s and early 60’s. Her young life was blighted by polio, painful surgeries and low self-esteem. She married young to Gary who shared something of the same rural, religious background. Fast forward to the 1990’s and through a series of coincidences Deborah and Gary start to become interested in alternative healing methods and approaches including Reiki and massage. As they allow these ‘new age’ methods into their lives, they begin to open to a variety of other ideas and concepts such as the spirit world, meditation and reincarnation. They discover healing, purpose and God’s will in all of this. The story is told in a simple manner and what shines through is Ms. Lloyds’ faith. She believes in God and purpose and she accepts her life and its lessons and rewards. In doing so, not only is she emotionally healed and liberated but she is miraculously physically healed too. Throughout the entire process, she maintains her Roman Catholic religion and is able to incorporate shamanism, alternative healing methods and reincarnation into her beliefs. Today, she is a Usui and Karuna Reiki Master incorporating shamanistic intuitive techniques into her Reiki sessions and a certified holistic healing practioner. Her life has changed tremendously in fact. Having lived for nearly two-decades in the south of the USA where a certain brand of ‘hell and damnation’ Christianity is very strong, this book gives me hope. Anyone can open their mind and accept God or Divine purpose into their lives without compromising their Christianity. It just takes a little more trust in God and an understanding that life is a rich tapestry of experience. I enjoyed reading the book and recommend it to anyone who is beginning to explore their spirituality. As Ms. Lloyd says, Believe and it is true. ~ Gary M. Vasey,

I loved this book!. A book has to be well-written and have a compelling story to hold my interest and this book definitely has both! While I'm a skeptic by nature, Mrs. Lloyd will definitely open your mind to "non-traditional" tools for healing as she details her emotional, spirtual, and phsyical journey in dealing with polio and post-polio syndrome. This book rings true and you'll definitely close the book at the end knowing you have been witness to a miracle! Can't wait for her next book.......... ~ Jan Truszkowski,

Deborah Lloyd has written a very intimate story detailing her own healing journey which continues to this day. Her personal journal assisted with the details in this book that will be an inspiration and perhaps a new avenue for many people to begin exploring. Unexpectedly struck by polio at the tender age of three, Deborah overcame many obstacles to get where she is fifty years later. However, another unexpected diagnosis of post-polio syndrome sent her on a journey of discovery. She was determined to find answers and in doing so had to move past her own limited thinking and open to new experiences that for her were totally alien. The ancient Japanese healing called reiki was her first step into the unknown. Spurred on by her own determination and faith in a higher power, she begins to heal both emotionally and physically and shares this experience with the readers. This is truly an inspirational read and I highly recommend it to everybody who is ready to begin their own healing journey or maybe just read about someone else's. ~, Jen

I have spent days trying to figure out how to write a review that does this book justice. I decided I am not going to go into a description of the book because the other reviewers have done a fine job of that. Instead, I am going to focus on how the book affected me. One word that comes to mind is transformative. I may never be able to really articulate why this book affected me so strongly and deeply. But, I can share that while reading it, I found myself crying at times and feeling surges of energy coursing through my veins. Usually, if I feel such a surge of energy it is when I have an idea that I can't wait to act on. This was different. It was more like the excitement of discovering something that truly resonates with you in the most unexpected place. Just to put this in some context, I do get excited when I read something that really touches me, or opens up a new way of thinking to me. Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert had that effect on me a few years back. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee had that effect on me when I read it as a young girl back in 1960. Several ee cummings poems excited me the first time I read them and have continued to do so on each re-reading. There's a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem by Wayne Dyer opened up a new belief system for me. Train Your Mind,Change Your Brain by Sharon Begley gave me the same tears and surge of energy as Believe It and It Is True. Actually, I can truthfully say that Begley's book changed my life in a variety of ways. I have a strong feeling that Deborah Lloyd's book will do the same! It is an engaging and humble narrative of her quest for physical healing and the spiritual growth that resulted from it. But for me, it is so much more. I just wish I could figure out how to do it justice! ~, Jaxon

This is a poignant memoir of a woman who contracted polio at a tender age. We follow Deborah as she is drawn to the helping professions: as a psychotherapist, hospital social worker, and, subsequently, a holistic therapy practitioner. Along the way, in her quest for physical healing for her own condition, Deborah has treatment from an intuitive shamanic healer who also introduces her to Reiki. But this brings into question how she can square her traditional Catholic upbringing with her increasingly non-traditional spiritual journey. Her explanation of how she resolves this conflict is one of the many jewels in this book, and will be a source of comfort to others who are also torn between the doctrine of their family faith and an expanding belief system. Each of the 33 chapters exemplifies a life lesson which Deborah has been instructed by Spirit to pass on to others. One which particularly resonates with me is lesson 13: `We must be responsible, active participants to create purposeful lives'. As Deborah states: `God does His part, and we have to do ours. The opposite of living responsibly is living a passive, victim-like life, waiting for things to get better, but not taking any steps to improve our lives.' Deborah has a beautiful spirit - vibrant and courageous - and it shines through every page of this inspirational book. ~ C. A. Matthews,

This is a story that captures your heart from the first page. A story of a woman's journey of life, love, and hardship that keeps you right there with her from beginning to end. The author shares her very personal story of loss, the pain of her polio affliction, but most of all her ability and strength to mold her life into significant life lessons for others to learn from. She masterfully writes her story, and those who read it will be moved with her powerful lessons of life. This is a book I highly recommend to those who are seeking personal growth in their lives. It will be a book that you read again and again! ~ Catherine Capra-Leaf,

I loved this book. Having chronic illness in my past, Deborah's story hit especially close to home. I couldn't believe the trauma that happened to her family, just in the first part of the book. I was bracing myself for the next thing as I turned each page. But, the way this author moved through that and transformed her journey made up for it. I love how she followed the path that felt right to her and ultimately came out shining. I highly recommend this book! ~ amyb,

Deborah K.Lloyd has written a book which will inspire and transform lives. Written in short chapters, each ending with a simple, thought-provoking life lesson, Believe and it is True is the story of Deborah's healing process. Having contracted polio as a young child, Deborah grew up with a limp and a strong sense of self-consciousness about the lower half of her body. As an adult and a firm believer in the Catholic faith, Deborah began to open her mindset to welcome in new beliefs in her quest to heal her body. She learned Reiki, Shamanic healing, meditation and the power of intended visualisation to create a new reality for herself. Reading this book, her determination and faith shines through and you can't help but be inspired by her journey to wellness. Wierdly enough, I'd been having a few health issues of my own during the course of reading the book and hearing Deborah's story encouraged me not to lose hope and to imagine a future where I could have a healthy body. Thank you for sharing your journey and inspiring others. ~ Hannah M. Davis,

Believe and It Is True is a moving and powerful story of Deborah Lloyd's healing journey after she suffered Post-Polio Syndrome. With amazing courage, she faces not only her physical limitations, but opens herself to new healing experiences radically different from anything she had known. As one technique after another appears and moves her forward on this journey, she begins to realize she must step into the unknown and trust that what she needs will always show up. This is a powerful lesson for us all: "If we hold on too tightly, we cannot trust the process of life." Knowing that God is everywhere, Deborah shows us that we are all connected just as the mind and body are connected. A beautiful and inspiring book! ~ Georganne Spruce,

Believe It and It's True is the story of the author's personal journey of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. The author tells of her life-long challenges resulting from polio and her explorations for healing that include, among other things, Reiki and Shamanism, and the resulting miraculous changes that ensued...not only for her physical body but also for her mental and spiritual being. As she learns to honor her intuition and inner sight, she is able to more fully stand in her power as healer. Each chapter summarizes the lessons she learns throughout her investigations into a sentence of wisdom such as: synchronicities are God's way of getting our attention. The book serves as an inspiration and reminder to everyone that not only is life what we make of it but that there is support both seen and unseen just waiting for us to invite it in. While it might not be that helpful to those already deeply immersed in their own healing journey, it is a book very well-suited to those who are either experiencing a new or long-term physical crisis and/or those taking the beginning steps along the personal Spiritual path. In it, they will find the courage to decide to make room for miracles and trust the synchronicities and intuitive impulses that show up. We are also reminded that the root of our physical problems is often deeper than we realize. How deep we are willing to go directly relates to the depth of our healing. Are we willing to embrace the lessons? I can only admire Deborah Lloyd's courage in sharing such a personal tale. You'll be encouraged again and again to have faith in the power of faith itself and to fully step into our truth so that we may be of service to others. ~ Dielle Ciesco,

Reading this book reminded me of sitting down with a good and wise friend and listening to her life experiences and what she has learned from them. It's such a wonderfully easy read yet it contains deep truths. I learned a lot from reading this. I love the way that each chapter ends with a simple life lesson. There are 33 chapters (to me a very significant number) so you could read a chapter a day and spend time dwelling on each lesson. Or it's the type of book that you can open at random and be given just what you need to hear in that moment. I highly recommend this as an inspiring book for those setting out on their spiritual journey as well as for those who are flagging on their journey and are in need of inspiration. Truly inspiring! ~ Hillary Carter,

A beautiful book :) ... a story where love shines. Deborah's honust story inspires everyone to Greatness, shows the magic of the body and is abundantly positive about yoga and bodywork - so it has my blessing! Thank you Deborah for sharing this. ~ Catherine Foroughi,

"When we say yes to God-given opportunities, then wonderful things happen." This is life-lesson 4 of 33 such lessons. There is one at the end of each short chapter, in this moving story of Lloyd's own healing journey, emotionally, spiritually and physically, from the wounds of crippling polio contracted when she was a pretty three year old to where she finds herself today, as truly blessed and called to bring the message of Divine Healing to others for a better world for us all. Lloyd is a conventional white Catholic Christian American. But that does not stop her from following her intuitions, listening to moments of synchronicity, believed to be messages from God, and exploring for herself several different healing methods, beyond her own religious traditions. She learns about the healing energies of Reiki, (becoming a Reiki Master herself), finds personal growth in yoga practice, through psychic medium sessions realises that we are united in life and in death with our loved ones, uses meditation, Past Life Regression Therapy, and Intuitive Shamanic Healing to connect not only with Spirit, but ultimately with Jesus Himself. In fact the journaling she is called to do as part of her own healing process becomes this book she has been called to write as little by little she recounts how she is becoming her own healer. And she recognises the paradox of a strength that comes out of our weakness, which is available to help others on their own healing journeys towards making a better world for us all: an echo of my own interest in the Wounded Healer concept for social healing. Here is the story of a faith journey enriched by conventional religious practices imbued from a happy family childhood, whilst open to reconciling her Catholic beliefs with ideas of energy-healing, comparing distance healing with prayer, spirit guides with guardian angels, and so on, finding the possibility of some unity between religions if we could only be more open to this. Yes indeed! The author also acknowledges the way that church can stifle Truths. No-one, Lloyd believes, can hold the right to all Truth. And throughout this somewhat unconventional healing journey we come also to know her husband Gary, who is with her and supporting her all the way along. Gandhi said that we must be the change we want to see in the world. This honest, open and frank autobiographical account of one person's healing journey shows us how we could all be healing catalysts for social change. We are all interconnected in ways that are impossible to understand and our own thoughts, emotions and actions have an effect, negative or positive, on the Universal Whole. And Lloyd reminds us that we have individual choice and personal responsibility in all of this. "If every human being believed in the possibility of manifesting only loving and healing energies," Lloyd writes, "all the problems in the world would simply disappear. There would be no negative energies to feed them. All negative manifestations would be transformed into positive energies." Anyone well versed in New Age spiritual healing possibilities may dismiss this as yet another misery memoir with nothing new to relate. Those coming from a conventional Christian or other religious background could be challenged by some of the healing methods described, particularly the ideas of reincarnation and the appearance of Jesus in Shamanic Healing sessions. But to all those I would recommend an open mind, open to the possibilities of self-healing for the sake of social healing of the World, the ultimate and most important message coming from this book. I share some of Lloyd's own open-minded approach to religions and healing so was simply fascinated by the story she relates. ~ Eleanor Stoneham,

This is a book of spiritual life lessons — not taught, but rather, lived and shared. It is a story about hope, courage, and simple faith. The hope and courage were developed during the author’s childhood which was spent overcoming the effects of polio. The support of a loving family helped her to focus on her opportunities and not the obstacles she was facing. The simple faith began in the Catholic church and grew, as she did, to embrace universal traditions of spiritual life. Adulthood brought Lloyd a happy marriage and she began to think of her life as blessed. She had two children, went to college, and became a social worker. Then, in the 1990′s, post-polio syndrome reared its head and life changed for her again. As is often the case, Reiki entered her life unexpectedly as she battled post-polio syndrome. It was not something she sought out. She welcomed it into her life. Soon both she and her husband were Reiki practitioners. Together they began a journey of healing that continues to this day. Lloyd’s physical condition began improving, gradually, not quickly, but consistently. Her spiritual world changed as well. It is with amazing clarity that Lloyd recounts her journey through the world of alternative healing. She provides great insight into both the external and internal dynamics of this kind of healing. She makes clear exactly what is required to balance the world of physical plane challenges with the world of miracles in order to live a life which maximizes all the opportunities available. ~ Anna Jedrziewski,

Deborah Lloyd's is a remarkable story of healing and faith. Stricken with polio as a young child, she grew up with challenges, but when she developed post-polio syndrome in her adult life, her entire world view would be changed. This story is fascinating on so many levels. The actual physical healing that she experiences is miraculous and astonishing, but it is the beautiful and graceful way that she is able to integrate what she learns with the strong faith within which she was raised that is at the heart of this story. Lloyd makes us see a world in which all traditions are honored and all people can stand in their own power. ~ Angela F. Jordan,

A faithful Catholic extolling crystals, yoga, Reiki, and all that other New Age spiritual stuff? Ms. Lloyd assures readers that she is not living in some la-la land separate from ordinary life. Though she disagreed with various Catholic doctrines and deeds, research taught her that there are beautiful Truths living in the teachings of other religions and cultures. Therefore, instead of dashing hither and yon searching for the perfect religion, Ms. Lloyd grounded her spiritual journey in her Catholic faith and the concept that when faith is fully expressed, it moves from a belief to a knowing. Belief is the acknowledgment that something out there exists, an intellectual exercise. Belief began in childhood when she attended Mass with her family. At age 3 (1956) her legs collapsed one morning as she approached the breakfast table; though she displayed none of the flu symptoms common to the disease, doctors diagnosed her with lower-spine polio. She learned to walk again with orthopedic shoes, steel leg braces, and crutches. Four years later, an innovative surgeon transferred ligaments and muscles from the legs to rebuild the feet. With both legs in full casts, she spent the summer on the couch babysitting Patty, her new baby sister, and pondering her future; fears and doubts assailed her, especially the prospect of lonely spinsterhood. Even so, her faith remained strong: I saw God as a Being of love and goodness to me, and my faith carried me through many dark hours. At age 18, she married Gary, stayed home until their two children started school, and then earned a Bachelors and Masters in Social Work. With her successful job as a social worker in a children’s hospital, Ms. Lloyd gratefully lived a more fulfilling life than she had ever imagined—until Post-Polio Syndrome attacked in the early 1990s. Muscle deterioration is a natural part of our aging process, but Post-Polio Syndrome actuates the process earlier on weaker muscle mass. Her doctor’s prognosis was to delay wheelchair confinement by carefully maintaining her current condition. She writes: My prayer life went into high gear. I prayed, I pleaded, I begged. I asked God to please, please, please not let me end up with total paralysis again. Ms. Lloyd switched to a counseling job that required less walking, re-arranged her home schedule, and focused solely on muscle maintenance. Ten years later, as the manager of a mental health clinic, Ms. Lloyd hired a psychotherapist who recommended that the clinic integrate Reiki into their counseling regiment. What, exactly, was Reiki?: An ancient Japanese form of energy healing. Rather than scorning the idea as ludicrous and the new-hire as a mad woman, Ms. Lloyd replied that she needed approval from the Catholic agency’s executive director and the insurance company. Even though both complied, Ms. Lloyd writes, My emotional reaction was one of great skepticism. It sounded too off the wall to me, too non-traditional. Before long, the clinic was sending therapists for Reiki training, and her new employee suggested that Reiki would greatly improve Ms. Lloyd’s condition. Uncomfortable about revealing personal information to employees, Ms. Lloyd agreed to consult the new therapist’s Reiki trainer; to her relief, a Catholic nun. She writes: My first Reiki session was a delight. Not only did I feel more relaxed, but I also felt the tiredness from the daily busyness of my life lift out of my body. The aches and pains in my legs decreased during the session. With her first Reiki appointment, Ms. Lloyd’s spirituality began expanding from belief to knowing. Like any explorer entering a new world, she charged forth fully open to new possibilities in spiritual, emotional, and physical healing. A neighbor invited her to yoga classes, but Ms. Lloyd was already body-conscious enough without plunking herself down in the midst of svelte contortionists. Finally, she agreed to attend one session with her husband: I let my fears and inhibitions go and truly enjoyed the class. Through yoga, she began meditation. Then, while watching a psychic medium on TV, she wondered about contacting her beloved parents, but Catholicism had taught her that only God, or the angels delivering his messages, could communicate with us. . . . And those occasions were rare and . . . reserved for special people. Nonetheless, Ms. Lloyd attended a psychic event in Pittsburgh, carefully choosing a seat that was not too obvious. She reports about the medium’s accurate readings for other people and herself: I was blown away! Immediately after their introduction, an intuitive shamanic healer asked, “You’re having issues with your left hip, aren’t you?” During her tentative appointment, Ms. Lloyd encountered further new healing methods. Other discoveries include journaling, spiritual healing, intentional living, and synchronicity. Please don’t think, Reading Friends, that Ms. Lloyd’s journey was quick or easy because of my brief paragraph. She was so nervous about facing each discovery that she finally condensed all her fears to a mantra beginning: What do you do? What do you say? What do you wear? My head was filled with many questions and my body was filled with great anxiety. . . . She candidly shares her pain as she dug through layers of emotions, resentments, anger, and losses firmly grounded in childhood. Ms. Lloyd makes her journey applicable to spiritual novices and seasoned travelers alike by writing within the framework of thirty-three Life Lessons. Her homework preceding each chapter’s lesson concisely comes to the point. By focusing solely on maintaining her condition after Post-Polio Syndrome attacked, she learned that We create our reality through our expectations (No. 3). After she improved with Reiki, Ms. Lloyd realized that she had inadvertently negated improving her condition because when we say “yes” to God-given opportunities, wonderful things happen (No. 4). Of the victories she shares, the Great Shoe Event is the most delightful. Polio confined her feet to heavy, dark orthopedic shoes that she detested, until a physical therapist recommended that she replace them with an orthotic slipped into a “normal” shoe. Before long she was trying on sneakers, boat shoes, boots, sturdy sandals, pretty mary janes, and so on. May her closet overflow! The most endearing aspect of Ms. Lloyd’s spiritual journey is that her husband Gary accompanied her. From their first meeting, He saw beyond the polio and my physical limitations. We immediately felt like old soul mates who felt a very strong connection. . . . When Ms. Lloyd stepped from belief to knowing, Gary was entirely open to her new healing possibilities. As with yoga, when Reiki proved helpful, he learned a whole new avenue of giving [her] actual physical support. They never expected him to change careers from mechanical engineering to massage therapy, but he now owns West Asheville Massage and Healing Arts. Like Ms. Lloyd’s journey, Gary’s was neither quick nor easy, but their mutual encouragement and respect teaches readers an especially crucial Life Lesson. Paraphrasing Ms. Lloyd: The very best part of [our] story is this: [we are] not done yet!! ~ Mary Ickes, WNC Woman

This is a fascinating and highly readable work. On one level it is the story of the author's journey from contracting polio at three years old and her indomitable will to heal and come to terms with her condition. Against all odds, after extensive surgery on her legs, she became a clinical social worker, manager, psychotherapist and Reiki Master. In this, she was able to integrate her strong Catholic upbringing with her experience of spiritual healing and also past life regression therapy where she visited the Akashic Records and came to understand her current life connections with past lives. And yet, this is a surprisingly grounded work. Not surprisingly, as Deborah Lloyd, the eldest of nine children was brought up on a farm in Indiana with her share of personal loss and hardship Deborah's breakthrough came in the realisation that she had chosen her life for a reason and learning opportunity. In knowing and accepting this she understood she was receiving an education on the highest level rather than being a `victim of circumstances'. Each of the 33 chapter end with a lesson that summarises its contents ~ Stephanie Sorrell,

A page turner. This engrossing memoir of physical and spiritual healing will inspire and motivate you to examine your own life and path. Through sharing her experiences the author shows that the correlation between personal challenges and life lessons reveal the God-given opportunities that we are all granted for our journey. This could facilitate a quantum leap in all aspects of your personal development. ~ Teresa O'Driscoll,

Wonderful book that delivers 33 life lessons that truly uplift the soul. Deborah Lloyd gives us these lessons via her amazing life story, which also serves to remind us --- anything is really possible. I enjoyed reading this book, and really delving into these life lessons and how they applied to my life right now. I found they were always applicable and really helped me move forward with more confidence. ~ Maureen Healy,

The author's journey shows that we all can choose to move toward greater wholeness, whether healing physical, emotional, or spiritual pain. Deborah's life lessons resonate so well, such as "We serve others through our own wounded-ness." She shows how, as we focus on our own healing, we can assist others in theirs. This book gives us inspiration and hope as we all seek congruence and peace. ~ Norma Lee,

The author Deborah Lloyd gives her personal life experiences such as her physically and emotionally trying polio and her subsequent use of Reiki and yoga to essentially its negative effects s a backdrop for the personal development message she puts forward. Even beyond this, she let's us follow her through her path of healing and towards self-actualization and personal life enrichment. Reading this book is easy and effortless, thanks to the author's personal style of writing that is as if she was sitting right there with you telling you a story. A beautiful statement in the book can be taken away as a transformational aphorism which is that "Loneliness and isolation can never exist when connectedness to all people is a reality." This is a story of personal transformation thanks to a debilitating life situation that turned out to be a blessing in disguise, demonstrating that sometimes we may find ourselves in a difficult life situation that may actually be a major source of personal and spiritual growth. ~ Paul Lenda,

This book is for everyone...not just for people on a "healing " journey--but for everyone on the journey called "life". Lots of insights, wisdom, and lesson to be gained in these pages. Deb Lloyd has a way of capturing your heart. Her words are inspirational as well as comforting. Definitely a book you want to read! ~ Nancy Gordon,

The first sentence of this book is "This book is unique" and it is; as any first person account of personal healing would be. Deborah Lloyd tells how she was struck with polio at age 3, underwent ligament and muscle transplants at age 7, and was diagnosed with post-polio syndrome as an adult. The 33 chapters document Lloyd's exploration of various alternative healing methods which improved her mental, physical, and spiritual states, and each chapter concludes with what she learned and wishes to communicate to readers. Believe and it is True is interesting not only for the life lessons within it but in documenting Lloyd's path from the spiritual and medical mainstream to the alternative side roads which improved her life. Working as a psychotherapist led her to hiring a Reiki master, which in turn led to yoga, meditation, journaling, spirit work, and other healing methods which challenged her traditional Catholic upbringing. Eventually Llyod became a Reiki master herself and incorporated its methods into her work. As she says in her own words, "My story is simply one of a life journey. And, like all life journeys, it has been filled with ups and downs, sorrows and joys. It is an ongoing journey, one that is not yet finished." Believe and it is True is a great read for anyone else in a similar healing process, or anyone who needs an introduction to alternative healing and spiritual methods written in an easy, conversational tone. ~ Mark Carter,

Here's what I love about this book: While it is one woman's journey of healing and alternative methods of medicine, it is a very easy read with practical tips and lessons that can be used by anyone at any stage of life. Whether your challenges are spiritual, physical, mental or a combination of those, this book can help guide you to a better place. ~ Annette Hargens,

I wish i had read this when i was in my thirties. Deborah Lloyd honestly tracks her healing journey after juvenile polio in a way that shows both her vulnerabilty and strength. I was particularly interested in the way she managed to merge her organised religion with her growing shamanic healing, Reiki and proof of spirit connection. this was an issue for me in my thirties that led to much angst along the way. i did not succeed and had to choose my new spiritual path. it is a dilemma I see often and will recommend this book not just for its story of her healing but also for her honesty in dealing with conflicting viewpoints. a wonderful read for anyone on a healing journey! ~ Colette Brown,

Believe and it is True: A Story of Healing and Life Lessons tracks the journey traveled by the author over her life of physical struggles. When she was just three years old, Deborah contracted polio. Fifty years later, the disease resurfaced as post- polio syndrome, manifested by extraordinary fatigue and a weakening of the muscles. Resolutely unwilling to accept the possibility of once again losing the use of her legs, she met the challenges head-on. In the process, she healed old emotional wounds at the same time she was healing her body. “My story is uniquely my story,” writes the author, “and yet it is everyone’s story. ... When a person becomes aware of the powers of the Universe (God, the Source, Spirit— use whatever word is comfortable for you), and learns to access this power, awesome results can occur.” She says every person can discover the power to heal. “By sharing her own courageous experiences with spiritual and physical healing, Deborah Lloyd inspires us to take the next step on our journey,” says Carole J. Obley, author of I’m Still With You. “The message of this book is one that radiates hope and encouragement for anyone seeking a more profound relationship with inner peace.” ~ Paul Howey, Laurels of Asheville

Authentic and moving.  Deborah Lloyd shares a down to earth and intimate story that will inspire courage, trust, and help us remember that "miracles" are our human birthright.  An unforgettable journey into the deeper, and often-overlooked, aspects of healing.

~ Llyn Roberts, M.A., Author of Shamanic Reiki and Shapeshifting into Higher Consciousness

By sharing her own courageous experiences with spiritual and physical healing, Deborah Lloyd inspires us to take the next step on our journey.  The message of this book is one that radiates hope and encouragement for anyone seeking a more profound relationship with inner peace.

~ Carole J. Obley, Author of I'm Still with You

Every person who wants to open their lives more fully and embrace their spiritual life, should read this book!  Spirituality, as described in Deborah's book, is the medicine for whatever ails you on the physical, mental and emotional levels.  I highly recommend it to anyone who is on a spiritual path or anyone who desires to have a greater understanding of spiritual energy.

~ Nancy Mramor, PhD, Award winning author of Spiritual Fitness

This beautiful autobiography is uplifting and empowering.  Deb Lloyd writes the way she lives her life...from the heart with honesty, compassion, and love.

~ Nancy Gordon, Ph.D., Author of A Guiding Philosophy for the Future of Healthcare: It's Not What You Think...Actually It Is What You Think!

Deborah Lloyd
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