Between the Lines

Between the Lines

Healing the Individual & Ancestral Soul with Family Constellation

Come and take intuitive walk through your family tree and be guided through the influence of your family and ancestors.


Have you ever wondered why you do the things you do? In the same way that stars form patterns called constellations, family members and how they interact with each other create behavioural patterns, by tracing these patterns with Family constellation and historical mediumship we can begin to the bring the hidden in to the light. Take an intuitive walk through your family tree and uncover the secrets of your ancestors. Examples and illustrations of the effects of the ancestors and family patterns on individuals are given from private practice, group workshops as well as delving into the world of celebrity with exploration of the lives and deaths of Marilyn Munro, Curt Kobain and others. It is amazing the things that are forgotten or suppressed within a family. Secrets that are never spoken, children that never were, crimes, deaths, the missing - all these things are swept under the carpet. But the unseen and unspoken have a habit of making themselves heard further down the line. If you are interested in moving forward and truly seeing what is there within your own family tree come take a walk with me.


Between the lines provides a safe and practical introduction to the concepts of family constellation and carries the essence of “Hellinger Sciencia” into practical applications, meditations and exercises for easy esoteric explorations of you and your family.
Nikki Mackay shows us the way to read between the lines of our inner and outer responses to family and relationships in general. Nikki prepares us for inner exploration by giving us living examples of the invisible esoteric influences affecting many famous lives. You are sure to enhance deeper levels of being able to understand  the multidimensional human mystery you are, by walking a while with Nikki into your family field. 

~ Sadhana Kay Needham,

"Have you ever felt tormented by negative family patterns, or felt invisible or excluded? One possible contributor to such disharmony is long-standing unspoken disunity between family members -- both living and dead. Nikki Mackay introduces us to family constellation therapy in her fascinating book, Between the Lines, which helps us recognize, explore, and heal ancestral energy patterns at the root of our deepest issues and pain. Mackay invites us to see how we can connect to and bring healing to all generations of our ancestors by bearing compassionate witness to even the darkest family secrets. Between the Lines lovingly guides us to find the balance point in family dramas by showing how we can hold our own place in our family tree, with all around us at peace, with everyone having an assured place and a right to belong."

~ Cynthia Sue Larson, Author of Aura Advantage, and Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World

"A fascinating concept well worth exploring in NIkki's brand new book."


~ Jacky Newcomb, Best Selling Author. One of the UK's leading Paranormal-Experience Experts, specialising in; Angels, The Afterlife, 'Between Lives', Psychic Children etc

Nikk's background in the field of science lends itself to this subject and she has managed to weave a tapestry of family ancestral patterns and constellations together beautifully in this book. It's such an easy read yet provides thought provoking information while dispelling the inner mystery of family life- so much so that makes you want to go and experience her workshops for yourself. This is a wonderful knowledge based piece of work and a gift to all of us.

~ Joan Charles, Author of \"An Angel Walked Beside Me\" - Scottish Sun Oracle Columnist

Nikki Mackay
Nikki Mackay Nikki Mackay is a family constellator and an experienced historical medium. As a medical physicist she has researched the effects of ene...
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