Beyond the Here and Now

Beyond the Here and Now

Thriving in the Age of Change

A change is upon us, offering the opportunity to put personal fears aside and thrive.


Beyond the Here & Now is an account of how we have come to be where we are now, in the modern era. In explaining the things that have not served us well we can uncover how to put them right in order, if we choose, to bring about a way of experiencing this world, and each other, as never before. No need for great blind leaps of faith or trickery, as the book demonstrates, everything we need is already at hand. We must now apply what we inherently know and this book explains how.


What we have in this book is a map of how humanity got where it is, a looks at things that are not serving us well, and how to not only release them, but replace them with things that do work for us. Through looking at the purpose of all that has happened … wars, epidemics, pandemics, and the leaders that guided us through them, we see where and how we are co-creators, and how we need to take charge of things in a personal and a global manner. We already know what we need to know … all we have to do is put it into practice! ~ Bonnie Cehovet, Book Reviewer:

There are few books, that truly explore the current human condition with such insight, passion and intelligence. Though the author does not shy away from pointing out the error of our ways, we can forgive ourselves, learn and move on to contemplate a higher purpose for ourselves that respectfully tips it's hat to the great wisdoms of our ancient ancestors and embraces the incredible gifts and talents of the budding generations under our wing. Take advice from this book and our future is bright indeed. ~ Barbara Meiklejohn-Free, shaman and author of The Heart of All and The Shaman Within

This book is like a colourful, contemporary history lesson of the human spirit. It challenges us to explore what lies beyond our now failing systems and institutions which are inherently self-serving, to find what we are really capable of as a force for the good of all. ~ Susie Anthony, author of A Map To God and founder of The Super Hero Code

In order for a person to truly 'heal', one has to learn all one can from past experiences and embrace challenging situations. Beyond The Here & Now does just that on a global scale, by highlighting where we have been where we are now and explores the possibilities of our tomorrows. This book flies in the face of the usual 'doom and gloom' and makes a credible case for humanity’s place on this living Earth. ~ Gaetano Vivo, Reiki Master and author of Messages from the Angels of Transparency

Well written, researched and thought out, Beyond the Here & Now addresses our desire for control, deals with the real issues behind it allowing our true needs as spiritual beings to finally come to the fore. ~ Joylina Goodings, speaker and author of Your Angel Journey

An intelligent and enjoyable read that is brave, inspiring and ultimately uplifting… ~ Kate Osborne , writer/editor and founder of Solarus Ltd, former editor of Kindred Spirit Magazine.

Lucy O'Hagan
Lucy O'Hagan Lucy O’Hagan resides in Co. Wicklow, Ireland occupying a senior post with the Health Services Executive. She has travelled extensively and...
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