Book of Light, The

Book of Light, The

The Heart Opening

Are you curious about bringing your heart and mind into oneness?


The Book of Light is a series of five small books that bring the reader back into the light. Are you curious about bringing your heart and mind into oneness? Do you want to tap into the innate wisdom of the heart and God?

Learn about:
- The Foolish Storyteller and how to let it work for you and stop using you.
- The Queen of Wisdom (Heart) will guide you and instruct you using the mind and allowing inspiration to be your guide.
- Be the disciple (Student) and listen to the wisdom that is you.
- Discover the heart and learn how to play, and be still
- Personalize your relationship with God through your heart.


The Book Of Light is a refreshing stream of consciousness conveying profound spiritual axioms. David Matthew Brown does a magical job of piquing our imaginative recall of the way we already know back to our hearts. A beautiful book ~ William Whitecloud, author of The Last Shaman.

David has given us a rare gift, he has created an exquisite compendium of the Soul. This beautiful book is filled with such wisdom teachings, that like the rays of the dawning sun, it will light your life with such grace, that you will feel these rays of splendor moving you to tears and laughter in one holy instant. This work takes us deep into the seams of the soul, and we are in eternal thanks to you David! ~ STEWART PEARCE, Legendary Sound Healer and Angel Medium

What a sweet little celestial treat this 66 page pretty primer turned out to be. The format is quite unique as each book within a book contains spiritual truths that just stayed with me and helped me to see deeper into myself and others. Great pearls of wisdom that followed me throughout my day and left me smiling. I also found that if I am having a hard time I can just open the book to anywhere and I will get just the answer I need to help get me back on track. I wold recommend my new little buddy to anyone wanting their enlightenment of the nugget variety. Thanks David, for sharing your insights with the rest of us. ~ Riki Frahmann, Mystic Living

Another year is drawing to a close which, perhaps, makes it all the more fitting that a new book is having its beginning. This month’s book, The Book of Light: The Heart Opening by David Matthew Brown, is coming into being as the old year is passing. The Book of Light: The Heart Opening is written in the style of A Course In Miracles ; with numbered passages or thoughts and is divided into six parts. Each of these parts, or books, groups the passages into a topic such as The Book of Play or The Book of Innocence. For each metaphysical thought or “new age” writer there is a fine line; they write to capture our attention, to make us think and at the same time remind us that the way to spiritual growth is less thinking. By this writing style, we are provoked to think of each of the thoughts/passages on their own and as a piece of the whole thought; do we agree? Do we disagree? Perhaps we see our own thoughts but in a different way – in a different pattern or in their relationship to our ideas of our spirituality. Or do you always put another statement or question at the end in your usual train of thoughts as I do? One that may negate the original or more positive thought and which may help us break through our current phase of growth and allow us to expand more spiritually? Keeping ourselves stuck… Some of the phrases that came as new to me were the following (in no particular order): Joy comes with no attachments Withholding love from yourself and others is an act of punishment, and that is cruel. That is unnatural. Playing is caring. Caring is kindness. Kindness is selfless. Selfless knows the heart as the one. From nothing back to nothing is the joke of the universe. I hope that you will read The Book of Light: The Heart Opening and find your own. May the coming holiday season find you at peace filled with love and the wonderment of the Creator. ~ Beth Outtrim, Unity Burbank Center for Spiritual Awareness

I heard David Matthew Brown speak one day in a small church in Burbank. I understand he devotes significant time to doing this. He is a fine inspirational speaker and he exudes a genuine quality refreshing to behold. So, I wasn't surprised to see the same attributes present in his writing. The maxims about light in the first chapter grabbed me right off the bat. As an author myself and one who has done much research and contemplation on the information contained in both visible and spiritual light, I knew right away that Mr. Brown spoke from the heart with experience, not just from the head with concepts. But he goes further in describing metaphors about how best to convey our knowledge and stories of truth to others, an important topic, for realizations unshared never live up to their true potential. A great, accessible book of wisdom sayings to stimulate higher thought and feeling. You should really experience it! ~ Peter Canova, Scholar of Gnosticism and bestselling author of Pope Annalisa

I have interviewed David Matthew Brown twice on my show and found his words, wisdom and way, to be very inspiring, powerful and uplifting. His new book ~♥ The Book of Light ♥~ can be likened to the very BREATH that we all somehow forgot about - Once you take "it" in, you will know you ARE alive! "When you dwell in I AM, you will be sustained by INSPIRATION, not thoughts!" ~ David Matthew Brown One of best heart-openers I have EVER read! ~ Keith Anthony Blanchard, Best-selling author of The Divine Principle: Anchoring Heaven On Earth, spiritual teacher and host of "The Searcher's Road Map Radio Show

David's insightful approach to spirituality and an enlightened way to live life is nothing short of amazing! I have read hundreds of spiritual books but David's unique style and approach to living and working in the light is so refreshing. As some one already said about David's book, it was obviously written by someone who has walked the talk! Thank you, David, for taking time to put into print what you speak about so eloquently ~ Jeannie Whyte, 30 years in the fields of Ascended Masters, mediumship, clairvoyance, clairaudience, kinesiology, hypno-therapy, past-life regression, remote viewing, World Religions, channeling, and kinesiology.

It's really quite wonderful! By the end I felt like I had been sitting around a campfire being initiated by a village Shaman. David says things in such a fresh way - and, therefore, in an effortlessly deep way. I felt like the words were coming from the sweetest heart. This book is a loving gift for yourself - and for everyone else! ~ Ron Troutman , founder of The Good Cheer Company

David has a way of alchemizing spiritual concepts so that they are easy to understand and put into practice. I love his straight to the point approach, and am so grateful for the abudance of gifts he continues to bring to this world. ~ Emmanuel Dagher , Transformational Coach

This book would make Eckhart Tolle proud. It is simple, profound, and a true meditative experience. ~ Sacred Rose Reiki, Sacred Rose

I picked the book up and saw how small it was and after reading the first part found myself having a profound experience. This work is great for the everyone. It is simple and David has a great understanding and wisdom of the heart. God bless you if you find this book. ~ Phoenix , Transformational Healings

David Matthew Brown
David Matthew Brown David is an internationally sought after speaker on Universal Principle, Sound, Energy, and Shamanic Work. He is also an author, teacher, M...
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