Breaking Free opens with a sensational murder and Christopher continues to describe this explicitly and graphically, as well as the solvent abuse, theft, gambling, alcohol and the teenage gang. He talks openly about his rebellious teenage years, during the 1980s which ended in being sent to a Detention Centre (Short, Sharp, Shock).

His delicious sense of humour sustained him through the worst, and the dangerous journey leads from crime and hopelessness to his joy today as a Christian and actor. This is a moving and inspiring story that illustrates how anyone, from whatever background, can pursue their dream and find fulfilment.

Christopher Power teaches drama, is a regular on BBC Radio and has worked in TV, theatre and film.


This a cracking story of a changed life. It's a story in two parts - how the author came to a lively Christian faith from a background of crime and abuse, and then how he became an actor with a background of little education and a speech impediment. It's clearly and simply written with a good pace. Highly recommended. ~ Wayne Clarke, BBC Radio Merseyside

A highly recommended read. ~ The Voice

Breaking Freeis an autobiography of Christopher’s journey from street to stage.  Having spoken to Christopher it is clear that his journey from humble beginnings in Birkenhead to the fulfilling life that he has today can be attributed to his resolve to turn negative into positive. He is a gentle, unassuming man and I’m sure his purpose in writing this book is to share his often traumatic life story to give inspiration to others who may be experiencing difficult times.
Christopher’s parents married young, they had four children and his father spent many years in prison, indeed he was in prison when they met, his mother on a prison visit. Times were hard and family life was difficult.  The story begins with the murder of a family friend when Christopher was a young boy.
Christopher was a shy insecure boy, in comparison to his older brother who was a much tougher individual. He was also troubled with poor health and a speech impediment.  In hospital, in what should have been a safe place, he was subjected to abuse from an older boy.  Teenage rebellion developed into crime, joining a gang, addiction to alcohol, drugs and gambling, wrong choices were made and sadly this culminated in a custodial sentence, ninety days in a detention centre.
It would have been understandable perhaps for the author to have blamed his background and upbringing as his life spiralled out of control.  However, he does not do this.  Christopher writes about his life, with all its ups and downs and traumas in an honest and straightforward way, not as an excuse for his downfall but as an inspiration to anyone feeling trapped and out of control, feeling there is nowhere to turn.  Writing this book and examining his life, his        mistakes and his shortcomings with such openness has I am sure been a very painful journey for Christopher but I would hope, also cathartic.  Susan Beresford who is an actor and voice coach describes this book as inspirational and uplifting.  Denise Robinson from ITV This Morning says that ‘anyone who thinks they will never be able to break free of the misery which engulfs them should read this book. From an unfortunate beginning Christopher Lee Power’s life degenerated into chaos. Today he has a life many would envy.  Reading how he did it made me realise what a human spirit can            accomplish when it tries.’ What an accolade.
A concise, easy to read and often humorous book, Breaking Freeby Christopher Power is an example of how change is possible despite a difficult start in life.  We all have the power within us to change our lives for the better too.
~ Nancy, Nancys Book Review

From the back-streets of Birkenhead to a brilliant career in acting on stage, screen, television and radio, Christopher Lee Power takes us on his own, brave, personal journey. His book "Breaking Free. From the Streets to the Stage" , published by O Books, is an extremely inspirational and uplifting read, delivering a powerful, positive message in these difficult times that there is hope for anyone and everyone struggling to come to terms with life today, as so many of us are. Christopher demonstrates that even seemingly insurmountable problems can be overcome with the right attitude and that it is never too late. The important messages of hope running throughout the book, which I thoroughly enjoyed reading and found very inspirational myself, are to love and trust God, to accept responsibility for your own life and to understand the power of prayer. Definitely a Must Read. ~ Lucy London, Writer and Broadcaster

Anyone who thinks they will never be able to break free of the misery which engulfs them should read this book. From an unfortunate beginning Christopher Lee Powers' life degenerated into chaos. Today he has a life many would envy. Reading how he did it made me realise what a human spirit can accomplish when it tries. ~ Denise Robertson, ITV This Morning

An inspiring and uplifting story ~ Susan Beresford, Actor and Voice Coach

An engaging story! ~ Chris Gidney, Director and Founder of Christians in Entertainment

It shows that it doesn't matter where you start from there is a mighty God who is able to redeem anybody who is willing to turn to Him. ~ Fred Denno, Actor

Christopher has packed more into his 39 years than have done who are more than double his age. From a very difficult and traumatic background and following a very Damascus Road and Christian Conversion, it has been a particular delight and encouragement for me to see how Christopher has grown and matured from the shy, insecure person he was to the giant he is today .Not only is he a Christian of whom I am sure God is proud but he is a talented actor and sings as well as a loving husband and father. I am so grateful that I witnessed and was part of this amazing transition. I wish him well for the future and what a future I truly believe he has. ~ Richard Ford, Writer, Broadcaster

Christopher Power is a man who knows what it means to 'Break Free' from the imprisonment of sin through the power, love and trust of Jesus Christ. A colourful character with many talents. ~ Tony Holland, Hughie Green's talent Show \"Opportunity Knocks\" winner

Thought provoking. It takes you through a man's life that at times is unbelievable, but then again Jesus dies for sinners. ~ Bobby Ball, TV's Cannon and Ball

Christopher Lee Power
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