Bright Light

Bright Light

Spiritual Lessons from a Life in Acting

An autobiographical tale of actor Dee Wallace’s spiritual journey, and how she applied those lessons to her life.


Like you, Dee Wallace came in as a bright shiny light, and she knew from the beginning that her soul quest was to keep that light shining and share it with others. This was a challenge growing up poor in Kansas amidst all the conflicting religious and social messages of her upbringing. But she stuck to this strong intent and followed her knowingness in a meteoric rise as an actress, becoming an acting icon after only five years with the success of E.T., and then faltering and losing her way only to reclaim the power of that knowingness later in life.

Bright Light works as an autobiographical tale of an actor’s life and craft, and how that journey applies to everyone’s spiritual journey. It is the story of Everyman: the reclaiming of Self. Each chapter of Dee Wallace’s story is characterized by a concept like “intention,” in which the narrative becomes an allegorical exploration of its qualities. Dee Wallace has rediscovered the wisdom that we all know but forget: that true success comes from following the heart’s lead, and that the mind only creates form for spirit’s creative manifestation. Our consciousness is our intelligence.


E.T.’s co-star is telling her story, and her story is a tale of becoming a fully creative and energetic being. It’s a new millennium success story. I regularly tell my clients that any of the creative arts are spiritual paths, if the focus is creativity and not the end product. Dee Wallace perfectly describes how that works. A natural creative, it was in acting classes that she learned to channel and direct the energy which she so easily tapped into. She also learned to surrender to the process and then to begin applying it to her life in general. Her path ultimately lead her to healing work, teaching, and writing. This most recent book shares her spiritual journey to date, what she learned and how she learned it. It’s easy to read. It’s uplifting. It’s informative. Both creative personalities and women in general will instantly empathize with what she has to say. Her smiling photo on the back cover says it all. She’s somebody you want to get to know better. ~ New Age Retailer Magazine

Most readers first memory of Dee Wallace is as the wonderful Mom in everyone's favorite alien movie, E.T.  This book, however, is a serious 'curve' in what Dee Wallace, with her acting, has come to represent.  In this spiritual autobiography, Dee Wallace actually 'draws' readers into her world, and soon the reader is hooked - as chapter after chapter becomes a self-help guide full of fun, entertainment, interesting remarks, and core truths that can help anyone to live a better, “brighter” life.  With her eloquent words, Dee Wallace shows how people can find the power that they have within themselves to come back from any situation.  An interesting read from an interesting and inspiring woman.  ~ Amy Lignor, The Feathered Quill

Spirituality and good faith are contagious if you know how to spread it.  Bright Light: Spiritual Lessons from a Life in Acting combines memoir with spirituality as she advises readers on how to push themselves to succeed and what acting has taught her in this path, and how it helps others as well as helping yourself.  Poignant and uplifting reading, Bright Light is worth considering for any memoir collection with a focus on spirituality.

~ Michael Dunford, Midwest Book Review

Dee Wallace is a 'must' experience. She is a spiritual archaeologist that helps you dig at core issues. Whether it is live, in print — as in her compelling spiritual memoir Bright Light — or via the web, her healing words and energy will help you to excavate core truths to live a more balanced life. Many teach... but only a few can help others to transcend.

John Edward, host of Crossing Over and co-founder of


When you know who you are, you understand that all energy is from the creative force, that there is no separation, only choices to be made. Dee Wallace is an inspiring actress and teacher who has learned how to apply this empowering energy to her art, and has written this extraordinary book for those who wish to learn from her wisdom and apply it to their lives.Neale Donald Walsch, author of Conversations with God ~

Dee Wallace is the real deal; irreverent, focused, and profound she will shift you in the blink of an eye.  This amazing book reflects that bright light, illustrated through the words and the wisdom contained here. It will guide you to shine brighter than you ever thought possible. Read this today if you are ready to fundamentally shift into balance and joy.

Jennifer McLean, author of The Big Book of YOU, healer and host of Healing with The Masters


Dee Wallace puts a mirror up to her heart as she shares her deeply profound insights into acting, life and spirituality. Bright Light is a remarkable portrait of love and awakening, with valuable lessons for every reader. ~ Geoffrey Hoppe, international author and spiritual lecturer

In this glorious book, Dee Wallace inspires us to show up in our lives as our authentic selves.  Dee teaches through sharing her own story of how she succeeds by being herself at all times, and she displays for us the courage it takes to live authentically no matter the cost.  Bright Light is delightful read that feels as though she is speaking directly to our hearts and our lives.

Sheila and Marcus Gillette, authors of The Soul Truth: A Guide to Inner Peace and The Teaching of THEO


Everyone is born in the Light and Light takes the form of unique gifts. Few are the Souls who use their gifts to let their Light shine. Dee Wallace — through her extraordinary journey as an actress, movie and television star — has used every experience in the creative process to deepen her awareness of LIFE. This empowering book speaks of the journey and points the way...  a must read for all creative Souls.

Dr Harry Morgan Moses, D.D.


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