Change Your Life, and Keep the Change

Change Your Life, and Keep the Change

Our unconscious mind is running every one of our emotions. This book teaches us how to change the running order.


This comprehensively written book shows us how to use our unconscious mind to re-connect with our powerful inner resources of guidance and wisdom. Through a simple step by step process the book teaches each reader how to rewrite the programmes of the unconscious mind to create powerful and lasting change at any level of our being.

At a time when overall levels of happiness seem to be falling, this book moves innovatively away from the tired notions of trying hard to resist negative thinking patterns and shows how anyone can easily and quickly change the programmes of their unconscious mind to effortlessly create greater overall happiness and the life we really want. 

Influenced by ground breaking discoveries in Mind/Body research each chapter provides simple and practical skills with which to harness the untapped power of our mind and live happier healthier lives. 


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Gary Dooley
Gary Dooley What qualifies me to know about this subject? For ten years I provided self help courses to D.W.P. & N.H.S customers as part of the Pathway...
Little Manual of Happiness, The by Vikas Malkani

Little Manual of Happiness, The

Vikas Malkani

Powerful and practical ideas and suggestions on how to be happy everyday. Amazingly simple and extremely valuable.

Have The Best Year of Your Life by Jane Matthews

Have The Best Year of Your Life

Jane Matthews

An indispensable guide to getting more from every day of your life and transforming your future

Without a Mask by Avikal E. Costantino

Without a Mask

Avikal E. Costantino

Relaxed presence, clear intention and freedom from mediocrity will be the flowering of being your Authentic Self

Freedom to Be Yourself by Avikal E. Costantino

Freedom to Be Yourself

Avikal E. Costantino

Get out of the prison of self judgment. Stop being afraid of change. Find your true strength and will.

Get a Life! - the guide book by Lisa Whitehead

Get a Life! - the guide book

Lisa Whitehead

A moment of contemplation in a frantic world to allow your heart to sing and spirit to soar!

Breaking the Spell by Kingsley L. Dennis

Breaking the Spell

Kingsley L. Dennis

A reader-friendly book on breaking the spell  and how to manage and develop our emotional, mental, and physical energies.

Finding Your Other Half by Declan Kerr

Finding Your Other Half

Declan Kerr

Find yourself, loving relationships, spiritual bliss, and all in a simple game of hide and seek

Sh*t Happens, Magic Follows (Allow It!) by Carmen Harris

Sh*t Happens, Magic Follows (Allow It!)

Carmen Harris

Think magic belongs only on the stage or in the imagination of young children? This book will teach you to reconsider and experience again!

Choose Power by Pammyla Brooks

Choose Power

Pammyla Brooks

From Neediness to Fulfillment by Miriam Subirana

From Neediness to Fulfillment

Miriam Subirana

Our desires prevent us from having harmony in relationships. Let us go from neediness to wholeness in relating to one another.

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