The Code of Male Ethics

Finally, a book that speaks of western values in male language, returning to what was lost.


Chivalry-Now, The Code of Male Ethics, asks a simple question: What does it mean to be a man? When a culture fails to answer that properly, the results can be disastrous. That single violation contributes to almost every problem we suffer from today. For men it can lead to broken identity, overcrowded prisons, spousal abuse, gang violence, chemical addiction and aggressive, anti-social tendencies that wreck havoc all over the world. For women it can mean living in a suppressed environment where involvement is marginalized, and relationships bring more sorrow than joy. Chivalry-Now provides just the definition of manhood that is needed to overcome these problems. Using medieval chivalry as a springboard, this book leads the reader into a thought-provoking quest for values long ignored. By incorporating freedom, personal authenticity, democracy and equality (including feminism), this new form of chivalry is entirely relevant for today’s world.


Chivalry might seem like an old-fashioned word, but what it stands for is timeless. To know the difference between right and wrong, good and bad, is one thing, but the courage to stand up and say so is as vital today as it always has been. I must say how impressed I was by the comprehensive way in which the author has knitted the elements [of Chivalry-Now] together, and the inner consistency that comes through. Most people would not be able to achieve that, let alone keep the material readable. What D. Joseph Jacques has written strikes me as the sort of thing that draws readers “into” the weave, instead of keeping them on the edging of the fabric. Makes them participators, not spectators. ~ Bruce Harper, Director of La Confrérie du Pèlerinage Sacrè, Australia

Chivalry-Now hits at the heart of what it means, and always has meant, to be a man. Having worked in human services for some thirty years, I can attest that the absence of men of honor, men of integrity, men capable of really loving in family life is causing the most acute harm, pain, and damage. Girls without good fathers gravitate towards men who can't truly love them; boys without the irreplaceable guidance of a good father act out defiantly, criminally, with often inexplicable anger. Chivalry-Now points the way to an ideal for men that's truly ever ancient, ever new. Men who commit to an ideal of life, a code of conduct—and support each other in realizing it progressively—become who they really are: kind, courteous, generous, self-sacrificing, capable of all that is true, good, and beautiful. Men of service, not domination. I can't praise Jacques' work enough. It's a sure road map for men. It promises to improve men, those they love, and the whole of society. ~ Daniel Murphy, President/CEO Community Works, Medford, Oregon, USA

D. Joseph Jacques
D. Joseph Jacques D. Joseph Jacques' literary career was foreshadowed in high school when he won 1st prize from an essay contest sponsored by a prestigious B...
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Life is our religion, all beings our community, living life our spiritual practice and our goal is happening now.

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