Choose Power

Choose Power

Tools and Techniques for Home and Work


How can I feel more powerful right here, right now? Each chapter in Choose Power: Tools and Techniques for Home and Work goes into a different aspect of power in our lives. Find out how to increase your power with people, power from your body, power over thoughts and feelings, powers of attraction and intention, and spiritual power.

Pammyla Brooks gathers Power Principles from a variety of traditions, and then clearly explains and applies them to every day life. In addition, step-by-step exercises are sprinkled throughout the book in order to easily practice the techniques today, and use them tomorrow at home or at work.

People from every background like the book because it is easy to understand. Although the techniques are presented at basic, introductory levels, they result in truly deep changes in people’s lives.


This multi-disciplinary approach brings together resources and information from many sources blended together to provide a wide-ranging foundation for accessing your personal power. With many exercises and suggestions, this book can help to create and sustain the exceptional potential that lies within each of us. ~ Jade River, Co-founder of Re-formed Congregation of The Goddess-International, creator of the Women's Thealogical Institute that offers training in Goddess religion & author of 3 books about women's spirituality.

Read this book to be handed the keys to feeling more powerful more of the time. Complicated concepts are presented at a basic level so that people from any background can understand them. ~ Dr. Philip W Tucker, Morrow Centennial Professor of Molecular Genetics, University of Texas at Austin

Choose Power is a much-needed volume teaching skills for coping with the increasing anxieties we all find in our daily lives as the stress levels throughout our society escalate in these times. She presents in clear and simple language tools and practices derived from deep esoteric traditions and philosophies, making them practically accessible to a general audience in a way that they may be immediately understood and applied. This is no mean feat, but a talent in translating the complex into everyday language and everyday skills for which she is to be commended. I highly recommend her book. ~ Dr. Kathryn Henderson, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Sociology, Texas A&M University

I had the opportunity to read this wonderful book, which was easy to read and understand. The helpful information was supported by relevant exercises. Everyone I know would find something beneficial in the book. I highly recommend it to anyone wishing to Choose Power. ~ Linda Menchen, LCSW, MSW, Retired Social Worker; Austin, Texas

This is a book you need to buy, read, reread, and then plan to reread once a year (at least), for the rest of your life. It's on the short and small side, but it is literally packed with simple, painless "techniques" to radically reform your life. I've tried only a few of them, and have become so amazed at how powerful they've been in changing my life, that I'm just kind of wallowing in the beauty of it, going deeply into these three techniques, trying each out a few times a week. Right now these three are what I need, but I'll go into the others as times goes by. In a nutshell, this book takes basic, sound principals of psychology that I learned as a grad student and clearly explains how to use them in everyday life to solve everyday specific problems. One of the statements the author makes early in the book, in a section about "the wisdom of the body," really spurred me on to give this book a careful reading. It was this: She said that only 58% of the people who were booked to ride on the maiden voyage of the Titanic actually took that voyage. Several explained later (after the boat had sunk) that they'd canceled their reservations after dreaming that the ship was doomed (J.P. Morgan was one of these). The techniques in this book are easy, quick, and not in the least painful. And they work! In just a few short weeks they've helped me make plans to move to another state - a move I should have made long ago; begin to resolve a long-standing issue with my sister; and cheerfully resume my efforts at getting a costly problem with my house fixed (one I'd given up on months ago, just because it seemed insurmountable). I have to admit that I've really found very few books as helpful as this one in breaking through some of my tough personal issues. Wow. ~ Jeri Studebaker, Author of \"Switching to Goddess\"

I just finished reading your ending. I love it! I understood all things and even tried some examples and feel better than I did when I began reading. I was in pain before and now I'm not! What power you shared with me and your other readers!!! ~ Jan Pogodzinski, Retired English as a Second Language (ESL) Instructor; Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Pammyla Brooks
Pammyla Brooks Pammyla Brooks has a BA in Psychology and an MS in Clinical and Health Psychology. She has been teaching and training adults for over a deca...
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