Christianity for GCSE

Christianity for GCSE

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Christianity for GCSE looks at the history and developments of the Christian Church; the main denominations; beliefs and practices; worship; rites of passage; principals festivals, and others. Taking into account the demands of all the GCSE syllabuses, it is user-friendly to pupils with a wide range of abilities; arranged in double page spreads; flexible for pupils to use; includes a wide variety of exercises and esamination-type questions, and uses photographs by the acclaimed photographer, Alex Keene. Attractively designed and illustrated throughout in full colour, it is a comprehensive and up to date resource for the modern student.


This book is divided into 8 units covering the Christian Church, Christian Beliefs, the Sacred Scriptures, Churches and worship, sacraments and ceremonies, rites of passage, communal life and festivals. Somewhat unusually nowadays it is not written with a specific exam board in mind and does not include any exam board or skills mapping. Each unit is subdivided into topics, which are featured on a double page spread and each spread contains text, pictures, in the glossary, work to do, 'talk it over' quotations and additional explanations and a key question. The pictures are a particular strength and, although the 'people pictures' could have been more carefully chosen to reflect a wider (and younger) age range, they could spark a great amount of discussion and written work. The text on each page is detailed; often helpfully sub headed and provides a springboard for further research for more able pupils. I have, however, reservations about the usefulness of the questions in the 'work to do' sections. They appear to encourage copying from the text rather than careful thought and often a detailed answer to question 1 will lead to 'I've already answered that' comments by the time the pupil reaches questions 2 and 3. The key question, however, is useful and with a little scaffolding from the teacher could lead to some useful notes and a sound GCSE type answer. ~ , Association of Christian Teachers

Michael Keene
Michael Keene Michael Keene is well known in the UK as author of many standard school texts covering Christianity and other religions.
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