Clutter Clearing Choices

Clutter Clearing Choices

Clear Clutter, Organize Your Home, & Reclaim Your Life

In uncertain times, clutter clearing frees time for life priorities and provides opportunities to share our "extras" to help others as we create a comfortable home for our family.


Clutter Clearing Choices is a humorous, authentic, entertaining, and informative book on clutter clearing, home organizing, and simple living. If someone thinks they have already read everything out there on clutter, this book will show her that she hasn't. If this is the first clutter clearing book someone picks up, she will be pleasantly surprised by the flexibility and quantity of helpful ideas and resources here. This book shows that when it comes to getting rid of clutter and organizing what is left, there are a variety of ways to get motivated, get the job done, and be entertained. Readers are invited to pick and choose what works for them. There is no single right way to get rid of clutter! Clutter Clearing Choices is filled with practical ideas to reduce clutter and get organized to free up time and energy for personal priorities, whatever they are! Isn't that more fun than hunting for car keys or misplaced paperwork?


More than a clearing clutter book, Barbara guides you in clearing physical, emotional and mental clutter. Everything is covered, nothing is missed from car-boot and garage sales to cleaning and organising the bathroom and/or friendships. Gosh, I didn’t know I was doing so many of these things, naturally, already, until I read this book. I’m now patting myself on the back and congratulating myself on my clutter clearing abilities….but I remember when, as a messy, worried teen and young adult, I lived in a pile of muddly clothes and had to dig in the pile to find something to wear. Those days are long gone, but only by learning the terribly hard way. Save yourself years of grief and heartache and learn, the easy way, how to make space and clear your life from all sorts of clutter. Great book, would make an ideal present for a messy Pisces, slap-dash Gemini or worried Virgo. ~ Mary English

A funny, authentic, entertaining, and informative book on clutter clearing, home organising, and simple living. If, like me, this is the first clutter clearing book you’ve ever picked up, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the flexibility and quantity of helpful ideas and resources inside. ~ The Sassy Sorceress,

The book offers a huge variety of tips and suggestions for decluttering with the understanding that everyone's lives and needs are different. Clutter Clearing Choices is about far more than just getting rid of unwanted household goods -it is also about organising, simplifying and prioritising your life so you have more time to do the things you want and be with the people you love. It is about listening to your own heart rather than being carried along by adverts that imply you will only be happy if you buy a new sofa, car or fitted bathroom. It is about keeping what you want, and learning to let go of things that are unimportant. ~ Lucya Szachnowski,

This book offers a humorous and entertaining take on clearing clutter and will certainly provide help for those who strive for organised homes but never quite seem to manage it.  I found it impossilbe to put down and just wanted to learn more and more in an effort to become free of the dreaded clutter that surronds us all.

~ Lindsay Sinclair, Eternal Spirit

This major stunner was an absolute hoot to review, I laughed and smiled all the way through.... I recommend this fabulous find to anyone looking for some practical and supportive help when it comes to cleaning up the junk.

~ Rikki Frahmann, Mystic Living Today

Funny, thorough, and not the least bit intimidating, this book is a godsend for the organizationally challenged. It makes keeping the clutter manageable seem manageable after all. ~ Victoria Moran, author of Creating a Charmed Life

When I began my organizing business 30 years ago, it was based on four simple words: Clutter is Postponed Decisions®. Few of us (even professional organizing consultants!) ever reach the point of being satisfied with their ability to get rid of clutter as it just seems to keep pouring in. Barbara Tako has done a wonderful job of giving her readers practical suggestions for getting rid of the clutter in their lives. Less is more! ~ Barbara Hemphill, Author, Taming the Paper Tiger at Home

A step-by-step, concrete solution to overcoming household clutter, this book is full of helpful hints and resources. The easy-to-follow program is designed to take the reader through a whole year of clutter control. Barbara Tako’s book is loaded with common sense, humor, and good advice. ~ Barb Szyszkiewicz, of Magazine, Inc.

After six years of marriage, my wife Sandy and I are finally living under one roof and blending all our accumulated stuff from maintaining two household in two different communities. Being knee deep in clutter, Barbara Tako’s book Clutter Clearing Choices: Clear Clutter, Organize Your Home, and Reclaim Your Life, is a God send! Tako organizes her book by season starting with winter and New Year’s resolutions to take better care of oneself and to get organized. Then it is spring cleaning and body clutter, including the “D” word; dieting. Next is dealing with summer lawn furniture, uncluttering yard work, and an admonition: Don’t kill celery; clear the refrigerator clutter. For the fall season there are chapters entitled Love Yourself and Your Family: Weed out before Winter, and Inner Simplicity: Have an Internal Garage Sale this Fall. Tako has wonderful advice on how to simplify without guilt for the Christmas season and concludes the book with a chapter on what really matters. Here she describes being with her grandfather at the end of his life, and shares these thoughts about simple, clutter free living: “Clutter clearing choices can help simplify life. What does this simplified life look like? The heart of simple living is about love. I learned to let control, cleaning, organizing, and overscheduled daily life and almost everything else go. Clutter-free living is taking care of people you love and living what you believe.” The final chapter entitled The Minimalist Finds Peace sums up the details of the book—clutter is anything in my life that weighs me down. Clearing the “clutter” is about freeing me for intentional, simple living. Tako has a warm and personal style of writing which helps the reader to identify with her and with her struggles and successes at organizing and clearing clutter. This is not an overbearing one way for all people self help book, but a series of conversations with a friend about things that matter- about clearing away what weighs you down, taking care of the people you love and living what you believe. This is a book I will come back to many times as the seasons change, as the cleaning bug strikes, and as a reminder about what is truly important in life. ~ The Reverend Michael Mortvedt, Co-Director of Alternatives for Simple Living

Eliminating clutter – physical, environmental, and even emotional – is an on-going, continual process. That’s the premise behind Barbara Tako’s “Clutter Clearing Choices: Clear Clutter, Organize Your Home, and Reclaim Your Life.” Tako’s tips on streamlining your space and letting go of clutter aren’t based on a deep, dark secret to eliminating clutter. She simply gives common, everyday advice for getting rid of the junk in your life that holds you back from moving forward. Tako’s common sense approach to de-cluttering your life is simple and easy to follow. Ever wonder how people get their home neat and orderly… and keep it that way? Look to the example of Tako’s mother-in-law, who she says, “could make June Cleaver from the old television series Leave It to Beaver look like a slob.” While the goal may not be to achieve June Cleaver-level domesticity, take note of the philosophy Tako gained from her mother-in-law: “clutter control and home organizing aren’t ends in themselves. They are the means to free up time and energy for our personal priorities - whether they are spiritual, relationship, career-oriented, or anything else.” With simple, easy-to-adopt advice such as letting go of items that you no longer use, yet keep for sentimental value, taking an hour a week to weed through and organize those papers that tend to pile up in your inbox, and giving everything in your home a “place” Tako’s book gives real, practical advice to help you streamline your life. ~ Toi Duckworth, \"The Online Magazine for Work-at-Home Moms\"

“Clutter Clearing Choices: Clear Clutter, Organize Your Home & Reclaim Your Life,” is told with simplicity and great clarity, offering ideas for clearing and managing the physical, relational and emotional clutter that we all experience in our lives. The layout is categorized by seasons, making it very easy to pick up and read parts throughout the year. Each short section offers easy, practical and thought-provoking ideas for organizing and clearing clutter and is told with humor and style that is easy to relate to. This working mother was motivated to try ideas immediately and felt free from the “guilt” of clutter-clearing perfection. Once I began seeing clutter control as a continuous process and series of new habits, it did not seem overwhelming. I felt the satisfaction of an organized drawer and my world seemed to align ever so slightly. I would recommend this book to any busy individual, who wishes to feel a bit more in control (however slightly) of their world and “guilt-free” when things are not quite organized as one would desire. ~ Beth Quist, Director of Education & Development, Working Family Resource Center

Fresh and realistic approach to clearing clutter from someone who walks the talk. ‘Clutter Clearing Choices’ is for anyone who has ever felt overwhelmed by stuff. Comprehensive and well organized. Barbara Tako tells it like it is and offers up a year of concrete solutions. ~ Sherrie Le Masurier, organizing consultant and co-owner of (or;

My “aha moment” came when I realized that Barb was right, my kids DIDN’T need six kinds of building toys or 15 pairs of pajamas when I do laundry once a week. She started me on a path of clearing out the excess, making my things serve me and not the other way around. As a mom of 5, I owe quite a bit of my daily sanity to her! ~ Tricia M, seminar attendee and mother of five

...the kind of writer I like. Way easy to read because she isn't trying to complicate it. She says what she has to say almost as if in a conversation. I really am getting through pieces of it quickly when I get time to sit and read it...I love that there are references for other good books in certain areas to read as well. ~ Cheryl K, client and mother of two

Barbara Tako
Barbara Tako Since 1998, Barbara Tako has taught clutter clearing and home organizing as a professional motivational speaker and published writer. In 20...
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