Collected Verse Plays

Collected Verse Plays

Five verse plays on the theme of government: the warlords in wartime Europe (two parts), an English Prince's defence of his kingdom, Augustus's censorship and banishment of Ovid, and Oliver Cromwell's rise to dictatorship.

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Three and a half centuries after the form declined c.1640, Nicholas Hagger revives verse drama with The Warlords, a panoramic two-part drama which focuses on the fortunes of General Montgomery after D-Day, and his conflict with Eisenhower. Like Tolstoy before him, Hagger is concerned to understand the role of war in the metaphysical cosmos, exploring the universal theme of the relationship between power and good in contemporary history. The second drama, The Tragedy of Prince Tudor, tells the story of the Prince's heroic attempt to preserve the culture and identity of his disintegrating kingdom. He dramatizes what is set to become the burning issue of the 21st century-Britain's fight to preserve her national sovereignty. The Rise of Oliver Cromwell is an innovative play which explores the reasons for Cromwell's extraordinary rise to dictatorship. With uncanny resonances for modern audiences, it sheds light on the ancient spiritual conflicts that drive contemporary politics.

Nicholas Hagger
Nicholas Hagger Nicholas Hagger is a poet, man of letters, cultural historian and philosopher. He has lectured in English Literature at the University of Ba...
Dream of Europa, The by Nicholas Hagger

Dream of Europa, The

Nicholas Hagger

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