Colours of the Soul

Colours of the Soul

Use the power of colour to learn about yourself and achieve your life goals.


Colours are all around us, but also within us. We not only have our favourite colours, our auras have their own colour. Our chakras have their different colours. Tuning in to our colours rebalances our selves with nature and each other.

Finding our right colour has implications for the way we dress, how we decorate our homes, even the food we eat. Use the colour cards and the exercises in this book to find the right colours for you in different situations. Become colour intelligent, and live a glorious life of kaleidoscopic colour rather than a monochrome existence

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An excellent book! June Mcleod knows her subject extremely well. Comprehensive, it is jam-packed with excellent exercises. Definitely worth purchasing, there is something in this book for everyone. Pure magic! ~ , Vision

Surprisingly, in a time when so many books are published on the basics of alternative and new approaches to healing, there are few good books on the art and practice of colour therapy. Here is one well worth considering if you are want to find out more about this subject. Colour clearly affects our moods - we all concern ourselves with the colours we dress in and surround ourselves with at home. And how does a clear blue sky make you feel? Colour has power and that is the message of this book which informs us about the attributes and effects of colour and how to apply this knowledge. ~ , Pilgrims

Written with the beginner in mind, this book explains the many effects of different colours and shows you how to open yourself to them and use them consciously to enhance your health, aesthetic awareness and peace of mind. It also shows you how to use colour as a divination tool to discover more about yourself and what you truly want. and need. There is an also interesting chapter on combining colour with other complementary therapies. ~ , Cygnus Books

Although the thrust of this book is largely commonsense there's more to it than meets the eye. An introductory guide, it enables readers to experience colour therapy for themselves. It comes with a basic set of colour cards, exercises for stress busting, and directions for work with coloured light, scarves and crystals. There are instructions on how to set up a personal colour karmagraph. It is best described as a "taster" to enable basic colour readings, togehter with plenty of evidence for the power of colour-as illustrated by the numerous case histories throughout. ~ , New Vision

Both practical and inspirational, this beautiful book continues to pioneer the fabulous work that June does, a must read. ~ Kate Osborne, Kindred Spirit Magazine

Did you know that every cell in your body is light sensitive? Thats why June Mcleods inspirational "Colours of the Soul" can be of so much value to you. Find out how colour affects your mind, body & soul, and learn how, using the simple yet powerful techniques June describes, you can ease stress, heal ailments and savour all the joys a greater awareness of colour can bring you. ~ Ann Napier, Cygnus Magazine

A brilliant introduction to how we can learn to harness and use the power of colour to achieve our dreams. ~ , Witch Hiker's Guide

The most popular, inspiring and creative colour course in the marketplace. Straightforward and easy to read. ~ , Light

June McLeod
June McLeod June McLeod is a colour consultant , colour-trends forecaster, intuitive, motivational trainer and author. With an esteemed colour career sp...
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