Creativity to Reinvent Your Life

Creativity to Reinvent Your Life

 teaches how to discover the creativity that allows one to escape the prison of a bad dream.


Creativity is a gift that each one of us has. This book will give you guidelines to having creative power in your hands. That way you will stop being a shipwreck at the mercy of your habits, circumstances, others and time, to be the one who is at the helm of your life. This book will accompany you in discovering what your helm is, how to take a strong hold on it and allow it to guide your life; it will open you to listen to your intuition, your inner teacher that stimulates true creativity. It will give you guidelines in order to go from intention to action, from theory to experience. Discover the creativity that gives you the strength to get you out of the prison of a wrong dream. It is a healing and creating energy of a new paradigm. Personal health, the health of the planet and the health of humanity depend on us all working creatively. You can be more creative. Dare to.


The origin of creativity, which here is synonymous with life, has diverse planes and the last of all of them is the one that religious traditions identify with God. But this is a word that has to be used with care, since it has been abused. Our culture is doing without the word God. In these pages it appears under multiple names, both from the East and the West, so that nobody feels excluded and to avoid it causing rejection. It appears with the different names that the mystics of the diverse traditions have given it and that psychologists identify with the archetypes. In sum, we have before us an invitation to unfold all the potential of creative freedom that we have, and it helps us to understand that what is at stake is much more than doing things; it is to turn one’s own existence into a creative act. To do so we have been brought into existence: to give an unrepeatable form to the portion of Life that has been placed in our hands. Being depositories of the co-creating act of existence like this is permanently made up of two tempos: receiving and giving, taking on and turning one’s own life into an offering. Those who live thus, form a part of Something much greater than themselves and they discover it flowing everywhere, like in the pages of this book. ~ Javier Melloni, Author of The essential desire and other books. Theologian and Professor, Barcelona

Miriam Subirana
Miriam Subirana Doctor in Fine Arts, The University of Barcelona. Coach, Author and Trainer in Appreciative Inquiry She shares her profession as a paint...

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