Crucible of Love - New Edition

Crucible of Love - New Edition

The Alchemy of Passionate Relationships

A roadmap for love


Crucible of Love is a roadmap for a new understanding of love, radically challenging our conventional ideas about relationships. Written from the heart, with passion and clarity, it offers us a vision of what it means to live with love at the centre of our lives, and ‘where the wedding means all of us’, in true freedom and openness.


If Jay Ramsay's generous and heart-felt writing can help someone better to understand and undergo the often painful stage of change in a relationshipnd win through to a sustainable marriage it will have done inestimable service. ~ John Gibbens, Caduceus

An unlocker of imprisoned souls and true healer... a great gift to our world and the generation who are seeking for spiritual consciousness... ~ Kathleen Raine, Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry (d. 2003)

With keen vision and insight, Jay Ramsay cuts through the fairytale illusion of love to the real gem hidden within – a gem that is only accessible to those courageous individuals who can face the stark realization of the false, self, who can be present to the deeply transformational process of ego release, and who can endure the Dark Night of relationship. Crucible of Love provides the map and the light that guides couples to the promise of new life and new hope – a deeply intimate relationship based on mutual love, support and individual freedom. In being the vessel for these words, Jay is a prophet in the company of John the Evangelist, Riane Eisler and Eckhart... ~ Lauri Ann Lumby, author of Authentic Freedom

By approaching the mystery of love with the sensibility of a poet, psychotherapist and mystic, Jay Ramsay has achieved an extraordinary depth of articulation. Crucible of Love has changed the way I think about love. And in doing this, it has opened me to a deeper experience of love itself – in all its richness and power. ~ Philip Carr-Gomm, author of Druid Mysteries

Jay Ramsay
Jay Ramsay Jay Ramsay is an acclaimed poet, teacher, workshop leader, performer and UKCP accredited psychosynthesis therapist currently working in priv...

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