Crystal Prescriptions volume 6

Crystal Prescriptions volume 6

Crystals for ancestral clearing, soul retrieval, spirit release and karmic healing. An A-Z guide.

Crystals for ancestral clearing, soul retrieval, spirit release and karmic healing. An A-Z guide.


This practical sixth book in the Crystal Prescriptions series covers crystals for karmic clearing, soul integration and healing the family tree. In addition to our own karma, we are hampered by ancestral memories, attitudes and beliefs that are not necessarily ours. Fortunately, some extraordinary new crystals have appeared which help us to quickly and easily break lineages and clear our ‘junk DNA’, without having to relive the trauma of karmic history. With the assistance of these crystals, and some old favourites, it is possible to heal far back into the genealogical line and our own karmic past. The healing is then projected forward into the future so that generations to come can have the benefit of garnered soul and ancestral wisdom, but without the baggage.


This is an excellent book. The information in this book will help you with grounding, clearing and doing extensive work on Karmic clearing, soul integration and healing the family tree. The book explains how we are hampered by ancestral memories and beliefs that are not necessarily ours. They are carried in our junk DNA and we have to work with them until they are cleared. Crystal Prescription Volume 6 introduces crystal that can help with the healing of both the personal Karmic and the collective Karmic past. With the assistance of various crystals, you are shown how to use them to unblock and correct karmic issues both personal and ancestral. Crystal EFT may be used to clear both your own Karmic and internal issue and those of ancestors. Use of a Brandenberg or other Quartz point dramatically increases the transformation process as the crystal are able to absorb and transmute the energy released during tapping. This book is filled with information that shows you how to use the crystal to transform your life, health, past life issue and ancestral issue that are affecting your current life. It also teaches you how to project the healing forward to help future generations. This is an amazing book, if healing and crystals get your attention then this book is your A-Z guide. ~ Dyanna Wyndesong (, Ravenhawk's Magazine

This book, which was gratefully received from Netgalley, is typical of the work of Judy Hall, just when you think she's told you everything you could possibly learn about crystals and their uses, up comes another. This, as her others, is a very good tool for those with an interest in the many properties of a large number of crystals and one that works well as a reference book to be delved into time and time again. ~ Anne Rogers, NetGalley, GoodReads, Amazon

A excellent well written book providing everything you need to know about Crystals For Ancestral Clearing, Soul Retrieval, Spirit Release And Karmic Healing. From screening, protecting your space and keeping your crystals in top condition, to karmic themes in the chakras and a Directory of how to choose the right stones , The author has provided instructions and easy to follow guides for each step in your clearing. This book I can highly recommend for anyone considering soul clearing and healing. ~ Lori Reed, NetGalley

The perfect book to read on the cusp of a solar eclipse. This book of prescriptions gives the reader an excellent alternative to Western medicine with that being a holistic soul cleansing. Starting off with an introduction section to give the reader an extensive background into chakras, auras and some common mental illnesses, as well as some useful ways to find a person's particular prescription, she then delves further into the universe of karma and the soul and ends with a reminder on ancestral healing. The way each part compounds onto the other mimics the ascension we, as energy beings attempt to reach. We start as soul's with karmic debt and lessons, and once we have overcome those we transcend to become ancestors. The very end of the book gives an exhaustive list of the various crystals and how they can be used for healing purposes. For those new or old to the practice, or want to know more about it, I would definitely recommend this book. ~ Bianca Tenney, GoodReads/NetGal

I looooooove love love anything about crystals and this was no exception. Took it up to another level with the karmic healing and releasing with some handy tips for me, I'd never heard before! So really great. ~ Jade ,

Judy Hall knows her stuff and I found this 6th volume of this series to be a concise, well written book providing everything you need to know about Crystals For Ancestral Clearing, Soul Retrieval, Spirit Release And Karmic Healing. From screening, protecting your space and keeping your cyrstals in tip-top condition, to karmic themes in the chakras and an A-Z Directory of how to choose the right stones for the right job, it's all here. There are five parts to this Crystal Prescriptions Vol.6: Part one consists of "The basics", part two, is about "Karmic Healing". In part three Ms Hall explains "Soul Retrieval and Spirit Release", which is followed by "Ancestral Healing". In part five, the final part, we're provided with an "A-Z Directory of Crystals for Karmic Healing, Soul Reintegration and Ancestral Clearing". Throughout the book there are also practical exercises and rituals described, providing the reader with a deeper understanding of how to bring this type of healing into your life and the benefits to expect from doing so. The author also covers other aspects of protecting yourself and your space to keep yourself grounded and safe. Overall: Ms Hall explains in great detail how it is possible to heal way back down the genealogical line and our own karmic past using crystals for healing, which can then be projected forward into the future to benefit new generations. I find author, Judy Hall, has a clear way of describing what can sometimes be complex information and although the tone of the book is both informative and instructive, it's written in her usual friendly, approachable style. A must have for crystal healers and practitioners looking to broaden their horizons. ~ Sassy Brit, Alternative-Read

Loved this I have the other editions it's a vital tool for anyone who enjoys or works with crystals. Will be buying a paper copy too. ~ Gemma Karim, NetGalley

Whether a beginner or a seasoned worker with crystals, this book is a must have. Very informative, it provides much more detailed information than the typical books on working with crystals. It is a wonderful reference book to add to your bookshelf. ~ Paula Jones, NetGalley

This book is extremely detailed and gives a wealth of knowledge. Even someone like me that isn't too familiar with crystals is able to understand all the is said in the book. The items that Hall speaks about is intriguing and something I would never associate with crystal healing. This book is a long read and isn't something you can do all at once because of the volume of information. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves crystals or wants to know more. ~ Manuela Alonzi-Cheney, GoodREads

As a practitioner of crystals I love new books with ideas in which to help my customers. And this book doesn't disappoint. Lots of new ideas, crystal remedies to help in every day life, highly recommended ~ Kirsty White, NetGalley

This book explored the use of crystals for karmic healing, soul reintegration, and ancestral clearing. Reading about alternative uses for crystals as opposed to the standard applications was a breath of fresh air. Each chapter contained an overview of what the crystals should be used for ie; karmic healing. This was helpful as it was explained in very straightforward ways that makes it easy for the reader to comprehend. Each chapter contained a list of items needed to perform the rituals and step-by-step instructions on how to use the crystals was provided. I would have liked a description of the crystals used as opposed to simply naming them. Overall I do think this book was groundbreaking as there is not enough discussion on how crystals can aid very deep spiritual work. ~ Tanja Flanjak, The Luminessence

Useful and helpful techniques to assist in the path to your soul course. A practical guide for use of crystals and crystal practitioners. ~ Margaret Holmes, NetGalley

Judy guides us through a compassionate, intelligent, and eminently sensible journey of healing the karma that holds us back. Her work is based on the fundamental observation that transforming this karmic energy is mandatory for our evolution. The practical exercises and rituals are enjoyable and give the reader the ability to internalise the practical information. Judy even takes a deeper look into our subtle anatomy through the karmic lens, giving readers unprecedented insight into how karma shapes our lives. This book is a treasure trove of information. ~ Nicholas Pearson, author of The Seven Archetypal Stones and Crystals for Karmic Healing

Judy Hall
Judy Hall An internationally known author, astrologer, psychic, healer and workshop leader, Judy has been a karmic counsellor for over forty five year...
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