Crystal Prescriptions volume 5

Crystal Prescriptions volume 5

Space clearing, Feng Shui and Psychic Protection. An A-Z guide.

The next in the highly successful Crystal Prescriptions series, this volume covers crystals for space clearing, Feng Shui and psychic protection.


The next in the highly successful Crystal Prescriptions series, this volume covers crystals for space clearing, Feng Shui and psychic protection with extensive introductory material and practical exercises, plus the usual A-Z format directory.
Whether you need to create a safe space for everyday living or meditation, or craft an oasis of calm in a buzzing work environment, or to protect your home in a crime-ridden area, crystals may assist you. You’ll be able to work in harmony with the Feng Shui bagua to attract abundance and enhance all areas of your life. You’ll find crystals to ghostbust, to clear curses no matter how far back in your ancestral line, to remove spirit attachments, and to retrieve the lost soul parts that could make you vulnerable to psychic attack. Crystals will help you to strengthen your aura, create a firewall between you and the outside world, and repel psychic invasion. You will also be able to craft practical amulets for everyday wear and learn how to make crystals work for you.


4/5 Stars This is a great reference to keep on hand very informative. It's easy to understand the different characteristics and properties of all the different crystals. Perfect for someone just starting out with their collection or interest in crystals. ~ Marianna DeLuca, NetGalley

5/5 Stars Judy Hall has shared so much of her knowledge with us! I am really enjoying this edition in her series on Crystal Prescriptions. Love that the format follows all her other books so far. Very easy to navigate the wealth of information shared. Thank you for sharing your gift with us Judy! ~ Debby McNutt, NetGalley

5/5 stars Crystal Prescriptions: Space Clearing, Feng Shui, and Psychic Protection, an A-Z Guide Volume 5 by Judy Hall tells us all about crystals and their uses for clearing negativity and using them for protection. This book is broken into four parts. Part one on space clearings gives us various grids to use to rid our space of negativity and bring in positive vibrations. Part two teaches us about Feung Shui and using crystals in this ancient Chinese art and how they can work harmoniously together. Part three covers psychic protection and how we can use crystals to align our chakras and etheric bodies. We are also given a section on travel safety and crystals. Part four gives us a directory of crystals to use for the purposes found in the first three sections. I really enjoyed this book. My favorite section was part three as it was extensive and showed many different ways psychic protection can be used with crystals including cord cutting and getting rid of attachments with from things or even spirits. We are also shown how to use crystals to overcome The ill will of others. I would recommend this book to those wanting to learn more about psychic protection as well as crystals and how to use them. ~ Rose Pettit, Insights into the Wonderful World of Books

5/5 Stars A wonderful insight to the world of crystal healing and energies. The author is very detailed on cleaning, recharging and your own crystals. I look forward to reading more books by Judy Hall. ~ Laura Duquette, NetGalley

Broken down into a neat concise spiritual package this 362 page warrior has it all. It helps us know what stones help with protection on many different levels, all the way from horseback riding to taking on other people's feelings. Also grids for a safe space, energy clearing, and to protect against psychic attack, and oh so much more. I would recommend this well presented guardian to anyone, especially the energy sensitive. We can all do with some help during these crazy times. Thanks Judy, this one will help many. ~ Riki Frahmann, Mystic Living Today

Just when you think Judy Hall could not possibly have any more crystal information you are proven wrong. I really enjoyed this title, as I have her others. Crystals are continued to be explained and I appreciate the ease of use to use the book. ~ Sarah Rustman, Librarian at Northbrook Public Library

Judy Hall has always been my go-to author for crystal books, and this volume doesn't disappoint. She does a thorough job outlining the various energy issues a person might encounter, and offering meditations, crystals, and ideas to help. She also discusses the chakras at length, and what a person might experience when they're working well, working too much, or sluggish, as well as ways to bring everything back into balance. The end of the book has a comprehensive directory with lists of conditions and corresponding stones to help. ~ Jessica Titchenal , GoodReads

Well written and researched would have loved to have caught the first four in the series . I will definitely recommend this book to my friends who deal with crystals. ~ Larry Zaracon Sodders , NetGalley

I would like to thank Judy for her wonderful knowledge of crystals and sharing this with us. She is a special soul giving to humanity by the greater good. Her guidance and tender authority on stones is unmatched anywhere. I deeply appreciate her for being one of two people who is helping me grow as a person and keeping me safe from predators on the way. Thanks, Judy! ~ Jim C., Angel Additions

Judy Hall
Judy Hall An internationally known author, astrologer, psychic, healer and workshop leader, Judy has been a karmic counsellor for over forty five year...
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