Dangerous Man, The

Dangerous Man, The

Conversations with Free-Thinkers and Truth-Seekers

A collection of controversial research and alternative worldviews, presenting new and exciting ways of thinking about life as we know it.


On this planet, there exists a diverse range of individuals, of all ages, cultures and beliefs, who have the potential to transform life as we know it, for the better. It is time for us to make informed decisions not only for ourselves, but for the future generations that follow. The informed spiritual individual is a powerful force to be reckoned with indeed. On a quest for truth, Karen Sawyer interviewed 32 of the most dangerous and controversial minds of our time; including David Icke, Michael Tsarion, Bruce Lipton, Cleve Backster, Ralph Ellis, Jerry E Smith, Mary Croft, Neil Hague, John Perkins, Peter Taylor, Ian R Crane, Winston Shrout, Michael Cremo, Ellis C Taylor, Jonathan Goldman, and Alan Wilson. The result is a curious combination of mystery, anomaly, and occult secrets among fascinating research and insights within history, science, commerce and law, the environment, and much more. A potpouri of hope for all our futures. Please read this and sense the wonders of freedom. David Bellamy


A combination of mystery, anomally and occult secrets among fascinating research and insights into history, science, commerce, the environment and so much more.

~ Odyssey

A potpouri of hope for all our futures. Please read this and sense the wonders of freedom. ~ David Bellamy

What is genuine, what is a lie? What is real and what is false? In this remarkably incisive and honest work, the author, Karen Sawyer, in a series of fascinating interviews peels away the choking layers of disinformation, half truths and downright lies that have, almost since time began, been presented as absolute truth by those who choose to retain their grasp on power, and in some cases the nature of reality itself, by any means at their disposal. This book encapsulates a range of alternative opinions with a shared theme, the very survival of the human race and the planet we live on. What is written here will entertain, shock, enrage and amaze in equal part, but ultimately it is a source of hope and I thoroughly recommend it to all who seek the truth. ~ Brian J Allan, paranormal investigator, researcher, and author of The Heretics: Can We Now Explain The Unexplainable.

The most complete guide to what free-thinking is all about. A true red pill, which only looks like a book. ~ Paul Bondarovski, Editor, The Dot Connector magazine.

Karen Sawyer set out on a fantastic journey to explore and survey the widest reaches and some of the most fearless encampments in the realm of alternative thought. She returns not only with a startling map of the territory that challenges comfortable preconceptions but a collection that crackles with interest and insight. The most dangerous mind is one that thinks for itself. This is a book to inspire the type of bravery needed to do just that. ~ David Southwell, author of Secrets & Lies and Conspiracy Files

A revolutionary book, but not in the combative sense, more in the sense of turning the wheel one more time – one more revolution. A timely narrative of the way things are and the way things may be. It is a call to us for vision and bravery. ~ Lindsay Halton, architect and author of The Secret of Home.

To say this book is thought-provoking is an understatement. It is exquisitely addictive. You tell yourself that you will just dip in and find yourself a couple of hours later, fascinated by the revelations with a cup of cold tea at your elbow. The book is quite simply astounding and we highly recommend you read it. ~ Nikki Mackay, The Witch Hiker's Guide

Karen Sawyer
Karen Sawyer Karen Sawyer is a singer/songwriter, author of Soul Companions and The Dangerous Man and founder of the ARC (Alternative Research Community)...
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