Deep Equality

Deep Equality

Living in the Flow of Natural Rhythms

Deep Equality by Jocelyn Chaplin bridges the old 1968 divide between ‘hippies’ & ‘lefties’ for the 21st Century 40 yrs.on.


As Jimi Hendrix said, Life is rhythm. From the oscillating strings of sub atomic matter(depicted on the cover)to the breathing of the cosmos, everything in the universe is rhythmic. Yet we humans still tend to think with rigid vertical mind sets of superior/inferior etc. This book shows us how to free ourselves from these and think rhythmically. Using lots of examples, it helps us to attune more effectively to those ever changing equalizing forces that flow through us. Rhythms interconnect opposites, while hierarchies divide.

Jocelyn Chaplin is a psychotherapist and natural spirituality teacher. For 20 years she has helped thousands of people to live more in the flow. She has also published widely and exhibited her art work based on these themes.


Deeply enriching for the soul. Jocelyn Chaplin’s Deep Equality helps you get ‘into the flow’ and ‘onto the path’ to discovering the rest of your life. A spiritually rhythmic discovery! ~ Lallouz International Magazine

A liberating and natural philosophy which takes us beyond the old structures of dualism, stuckness and power struggles into the balanced and flowing realms of freedom, growth and unconditional love. Deep Equality offers plenty of food for thought, as well as practical steps to take. Read it - and remember who you really are. ~ Gill Edwards, Author of 'Living Magically'

For many years, Jocelyn Chaplin has worked at the cutting edge of therapy, politics and conscious living. In this book she pulls together all the marvelous ideas and intuitions we have been hearing and experiencing at conferences and workshops. This is a text that academics, activists and anyone involved with the future of humanity should read, allowing themselves to become inspired by what Chaplin means when she writes of Deep Equality. ~ Andrew Samuels, Professor of Analytical Psychology, University of Essex.

Chaplin uses the basic three-level model found useful by so many writers on mysticism - Ego, Subtle and Causal - and concentrates on the Subtle level. She eloquently argues that this level, with its emphasis upon plurality and fluidity, offers an appealing alternative to the customary Ego thinking. As a Therapist, she includes a number of revealing case vignettes, based upon this approach which are both moving and encouraging. ~ John Rowan, Author of Ordinary Ecstasy

Inspired by Jimi Hendrix's statement, "Life is rhythm", London-based therapist and teacher Jocelyn Chaplin weaves together diverse ideas that help us to dissolve "power-over" hierarchies, interconnect perceived opposites, and flow organically with the change that is life. In seven chapters, the author takes us through a journey that includes subatomic matter, serpents, breathing, spirituality, politics, therapy, the goddess Rhea, and much more. While the entire book appeals to me, I especially like "A Training in the Mysteries of the Flow" (pp. 100 - 103), a seven-stage initiation process, and "Rhythmic Therapy" (pp. 132 - 134), how rhythm, flow, and non-hierarchy can be applied to any therapeutic process. Chaplin's ideas come to life through several real-life stories about herself and her clients. This book is a MUST for anyone who works on hirself and who assists others to create constructive change in their lives. It's already informing my work and teaching and it will inform yours. See more at ~ James Wells, The Six-Rayed Star newsletter

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