Deeper Quest, The

Deeper Quest, The

Western society cannot succeed while detached from its philosophical inheritance. This book returns what was lost to set things right.


The Deeper Quest introduces us to philosophical concepts that were instrumental in developing our Western cultural background and deciding who we are as a people. Without knowing them we experience a personal and cultural deficit that is detrimental to present needs and those of the future. We feel lost, angry, incomplete.

Regaining these concepts places us back on the path of our own evolution by giving us purpose and meaning. It also allows us to heal many of our social ills from the base up. Social problems are merely symptoms that point to our loss. As we correct who we are, they will naturally subside.


D. Joseph Jacques issued a call to chivalry in our day in his earlier volume, Chivalry-Now. The chivalry to which he invites us has been in short supply since medieval days and King Arthur’s knights. In The Deeper Quest he describes the chasm of time separating us from that day and its steep walls built from inattention to the disciplines of philosophy, theology, psychology, politics and the rise of technology. Jacques is a capable advocate for the invitation he makes as he digs deep into these disciplines to help us engineer a way to bridge the chasm. With all the humility and courtesy you would expect from one devoted to The Twelve Trusts (see Chivalry-Now) he invites the reader to think for yourself. I invite you to do the same as you read The Deeper Quest.

~ The Reverend Michael Crane, First Baptist Church in Essex, CT

D. Joseph Jacques
D. Joseph Jacques D. Joseph Jacques' literary career was foreshadowed in high school when he won 1st prize from an essay contest sponsored by a prestigious B...
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Meditations on Self-Discipline and Failure

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Chivalry-Now by D. Joseph Jacques


D. Joseph Jacques

Finally, a book that speaks of western values in male language, returning to what was lost.

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Spiritual Beings or Economic Tools by Peter Strother

Spiritual Beings or Economic Tools

Peter Strother

Spiritual Revolution - liberate yourself from enslavement to the global economic system.

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