Die to Love

Die to Love

Die to Love radically wakes the reader up to the love beyond all ideas, and then explores how we live as that love.


This is book is for those who have been genuinely searching and longing for awakening or truth. Die to Love directly points the reader to the end of the spiritual search once and for all: I am not trying to help you. If you read this book I will simply destroy you. And who am I? I am you. I am Life itself.

Die to Love explores the desperate longing for love and surrender that so many people feel. But are we willing to lose everything that is familiar and safe in order to know that love that we long for? Are we willing to die for love? This is the death, not of the body, but of the identity called me.
Unmani looks at what it is to fall in love and how in moments of intimacy there is no separation. Two merge and become one. Two separate individuals know that they can never be separate.
There are also chapters on relationships and the madness of love as well as unconditional and conditional love, and what compassion really is.


Herein, the love that is discussed recognizes no duality, there is only oneness, for the 'I' and the 'me' are completely destroyed. Such is true love for the divine, where there is total surrender and the individual identity is annihilated. Hence, there is no journey towards the goal, for one is at the end or goal itself, as there is realization of self. To attain that one has to die - not physically, but through the destruction of 'me'. Only then can one fulfil that desperate longing of love, of waking up to one's true nature. ~ East and West Series, Issue No 7

Unmani’s compelling new book, Die to Love, points fearlessly to the truth of who you really are.  With courage and clarity, she addresses some of life’s greatest mysteries like ego, love, surrender and death. This is a focused and ruthless journey into looking at the core questions of what it means to be fully human. Die to Love rings with a Truth that will surely be savored by the longing Heart. Highly recommended.

~ Chuck Hillig, Author of Enlightenment for Beginners, Seeds for the Soul, The Way IT Is, Looking for God: Seeing the Whole in One and The Magic King.

An Unreasonable Message of Absolute Immediate Love

To paraphrase George Bernard Shaw: "The reasonable woman adapts herself to the conditions that surround her... The unreasonable woman adapts surrounding conditions to herself... All progress depends on the unreasonable woman."

I have had the privilege of meeting and spending time with Unmani. I know Unmani. She is what she writes; there is absolute authenticity in her self expression, and that makes here quite unique in a world of spiritual hypocrisy. The thing is, Unmani Hyde is an unreasonable woman. Perhaps that is her greatest strength, because to be the Love we seek is most assuredly an unreasonable proposition. Happily, Unmani not only elucidates Love more eloquently than anyone else I know, she also, like a great poet, evokes this in the reader who approaches her writings and talks with an open mind and heart.

As she makes clearer and clearer as you progress through the book (and I suggest that the reader do so slowly, savoring each page) True Love requires a kind of death of reason and rationality, a dying of the false sense of separateness into the absolute infinity of that which never changes: Nonconceptual Love. As St. Paul noted, “Love Is Eternal”.  I would add, "full stop!" When Unmani writes, that is what she evokes! This is an amazing book, a rare and radical look beyond all that is known and all that is unknown directly into That Which IS … Love Eternal. And she makes it perfectly and abundantly clear that YOU are That. And That, the Love You really are, is forever Unborn yet fully present here and now. It is nothing but everything … embracing all, in a raw, open aliveness that is palpable and self-evident in Unmani’s expression.

For example, ponder this point: “Most teachings are trying to replicate the Love that you are. This is still a denial that you are that already, just the way you are right now. By suggesting that you should try to be more loving, or more aware, you are believing that who you already are is not already all that you try to become. You can not try to be Love when you already are Love. There is no need to try.”

Obviously, I love the book! Five stars for sure. It is bold, refreshing and courage, and a direct and provocative challenge to our cherished myths and habitual beliefs about what Love is (and for that matter, what hate” is as well! The chapter on “hate” is not to be missed.) It can for the open hearted reader, completely undo all those beliefs and opinions, myths and rules about what Love really is, beyond any ideas, and perhaps most potently, it takes the reader beyond even those greatly admired so-called “spiritual truths” that have had humanity in its grip for thousands of years.  So take heed of this warning to the ego-bound mind: Her exposition of what Love is might just blow the spiritual seeking and its associated dogmas and demagoguery into a billion shards of bright light.

As for “enlightenment” etc: She writes this … “If you believe that you have arrived somewhere or have found some permanent state, this is simply arrogance. Love is never found. Thought wants a resting place, but there is none. Thought wants something to hold on to, but there is none. Thought may say “I’ve got it!” or “I am awakened now”, “I am enlightened now”, but Love can not be contained by thought. Love doesn’t care what thought says. Love goes on and on and on destroying you…

I hope this book takes off like a meteor and transforms the mind of humanity. It is much needed and much longed for by the heart of all that is. I hope the reader of this review will let Unmani’s Love and courage take you over, and take you back home to the Love you already are: Die to Love and awaken to who you really are!

~ Charlie Hayes, author of “Thy Will Be Done: Awakening To The Eternal State” and other books on Nonduality

This book is a deep and heart-felt investigation into what the "me" is, only you don't realize you are investigating as you are reading it.  It is written so masterfully that the inquiry into which the book draws you, from the beginning, is effortless.  The pages just read themselves.  What a strange and winding road humanity finds itself on--looking for life, looking for love, as if that can be pinpointed and boxed up in a label or location.  Unmani skillfully reveals the futility of that seeking.  She reveals that when we start with what we already are--love--the disintegration of the seeking energy that tries to box up and pinpoint life and love disintegrates. 

Die to Love is such a delicious invitation to openness and vulnerability too, revealing that our efforts to self-protect are based in fear.  As Unmani says, in the willingness to stand naked in the fire of the unknown, love reveals itself to be already here, outshining all fear.  What a beautiful thing to know....that, despite all of our fear-based efforts, we cannot ultimately hide from what we are--fearless love.  Unmani is inviting us to come out from hiding behind our intellectual knowledge.  She is inviting us to stop pretending that we are something other than love.  Thank you Unmani, for a wonderful gift to humanity!   

~ Scott Kiloby, author of \"Love's Quiet Revolution,\" \"Reflections of the One Life,\" and \"Living Realization\"

Unmani invites in a voice recognisable as your own Self, to the Truth all Sages point at.
~ Isaac Shapiro, author and lover of Truth www.isaacshapiro.org

Unmani Liza Hyde
Unmani Liza Hyde Unmani grew up in London in a loving family, but even as a little girl she felt that something was missing in her life. She began searching ...
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