Diving for Pearls

Diving for Pearls

The Wise Woman's Guide to Finding Love

An inspiring true story with teachings and tips on love, wisdom and meditation.


Part true love story and part how-to guide, Maggie Kay's book Diving For Pearls takes the reader with her on the spiritual adventure of her life and shares how she eventually found what she was longing for - deep trust in her own inner wisdom and a soul mate life partner that meets her on all levels.


Anyone searching for love will find this book delicious and comforting. Plump up your cushions. This is one to curl up with and hits the spot like a hot chocolate with swirly cream. "Diving for Pearls" really is the ultimate guide to finding love. Maggie should know because she's had to work it out for herself and it's been an incredible journey, a very wise woman indeed. Make no mistake, this book is not just for those looking for love. It also serves as an inspirational and helpful guide for absolutely everyone. Filled with every kind of spiritual seeking and leaps of faith, Maggie takes us on a winding road of self discovery and inner wisdom. Most of us have experienced emotional damage at some time in our lives. It can be depressing and depleting, especially if what we're seeking is recognition in love. Love not only from others but more importantly, love for ourselves. It's refreshing to learn through Maggie's inspirational teaching that with the expert guidance she offers us, finding love is more possible than we can imagine. We just need to know how to manage and realise it. She encourages us to dive deep and find our pearls. The first step is the only one we need, our willingness to take that chance, and the rest will follow. In this gem of a book, we dunk our biscuit into a blissful pool of rediscovery, one of warmth, understanding, hearts and healing. It leaves us feeling calm and rejuvenated, happy in anticipation of our future. Suddenly we believe it really is possible to find that deeper love opening up another door, one of acknowledgement, strength and relief. It also helps us to understand others and how we can enrich our relationships generally. Being a great believer in saying "yes" to life and all the love it has to give, I found this book honest and refreshing. I am constantly amazed at the strength of people all around me who perform their lives on a stage where a lot of us only choose to see what is immediately visible in front of ones eyes instead of what actually lives behind them. In this book, Maggie has chosen to share what lives behind her own eyes so that we may all find the courage to move forward and progress in troubled times. I was given this book as a gift and I recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone who wants to improve their lives and what wise woman wouldn't want to do that? In short, it's a great read. Totally satisfying and delicious. Time to dive in everyone. ~ Patti Savage, Psychic Link Magazine

In a world of quick-fixes and shallow self-help books I was so encouraged to read Maggie Kay’s book. Thoughtful and multi-layered, it is the perfect book to work with. The meditations are excellent, everything clearly described and explained, and Maggie’s voice is gentle, wise and compassionate. ~ Wanda Whiteley, former Publishing Director, HarperCollins

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book and read it in two days - I couldn't put it down! I didn't skip one page which I have done with so many other books. I loved the meditation exercises and I am so grateful to you for awakening this side to me that has been dormant for way too long. As I've focused on my career helping others, I have forgotten at times to help myself. So thank you for that. I appreciated confirmation that I listen to my gut correctly regards to any decisions I make in life. I loved your willingness to share about your life - the realness and authenticity that comes across from you. Love and Light to you, Maggie Kay, a very special lady. ~ Sharon Burton, Reader

Who doesn't love a love story? Maggie Kay offers us a glimpse into the winding path of one who seriously explores her own spiritual life, and then reaches for someone with whom to share that life as it blossoms. Her book, Diving for Pearls, encourages all of us to find our way of taking the plunge. ~ Oriah Mountain Dreamer, Best Selling author of The Invitation

Diving for Pearls is like a beautiful cloth woven from the richly colored threads of inspiring stories, insightful explanations of timeless wisdom made relevant for the contemporary world and immensely practical tips for direct personal experience. It’s like Maggie Kay is right there beside you sharing her pearls so that you may find your own. Wherever you are on the journey to find love, wrap yourself up in this wise and wonderful book; you’ll emerge transformed and ready for love to find you! ~ Julia McCutchen, intuitive mentor, teacher and author of Conscious Writing: Discover Your True Voice Through Mindfulness and More

Maggie’s Pearls are just that - little nuggets of wisdom that sparkle like inspirational incendiaries as you contemplate and apply them to your own life. In a marketplace that is saturated with self-help books, this is a refreshingly genuine spiritual inquiry layered with many practical insights. In addition, I think this lovely book offers one of the clearest interpretations of Buddhist thinking that I have ever come across. I highly recommend it. ~ Richard Rudd, spiritual teacher, poet and author of Gene Keys

Diving for Pearls is a lovely weave of Maggie Kay's personal journey to love and enlightenment together with practical advice on meditation, manifestation and how to open your heart. Reading it in itself has raised my vibration. A delightful way to align yourself with this most beautiful soul. ~ Rachel Elnaugh, entrepreneur, author and former BBC Dragons' Den 'Dragon', co-creator of SourceTV

This book is a delight! It is a wonderful mix of love story and 'how to find love' guidance. With insights into spiritual wisdom and an easy, accessible approach to meditation, Pearls is packed with inspiration and tools to help you manifest your ideal match. If finding love feels like a shot in the dark, Diving for Pearls is a must read. ~ Dawn Breslin, Best selling author, former TV presenter, speaker and coach, creator of Harmonizing

Maggie Kay
Maggie Kay Formerly a psychology graduate and ordained Buddhist, Maggie Kay is a seasoned life, business and spiritual coach, meditation teacher and wr...
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