Don't Fix Me; I'm Not Broken

Don't Fix Me; I'm Not Broken

Changing Our Minds About Ourselves and Our Children

Parenting is not about fixing children with labels, it's changing our minds to parent from unconditional love rather than fear.


Parenting from unconditional love rather than fear means recognizing the spiritual truth of our children rather than focusing on brokenness and deficits.  No child is a mistake; no child is broken.  Don’t Fix Me I’m Not Broken teaches the perspective that parenting is a spiritual classroom in which parents can learn to parent from a place of inner peace no matter what struggles their children are having.  When we trust God’s voice of oneness in the world as it works through us and through our children, we learn to accept what is.  Accepting what is means realizing that it is the beliefs and story we create around our child’s disability, disorder, or disease that causes unhappiness or grief, not the disorder or disability implied by the label.  We can either buy into the traditional stories about these labels or choose peace instead.  Parents of children with labels or any child who is struggling or just being every-day difficult can either embrace this opportunity for spiritual growth or stay stuck in the anger, pain, and the sadness.  It is a choice.


Sally Patton brings an enlightened perspective on how to parent from a balanced place of love, and beautifully articulates the idea of changing one's Mind about their children rather that trying to fix them. The importance of moving past the labeling of our children and experiencing the essence of the Spirit is not ignored in this book. "Don't Fix Me I'm not Broken" is a God-send to anyone who wishes to join with their children rather than separate, love rather than fear, and accept their Divinity rather than deny their perfection.

~ Gary Renard and Cindy Lora-Renard, Bestselling author, The Disappearance of the Universe; Cindy-MA Spiritual Psychologist

An extraordinarily helpful book. It is unique in its approach and aim. It asks us to open ourselves to the deeper meaning behind our children’s seeming condition. It invites us to be willing to renounce our human story about this condition and to ask the Divine to reveal the lessons of love that await our welcome. "I see you, not the behavior, not the condition or the label; I see the truth of you."

~ Nouk Sanchez and Tomas Viera, Authors of \"Take Me to Truth, Undoing the Ego\"

An insightful book that helps parents to come from love rather than fear when facing a child’s disability, disorder or disease. Sally Patton proposes a wonderful perspective; our unhappiness does not solve our children’s problems, it is our clarity and comfort that has the most beneficial impact. ~ Barry Neil Kauman, Best Selling Author: \"Happiness is a Choice\" Co-Founder of The Option Institute and Autism Treatment Center of America

Sally Patton asks us to look past the diagnostic labels we give to children, and see the radiant spark of the divine. Her book serves as a soothing balm to comfort parents who feel overwhelmed by the challenges of raising an atypical child. I recommend it highly! ~ Thomas Armstrong, Ph.D., Author of \"Nuerodiversity: Discovering the Extraordinary Gifts of Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, and Other Brain Differences,\" \"The Myth of the ADD Child\" and \"7 Kinds of Smart\"

Builds upon the tenets from A Course in Miracles to inspire parents toward a new standard of understanding: to perceive their relationships with sons and daughters through a spiritual prism—one that is invaluable for its wisdom about acceptance and its lessons in unconditional love.

~ William Stillman, Author of

A book that goes right to the center of the heart. This book helps cultivate an awareness of unconditional love and acceptance-a power that can heal the world.

~ Jared Rosen, Founder of Dreamsculpt Media Co-Author of

Sally Patton
Sally Patton Sally Patton, Ed.M. Developmental Psychology has advocated and worked for children with special needs for over 35 years. For the past sever...
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