Dreamer in the Dream, The

Dreamer in the Dream, The

An original collection of short stories, often humorous, with an esoteric bias. A refreshing, experiential edge into the inner life


A superbly original collection of short stories with an esoteric bias. Each story explores in different situations, often humorous, a paradoxical edge of experience, when the inner and outer life is about to transform; at any stage in life. These stories, light-hearted and profound, were rough hewn by the well known mind-body-spirit author Alan Jacobs, and turned into literary gems by Jane Adams, an artist, poet and author. They express this fertile dialogue, in the inner life. They include two childrens' stories for the ever young in spirit. Major influences are Gurdjieff-Ouspensky, Douglas Harding, J.Krishnamurti, and a rich blend of wisdom from the east and west.


The creative union of artist and author, Jane Adams, and philosopher, Alan Jacobs, has produced an exquisite collection of short stories that are quite simply spellbinding. Examining profound truths through the art of charming and beguiling storytelling, they have composed a beautiful and utterly unique compendium of eccentric tales that may be enjoyed by both children and adults alike. A sheer delight! ~ Paula Marvelly, author of Women of Wisdom, Teachers of the One

0-Books, the publishers of The Dreamer in the Dream, set out to produce works that challenge the academic and public norm. This text evokes that strange Alice in Wonderland world that many people live in, in their day and night dreams, except here the implication is that it is not one of fantasy, but the frontier between external and internal reality, which gives access to what is really true to the Self. ~ Zev ben Shimon Halevi, Kabbalah Society

Jane Adams
Jane Adams Jane Adams, born in 1949, is a student of the Tree of Life, Alchemy and Astrology in the western esoteric tradition. She has bridged this i...
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