Essence of Reality, The

Essence of Reality, The

A Clear Awareness of How Life Works


The Essence of Reality illustrates that all of one’s life – health, success, authority, abundance – reflect one’s inner nature, leading the reader to see exactly how that works. It gives explicit tools for delving into limiting mindsets to accomplish real change. In his book Nehrer views life from four angles by :
Developing Clear Awareness
Travelling an Inner Journey to heal outer problems
Warning of hazards along the path
Exposing distorted western philosophical and scientific notions.
Thomas Nehrer is a full time spiritual seeker and workshop leader. He lives in Brackenridge,US.


Martin's review Nov 13, 13 5 of 5 stars bookshelves: first-reads Read in November, 2013 In The Essence of Reality by Thomas Daniel Nehrer we become introduced to new perspectives that allow us to shed all preconceived notions of how life works. From childhood most of us are indoctrinated with other peoples' beliefs. For some of us, these beliefs will remain imprinted as if they were our own forever. Nehrer does an excellent job in providing us with sound reason to call out all the fallacies we have been fed. He elaborates his own message which is that reality consists of our own personal experience. This personal experience is the indivisible unity of our internal conscience and the external world. He explains how all religious deities are just conceptualizations of the human conscience coalesced with extensive imagination. Furthermore, Nehrer teaches us how to find real meaning within ourselves through our experiences rather than blindly believing in the latest (or oldest) religious craze. Of course, there are many more concepts to cover here than what I am capable of paraphrasing in a paragraph! There is a great deal of enlightenment and influence to be found within this book. This is a must read for any open minded person willing to jeopardize their belief system for a better understanding of reality. I recommend this to everyone. *Thank you, Thomas Daniel Nehrer and Goodreads First Reads giveaway, for a free copy of this book. ~ Martin's Reviews, First-Reads/Goodreads

Maureen's review Nov 08, 13 5 of 5 stars bookshelves: first-reads Read from October 28 to November 08, 2013 You know when someone tells you about something that's happened to them that you don't quite 'get', and they say' You had to BE there'? Well, this book is a bit like that in that you have to BE there, in other words you need to read it for yourself because it is about 'SELF', and we are all very different. It explains How Life Works, how our inner nature, what we hold within our mindset, reflects what is realised in our lives,so in my very basic layman terms it means clearing out the clutter( no housework involved) and that means disposing of the negatives one by one, which may include some long held beliefs, and replacing them with the positives to achieve all that's good in life. Now that sounds simple doesn't it? Well no I'm sure it isn't, and for me to try and relate to you the essence of this book in a few sentences is to insult the eloquent Mr Nehrer. This is a well written, very well researched book, but it will in turn both shock and offend, as it assaults the very core of your beliefs. That said, there is something very different about this book, something that resonates, a kind of ' lightbulb moment'. The author gives us the perspectives and the tools to begin a journey into the inner self. It's a journey that will be different for every one of us because we all come with different belief systems to tackle . It won't be an easy journey, and it's a journey that many won't be able (or indeed ) WANT to take, as it will mean disposing of beliefs that may have been passed onto you as far back as when you were a small child by your parents, but it IS an illuminating read, but one that you must judge for yourself. This is definitely a keeper, one to read and re-read. Thank you to Goodreads for the opportunity to read this book through their first reads giveaway, and to the author for my signed copy wishing me well on MY journey, and yes you're right Mr Nehrer, there is a lot to explore! ~ Maureen's Review, Goodreads

Wanda imogene Wright's review Nov 01, 13 5 of 5 stars Read in November, 2013 Well written book by an author who has done a lot of research and thinking on How Life works. I have changed a lot of my perceptions and have came to understand how the way I was brought up has a lot of bearing on my belief system. Definately a deep book to read and comprehend. Keeps you thinking even after the book has been read. A definate plus for my personal bookshelf. ~ Wanda Wright,

Nicholas's review Oct 30, 13 5 of 5 stars bookshelves: first-reads (I was provided my copy of Essence of Reality:A Clear Awareness of How Life Works through a Goodreads giveaway.) This is one of the most enlightening books that I have ever read. Thomas Daniel Nehrer autographed my copy saying "Lots to explore!" which there really was. This book has opened my eyes to so many new things that I don't know if I would have experienced otherwise ~ Nicholas' Review, FirstReads/Goodreads

Jessica's review Feb 01, 13 5 of 5 stars bookshelves: 50-in-52 Read from January 15 to 28, 2013 I have read many New Age, Self Help, Philosophy, Psychology…-ish books and none have resonated as entirely true to me until this one. That said, I’m pretty sure that this book will offend, shock, insult and simultaneously blow-the-mind of anyone with the openness to read it all the way through. I experienced all four of those while reading through it and I’m glad I did. This book is about determining a path to follow to ultimately understand yourself and via that, an understanding of reality and how life functions follows. All of it effected by your perceptions & beliefs which may be so deep rooted you don’t even know they exist. There are tools & techniques within the book to help you delve into finding those things out as well, but the most poignant part of this particular author’s view for me is his absolute insistence that you take the journey of self discovery when, and only if you are fully open to it AND that the journey is yours alone. It’s not about doing it in a group, temple or yoga studio- it is about following yourself and your subconscious only. Though he has advanced through his journey of self awareness, he repeatedly reminds you as a reader that your journey can, and likely will be, different and to “be yourself; trust in that Self to express your inner feelings and direct Your Path towards peace, self-realization and accomplishment. And never put that Self, within your own mental image, in a subservient position, bowing beneath some vaunted figure sitting up on a pedestal.” He is not looking to be a guru, mystic, prophet or savior and encourages the reader to value yourself as an equal if not more important than any one/thing/entity, as you are your own authority (this of course means throwing any organized, or unorganized, religion or belief system completely and fully out the window). So the big question…do I now have a clear awareness of how life works? No. But, do I now have the tools to figure it out, and am I game to get to work? Absolutely. ~ Jessica's Reviews, Fiftyin52/Goodreads

Ray's review Sep 06, 10 5 of 5 stars Read in August, 2010 (heard the author speak, very enlightening, bought the book on the spot.) A very eye-opening read. This book basically goes into great detail on how our mind and perceptions affect our view of reality, so much so that two people can be in the same place at the same time, but see things completely differently. Included are tools and exercises to fine tune your own reality. ~ Ray's Reviews,

Thomas Daniel Nehrer
Thomas Daniel Nehrer Questioning cultural truths of small-town Middle-America, Tom jettisoned religion by age 10. In his early twenties, he left a Chemical Engi...
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