Essential Guide to Mindful Dressing, The

Essential Guide to Mindful Dressing, The

Choose your colours - Control your life!

Wouldn't it be wonderful if every day you could feel happy, calm and in control simply by choosing the right colours to wear?! This book tells you how.


Mindfulness is all the rage – and now it can sort out your wardrobe!
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every day you could feel happy, calm and in control, simply by choosing the right colours to wear? What could be more fabulous than that?
This book tells you how and reveals the secrets of how colours can make you radiate with happiness and well-being, and how you can achieve calm in a frantic world. This is the essential guide to mindful dressing, full of practical tips and advice to enhance all areas of your life through your wardrobe.


4/5 Stars This is a great book for anyone who wants to improve their way of life by using colours! Standish explains how to tell what 'season' you are and how to dress appropriately. She also gives excellent advice about choosing the right colours to wear for different occasions or just to improve your mood. For example, blue is soothing and red can give one energy. She also tells readers how to match colours. I will definitely buy it! ~ Lisa Sanderson, Book Addiction

5/5 Stars The Essential Guide to Mindful Dressing: Choose Your Coulors- Control Your Life by Jules Standish shows us how to use color in the way we dress to impact our lives. We are shown how we all have a particular shade of a color and how it impacts the impression we give to others and to ourselves. We are also shown how colors impact us as we age and how to dress mindfully. Being that I love colors I enjoyed this seeing how I could use them to change areas of my life. I liked learning what each color could impact for example orange can make you feel confident and purple creative. This is a wonderful book for anyone interested in the power of color in our lives and using it in the way we dress to change it. ~ Rose Petit, Insights Into The Wonderful World Of Books

"The Essential Guide to Mindful Dressing" by Jules Standish is a helpful style guide that talks mostly about colors that should or should not be worn by different types. The author is an image consultant in the U.K. There are a few case studies from sessions with some of her clients. I think the promise in the sub-title, "Choose Your Colours, Control Your Life!" delivers. I like the breakdown she does of each color which includes: Background, Benefits of Wearing, When Not to Wear, What Colors to Wear With, Different Shades, and Case Study. I found the sections on how neutral tones bring balance to colors of interest. QUOTE: "In short, everyone needs lots of light and colour. As well as seeing colours through your eyes, you also absorb colours through your skin and your own personal aura (the energy field that surrounds every living being). Certain colours you choose to wear can make you radiate with health and well-being, and give you the WOW factor, by putting the life back into fading looks, lifting your spirits and physically balancing hormones whilst boosting your emotions." Most of the author's suggestions for my coloring, "darker skinned with African, . . . tones," were already in place. I didn't do the color draping tests. I basically go with what I like, stick with a warm palette, and pay attention to what gets the most complements. But this is a good "go to" when you need fresh ideas. I'm gonna buy it when it becomes available in the US. This review is of a complimentary digital copy from the publisher provided through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Quoted excerpts may have been edited prior to release. ~ Donna Haines, GoodReads/NetGalley

I really enjoyed this book. It was something completely different to what I would normally read. I've never thought about dressing mindfully but the chapters in the book really gave me something to think about. I feel a lot more in control of my wardrobe now! ~ Rachael Carney, No Space For Milk

I don't know about you, but I always feel more confident when I wear clothes that perfectly fit me and suit my colouring. The only problem is finding those pieces. I always seem to stumble onto them by chance! That's where Jules Standish comes in. In her books, she teaches women how to figure out which colours best suit their complexion. The best part? You can wear ANY colour. It's just a matter of picking the right shade for you. Jules explains how each colour affects your moods, on which occasions you should wear it and with what other colours you should wear it with. And it's not only about clothes. She does the same with makeup, too. I found the book very useful and full of practical tips. ~ Giorgia Guazzarotti, Beautiful With Brains

A very practical book to dress and look good for any occasion, contains many good tips, not only the best colors for your skin type, but also styles, combinations and makeup...the reality is that we judge people by their appearance, as it reflects our mental health, physical and emotional state, and this is critical and has profound impact on our relationships and how we face the world. The author goes even further and explains the neurological connection between color and your Mind-Body that can trigger physiological reactions, such as hormonal secretion affecting mood, immune system, digestion, blood pressure. Through Minduful Dressing's many valuable tips you can feel empowered to move in a particular situation and the feeling of being great can make all the difference. In addition the book has an accent of human warmth that can be inspiring, through short life stories of many people who transformed their lives, even the same Jules Standish is authentic by sharing one of her own personal experiences. ~ Roger Reancont, Amazon/Goodreads/NetGalley

Every time Jules is on my show, she gives great advice about choosing the right colours to wear to feel fabulous. Her knowledge about the subject is amazing, having a positive impact on many people's lives who aren't happy with their image. Everyone needs to know the impact of colour and Jules is the right person to tell them! ~ Chrissy B, TV Producer

I am a dedicated advocate of the link between mindfulness and great personal style, and Jules Standish’s new book excites in easy-to-follow steps that take you through the transformational process of learning to work beautifully with colour. Jules truly is ‘the Queen of Colour’ in my opinion; passionate in the belief that we all have the potential to look incredible through colour. So if you do one thing just for ‘you’ this year, invest in Jules’s book, as you buy into how lovely you can look and feel with her expert guidance to hand. ~ Wendy Elsmore, Director, London College of Style

In this hectic world when we cram so much into each day gifted and insightful colour consultant Jules Standish gives you the benefit of her considerable knowledge and guides you through many situations giving you top tips all the way as to what colours, styles and make-up suit you using the clothes you already have in your wardrobe. Just adding a colourful scarf or jacket can make all the difference depending on your skin tone. Mindful Dressing is sensitively and cleverly written, being easy to understand, and a book you will want to refer to time and again dealing with everyday situations giving ideas as to how colours can help. Situations might include - how to project yourself best for a job interview; how to look slimmer; through to more emotional circumstances such as coping with a bereavement or a divorce or preparing yourself for your children to leave home. Feel empowered by colourful mindful dressing. Go on experiment a little … you might just surprise yourself! ~ Jenny Cropper, Action Medical Research Charity

Jules’ skills fully weave the science; physiological and neurological with the everyday impact that colours have on us. She uses excellent well known examples like how Tiffany blue makes you feel fun loving and Nike red dynamic and exciting. This book is a valuable tool for both men and women to embrace colour by using Jules' experienced advice and guidance to take control of the image they project to the world and how people perceive them. It was inspiring to read the touching real-life examples from people who have turned their life around by making clever colour choices and Jules herself opens up about her own life particularly the empty nest syndrome and friends turning 50. ~ Kuldeep Channa, TV Producer and Director, Reiki Practitioner

I was fascinated, when Jules sent me her book, to find that her recommendations coincided precisely with my own experience. What is more, she has explored in depth the psychological reasons why people so frequently wear the ‘wrong’ colours, and I am sure that I shall for the rest of my days continue to find invaluable her advice on making oneself feel a great deal better through more appropriate colour choices. Nor does she leave it there: she explains in detail how to make these choices, and makes it all sound considerably less difficult than I might have imagined. A most welcome addition to the bookshelf of anyone (of either gender) who would like to feel younger, more confident or, quite simply, happier! ~ Ann Merivale, Deep Memory Process therapist and author of seven books, which include “Thicker Than Blood”

The great novelist Anthony Trollope wrote, “My belief is that in life people will take you very much at your own reckoning.” Having lived and worked on three continents I know that statement to be as true now as it was in the 1800s. That being the case why would you not read and absorb the lessons from Jules Standish’s excellent book? I have and they work. Whether consciously or not we spend our lives choosing colours. Follow Jules’ advice, think about your colours carefully and get them right. If you do it will change the way you feel. It does not matter what sort of career you pursue or life you lead but as Trollope said the way you feel about yourself is fundamental to the way your life will work out. As Jules writes, “Chasing an image that belongs to someone else is rarely self-empowering.” And if you do pursue a career in business remember that sage advice often attributed to a Mafia Don, “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.” How could anyone argue with that? Make that first impression count! ~ Andrew Sharpe, Company Director, Stockbroker

In “The Essential Guide to Mindful Dressing”, Jules Standish has revealed original tips on colour as well as essential life skills. How fabulous to be in control of my life by choosing the right colour and shade to wear for maximum impact. I am an Autumn and Jules has confirmed how to get the best out of my wardrobe whether in my studio working or at leisure with family and friends. I love her modern comparison with Mindfulness. She also explains how the right colours will support my immune system looking after my Mind-Body connections just as my Pilates exercise programmes do on a daily basis. "Choose Your Colours, Control Your Life" is so empowering for women. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. ~ Carina Bayley, Body Control Pilates Instructor and Studio Owner

Jules Standish
Jules Standish As a professional colour consultant and stylist, I am passionate about colour and its life changing benefits. I help women to look younger ...
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