The Gnostic Land of Prester John

Explorer, Justin Hart, discovers Amhara, the legendary centre of Prester John's great Empire, a Eutopia governed by Gnostic Wisdom.


Eutopia, The Gnostic Land of Prester John, is an enthralling and adventurous Utopian Novella exploring the up to now undiscovered land of the legendary Emperor Prester John, found in Ethiopia. Prester John's 'Eutopia' is organised on Gnostic Principles and the explorers reveal the esoteric wisdom that governs this unusual State. This easy to read Novella also describes their direct path to Self Realisation. This enchanting and enlightening book will certainly appeal to all lovers of Truth and points the way to a just foundation for the good society.

In the great tradition of Utopian fiction, there has not been a book so imaginative, profound and magical since Shangri-La.

Eutopia is the ideal book for troubled times.


Quality National Daily's and Sundays. Prospect. The Literary Review, Cygnus, Watkins,London Review of Bookks ? Times Lit? more may follow as I reflect ~

Beautifully written and meticulously researched, this short book tells a story of exploration and miraculous discovery in modern-day Ethiopia, based around many historical figures and linking together figures as diverse as Solomon and Samuel Johnson. The Utopian society of Amhara, a secret ‘Shangri La’ established by Prester John in the inaccessible mountains, is imagined in depth and used to expound a non-dual philosophy not dissimilar to that of Ramana Maharshi. Whether your interest lies in history or poetry, philosophy or religion, there is much to stimulate and satisfy. Positive and life-affirming; the perfect antidote to the questionable values of modern, Western society. ~ Dennis Waite, author of several \"O Books\" including Enlightenment: the path through the jungle

Alan Jacobs' brilliant novella, Eutopia: The Gnostic Land of Prester John,entertainingly informs us how an ideal society run on radically different principles would be. It is a most refreshing and enlightening contrast from today's somewhat decadent modernity, and a great adventure story set in secret Ethiopia. This is yet another profound offering from a highly respected author. Paula Marvelly {Author] ~

Alan Jacobs
Alan Jacobs An Octogenarian, established author Alan Jacobs was educated at Arnold House, Irving School (USA) and Malvern College Worcester, Army School...

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