Finding Your Other Half

Finding Your Other Half

The Ultimate Game of Hide and Seek

Find yourself, loving relationships, spiritual bliss, and all in a simple game of hide and seek


Finding Your Other Half is about spirituality and relationships. The central idea is that when we decide to find ourselves then intimate and loving relationships change dramatically because we’re not looking for someone else to make us feel good about ourselves or fill the gaps. Finding ourselves is mostly relaxing about who we are – we’re already here after all - it’s just that we decide to see ourselves. In essence this is accepting ourselves for all we are - physical and spiritual – and it’s an idea and a process. Once we relax about ourselves then relationships change – we can enjoy someone else for all the wonderful stuff. It doesn’t matter if you are in a relationship or fancy one. Having found yourself relationships can be taken to a whole new level in which you can safely explore issues of power, trust and balance. The book takes you through all of this. After that theres the invitation to find everyone else. Unity within and oneness without. Bliss!


Looking for an opportunity to journey within? ‘Finding Your Other Half’ provides a nurturing and structured setting in which to search the heart, mind and soul and subtly peel away unwanted layers in order to reveal a new being of light. Presented as a game in three parts, the book is a fun way to accomplish what should be seen as necessary personal development work by everyone. Develop your artistic side with Declan’s doodling tasks, question life elements with honesty and acknowledge your true, ‘authentic’ self. ~ Elva Parinaud, Healthy Spirit, Manchester

Lighthearted and amazing this blessed ditty takes us through the simple yet major steps of finding someone that will complement our lives.... I enjoyed the total layout of this miraculous wonder.

This much needed helper has made it's way straight into my spiritual toolbox and I recommend it to anyone seriously looking for a relationship.



~ Riki Frahmann, Mystic Living Today

... a blueprint for finding and creating strong, loving relationships. Engagingly written, this book is an inspiration for those who are fed up with not having found The One and contains vital information for those who wish to improve their existing relationships, whether romantic or not. It is crammed full of powerful exercises and ideas for creating a wonderfully loving life. I highly recommend it.

~ Tania Ahsan, Editor, Kindred Spirit

The reader is invited to engage in a synthesis of practical and inspirational insights in spiritual development. A fresh approach that is timely and timeless. I found the book enjoyable and inspirational. ~ Dr Andrew Silver, Film producer and author of A Filmmaker's Approach to Nurturing Creativity

Declan Kerr
Declan Kerr Declan has an enduring interest in how we find our way back to ourselves and experience wholeness. This is the coming together of the visibl...
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