Forever Faithful

Forever Faithful

Dogs That Return


Most animal lovers, in their lives, have experienced bonding with a very special dog. These are the dogs that seem more than just dogs, almost human. They appear to reason and be responsible for their actions. They are self-aware and therefore sentient. Jenny Smedley believes these are the dogs that 'return'. Life after life they reappear at our sides, spiritually understanding, and containing a spark of our own soul within them. Losing a much loved dog such as this is traumatic, but Forver Faithful gives convincing evidence that death need not be the end of the relationship, and you may well find that dog back with you in a new body. By following the natural creed that accompanies this information, the bond between owner and returned dog can be breath-taking in its intensity. Forever Faithful tells the poignant story of one such dog, and how she found her way back to her owner in a new life. Jenny Smedley is the author of Past Life Angels and The Tree That Talked and writes for many MBS magazines.


From the first sentence of Jenny Smedley’s enchanting book, the reader is completely and utterly invested in the welfare of the terrified black puppy, Ace. The journey that brings Ace to Jenny and her family is filled with joy, recognition, and the role our animals can play in the evolvement of our souls – and theirs. Jenny’s adventures with Ace, and her horse Sky, eloquently traverse the timeless space of the spirit and heart. From their lives together in medieval Britain, to the plains of the American frontier, to a cottage and pasture in the twenty-first century English countryside, Jenny, Ace, and Sky demonstrate that no matter the time or place, our animal friends will find us, and, are essential partners in our soul’s journey. Jenny’s true-live(s) story of her beloved dog and horse are a must read for every person who has ever loved, and been loved, by an animal companion. ~ Rae Ann Kumelos, Ph.D., Writer and Performer – Voice of the Animal

Few authors have the courage to admit that sometimes the greatest loves of our lives have paws, whiskers, wet-noses, and eyes that shine up at us from furry faces filled with intelligence, understanding, gratitude, and joy. Fewer authors dare to write a book from an animal’s point of view. Jenny Smedley’s book is a triumph and a tribute to the fact that often our most powerful therapists, nurses, spiritual teachers, and guides for the soul have four legs instead of two. In this heart-breaking beautiful book, Jenny shows us that even when we rescue an animal with the intention of healing them, they end up healing us. And in this way, we learn that our needs are best met when and only when our lives are lived in the service of others—others who may be tortured, broken, troubled, and overlooked, living in physical forms unlike our own. But as we reach out to help these fragile animals, we learn the true meaning of compassion, devotion, tenderness, the power of the Divine Spirit in all of God’s creatures and the power that spirit has in transforming our lives. Forever Faithful is a celebration of the resilience of one little abused dog named Ace, but her shining spirit is a beacon of light to teach us all the true meaning of healing. Read this book with a box of tissue nearby, knowing your life will be changed forever, and you may never look at dogs the same way again. ~ Amelia Kinkade, author of Straight From the Horse’s Mouth:, How to Talk to Animals and Get Answers (Crown Books) and The Language of Miracles (New World Library)

If your spiritual journey has yet to begin, I have no doubt the story that unfolds in Forever Friends will nudge you towards an awakening; if you’ve already embarked on a path of spiritual discovery, you’ll praise Smedley for demonstrating, through the relationships she’s had with her own animal companions, how our souls are all connected. Captivating and enlightening, this story is bound to leave you changed. ~ Connie Wilson, publisher of Modern Dog Magazine BC Canada V6A 1A4

Jenny Smedley
Jenny Smedley Based in beautiful Somerset, in the UK, Jenny Smedley is an author, TV and radio presenter/guest, international columnist, and spiritual con...


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