Forgotten Wings

Forgotten Wings

shows how to open ourselves up to the magical and infinite potential of life.


Is your life filled with Life? Or do you feel that somehow you're missing the point but don't quite know why? We are all born with glorious powerful wings that will carry us through life joyfully and effortlessly if we let them. But all too often we forget their existence and they lie dormant and unused. In Forgotten Wings, Dawn Henderson offers us 10 simple keys to remembering our wings and opening up to the magical and limitless potential of life. Knowledge that seems new but is as old as existence. Through the insights, wisdom and reawakened knowing she has received on her own ongoing voyage of spiritual discovery, Dawn reminds us of who we truly are and why we have chosen to play this game of life. Guiding us gently by the hand, Dawn shows us how, by changing the way we perceive these 10 key areas, we can reawaken our wings and open them once again to the light. I felt a stirring, A trembling, fluttering unfurling Of my long-forgotten Now remembered Wings


I would recommend this book as an antidote to our fast, commercial and materialistic world. Keep it by your bed and take nightly doses to keep you sane! Loved it.It encompasses many spiritual truths- choosing love over fear, being present, creating our own reality and listening to our inner voice.

~ Anne Feakes, Kindred Spirit, London MBS magazine

This lovely book will help you reconnect with who you really are, beyond all fear and limitations, and remember how to fly. ~ Gill Edwards, Stepping into the Magic, Life is a Gift, Wild Love

Heartfelt and full of good chi! ~ Barefoot Doctor

Dawn has her finger on the pulse of our current evolution. Many people are channelling this important information and we need to listen. A great, accessible manual to change. ~ Michele Knight, psychic, astrologer, broadcaster and writer: Touched by Evil (Sunday Times best seller)

I whole-heartedly enjoyed and recommend Dawn Henderson’s Forgotten Wings. Dawn writes as a wise and compassionate fellow traveller along the journey of spiritual awakening. She shares profound and yet simple wisdom and guidance that is practical and most importantly, achievable. I believe her book will be a valuable companion and way-shower for many people on their own journey of awakening to remembering the wholeness of who they really are. ~ Dr Jude Currivan, cosmologist, planetary healer and author.

Dawn Henderson
Dawn Henderson Dawn Henderson is a warm, inspiring spiritual teacher who has been working in the MBS field for more than 10 years. She has a grounded, eart...
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