Four Faces of Woman, The

Four Faces of Woman, The

Restoring Your Authentic Power, Recovering Your Eternal Beauty

Who am I really? and what does it all mean? Find tools and profound insights that will enable you to be your truest, most loving and powerful self.


If you’ve ever asked questions like who am I really? and what does it all mean?, then this book has some answers for you. These four faces are the ones you wear yourself. They are the faces that give you strength and the ones that limit and undermine you.

In 1996 at the headquarters of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University in India, 300 women from 42 countries spent one week uncovering The Four Faces of Woman. Since that time, this evolutionary model has guided tens of thousands of women from around the world back to their authentic selves.

All will be inspired by stories of others who travel alongside and ones who have gone before. Tools and profound insights that will enable people to be their truest, most loving and powerful self.

Caroline T. Ward lives in Australia, from where she travels the world leading workshops on the Four Faces.


Not to be perceived as a feminist book! Caroline Ward restores strength and truth within the experience of being a woman. The Four Faces of a Woman is a journey of self discovery and awareness that empowers the core of your very being. Spiritually healing. A magical read! ~ Lallouz International Magazine, :

In the vast range of self-awareness literature, I would say this is one of the more credible books that I have read. It is well thought out, it at least opens a door to interested women (and men) who might otherwise not have a framework within which to understand how they can positively change. ~ Louise Wilde, Light

“In the tradition of Eat, Pray, Love,” The Four Faces is profoundly inspiring. Caroline Ward’s spiritual journey has resonance for every woman.” ~ Sally Helgesen, Author, The Female Advantage: Women’s Ways of Leadership.

I have been a great fan of the 4 Faces since being involved in it's earliest incarnation. I know from my own work teaching women to live according to their values and to their highest potential, that the tools Caroline offers will help many women achieve a life of joy and fulfillment. ~ Lynne Franks, Founder of the SEED Network

“This may look like a book for women but it is equally for men. Not so that we may understand women better but because inside every man there is a woman, there is the feminine, there are the same faces and forces, there are the same underlying reasons why we distort and suppress our spiritual power. This is a brilliant insight into how to reclaim the power of your soul and reconnect with the wisdom of your heart. “ ~ Mike George, Author Don't Get MAD, Get Wise

I've always thought of Caroline Ward as a competitor - because more people would turn up for her retreats than mine. After reading Four Faces of Woman I can understand why. For any woman who believes she's on a spiritual journey, and wondering where it's leading, you won't find a better route-map than this. ~ Paul Wilson,, #1 Best Selling Author, The Calm Series

There are four faces that women show the world. There is the Eternal Face, the innocent and genuine self that we all experienced as young children. There is the Traditional Face which we portray as we try to become what everyone else wants us to be. There is the Modern Face which serves as a rebellion from all that the world wants us to be. Finally, there is the Face of the Shakti. This is the face that we wear as we journey back to the Eternal Face. It is in this state that we reclaim our authentic power and open ourselves to the possibilities. The Four Faces of Woman looks to self understanding and self love no matter which face we might be showing at a given time. Part of the process is to fall back into old habits so that we can know and love ourselves in deeper ways. Ultimately, this is the only way that we can reclaim our Shakti powers: the powers to withdraw, let go, tolerate, accept, discern, decide, face, and cooperate. I would readily recommend The Four Faces of Woman to all my female friends. This book is empowering, not in a financially successful, kick butt, take over the world sense but in a much more important way. To stand in our own selves. How truly amazing would that be? ~ Dr. Tami Brady, TCM Reviews online

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