Freedom to Be Yourself

Freedom to Be Yourself

Mastering the Inner Judge

Get out of the prison of self judgment. Stop being afraid of change. Find your true strength and will.


Inner judge, superego, barking dog are some of the different names for that presence that judges and evaluates every aspect of our inner and outer experience. The judgment is so fundamental to the way we function that we not only take it for granted, but accept it even when it is the cause of great suffering, misunderstanding and conflict.



Freedom to be yourself reveals the workings of the most insidious and destructive aspect of our false self, the Superego. The books author, Avikal E. Costantino leads us through the steps we must take to experience true freedom. Costantino has brought together over three decades of professional experience to the book and this uncharted and often misunderstood aspect of our personality, from working in the field of self-inquiry and personal development.

Modern-day prescriptions such as anti-depressants cover over the symptoms of superego activity. Overcoming the attacks of our superego, inner judge or barking dog as it is often called takes awareness, courage and commitment, and is at the heart of many spiritual traditions concerned with the path to enlightenment. It is in the same tradition of personal growth through self realisation that appears as a powerful thread through each of the books 11 chapters, which define the role of the Superego, ways to recognise it and defend against it. The book also masterfully addresses our fundamental need for certainty, identity, sexual expression and fulfilling personal relationships. It contains many beautiful exercises, activities and strategies for reclaiming our personal power and the precious sense of our own being.

The book was originally written in Italian and has been carefully translated for English readers, so that its wisdom can now be shared. It is destined to be a permanent addition to any coach, therapist or seeker s personal library. At a time on the planet where our dependence on external authorities and hierarchy is again being questioned, Freedom to be yourself gives us what is needed to reclaim our own internal authority and freedom. In doing so, as Costantino also points out, we compassionately open that possibility for others.

~ John Hale, Executive Coach, Lennox Head Australia

Avikals book shows how it is possible to switch from a life in which others decide for us, our inner voices, to a life in which we can own our decisions and take responsibility for our choices. In other words, it shows how we can join a high level of freedom and transformation. Avikal helps us in this wonderful evolutionary process  through practical exercises and meditations; a great tool for self-awareness and growth.   ~ Anna Zanardi, Psychologist and Psychotherapist Scientific Director of Psychologies Magazine, Hearst Italy and executive consultant for several multinationals

Avikal Costantinos book on mastering the inner judge inspiring, easy to read and extremely practical. He obviously understands the subject well and presents it in a way that can lead people to do their own work on overcoming the tyranny of their inner judge. As a seminar leader who deals with this theme, I find this book a great contribution to the work and will not hesitate to recommend it to our participants. ~ Krishnananda Trobe PhD, author of Face to Face with Fear and , Co-Director of The Learning Love Institute Sedona, Arizona

With ‘Freedom to be Yourself’ Avikal Costantino has written a very clear and usable tool for understanding and settling accounts with one of the most abusive personality patterns we have, the Superego. The book offers a simple, yet profound structure for getting to know and understand our destructive thinking patterns. It helps opening the way to remembering our essential qualities, how they are related to our experience, and how they can optimize our lives. Avikal offers this powerful structure of ‘Inquiry’ in a very clear way, with many helpful excersises and examples. It’s small, yet complete and easy to read.  ~ Caroline Beumer-Peeters , Psychotherapist, trainer, author in the Netherlands

Avikal E. Costantino
Avikal E. Costantino Avikal E. Costantino is spiritual teacher, poet and martial artist. Curiosity, passion and love for the truth guide his life and teaching. H...
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