Friend, The

Friend, The

Finding Compassion with Yourself

When you are looking for Love--and are ready to find it--The Friend is your companion for the way.


The Friend brings a unique perspective to the science of happiness. It gives a fresh, simple understanding of happiness as a state of Being, and unhappiness as a reflection of our distance from our own Being. In modern language, it shows how we have come to be separated from our own being, and how this process happens so commonly that we hardly recognize it. Then the book offers the heartskills necessary for reconnecting with our Being. The Friend is both guide book and a Journey book. It teaches skills and understanding for navigating through the personality self to find the core states of Being. It also is a Journey book where we are invited to go into the inner world and discover what happens as the self responds to our own heartful attention. In the journey we find challenges, tasks, learning, and the precious inner treasures that open to our willingness to be with our self.


A fascinating, deeply thoughtful and provocative look at one man’s devoted quest for truth. It will stimulate reflections that will open the door to greater intimacy and insights into the wondrous, deeper part of our true nature. The Friend represents a breakthrough opportunity to encounter yourself anew. ~ Dr. Len Zunin, MD, Author of Contact: The First Four Minutes ; also The Art of Condolence: What to write, say and do at a time of loss

A very rich and brilliantly insightful book, that will help anybody who is either searching for themselves or who is working with people. An amazing work of clarity, lucidity and guidance to compassion and a way to the inner richness of our being. A great manual for all therapists and seekers. Nishant had been working with people since over 30 years. And his wisdom and inner honestly show in this rich and deep book. A true friend he is! ~ Turiya Hanover, Therapist, Path of Love

Zen Buddhism and western psychotherapy are currently merging in the West much as Buddhism and Taoism did in ancient China to form Zen as we know it today. Zen allows us to experience true emptiness and no-self; psychotherapy provides tools to discover the disowned aspects of our selves that act out in underhanded, covert and even perverted ways. Zen offers probably the deepest and most profound understanding of our true self; psychotherapy helps us become healthier self-actualizing individuals. Together they can enable us to include and yet transcend self and no-self and live life as the unique and true self. I recommend The Friend as a good guide book for such journeys and understanding. ~ Zen Master Dennis Genpo Merzel, author of Big Mind Big Heart, Finding Your Way

Finally an emotionally intelligent guide for all of us who seek to befriend ourselves, and others in the process. Nishant Matthews offers us an extremely powerful (yet never invasive)wise and inspiring way to come to understand our body, heart and soul, and how they work together. ‘The Friend’ is at the same time an extraordinarily readable journal of a quest for our universal oneness and eternal innocence. ~ Caroline Beumer-Peeters, co-author of \"Parents' Skills\" (a guide for solution focused parenting based on \"Kids' Skills\"), co-author of the Dutch version of Mission Possible and author of \"Mission Possible, manual for coa

The Friend provides a bridge between our personal self and our True Nature -- uniting and honoring both aspects of our experience as human beings. In this book Nishant shows us how to cross that bridge without sacrificing either shore. Regardless of where you are in your journey of awakening, the wisdom and compassion in The Friend will delight your heart and make your journey easier. You will want to share it with your Friends! ~ Rhea Powers, author of A Call to the Lightworkers

The Friend is written from the unique perspective of a therapist with a wealth of experience involving eastern and western psychological and spiritual disciplines. The wisdom and practical experience Nishant brings, as evidenced in the dialogues with clients, illustrates powerfully this truly transformative work. To practice love, trust, and gratitude towards oneself opens a journey back to oneself that I found inspiring, challenging, and liberating. This book is a major contribution to the frontiers in exploring and evolving our consciousness. ~ Larry Wallace , O.D., Ph.D., President of the College of Syntonic Optometry, President of the International Light Association

I absolutely love your book. It is packed with wisdom in such an enjoyable and easy to relate to way. You have the talent to make something very complicated so simple and easy to understand. That is a gift. And you do it with so a wonderful touch of love and light. That is unique. I love the way you also put a new perspective to why we create tho ego and what it actually is... I feel there is so much truth in this book, so much important knowledge that people all over the world would benefit from. As it is told in such a embracing way! ~ Sagar Bohnstedt, author of Living Between,

Nishant Matthews
Nishant Matthews Nishant learned therapy skills in New York City, and then went to India to live in a meditation commune. There he learned the art of bringi...

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