From Neediness to Fulfillment

From Neediness to Fulfillment

Beyond Relationships of Dependence

Our desires prevent us from having harmony in relationships. Let us go from neediness to wholeness in relating to one another.


Our relationships are unsatisfactory.They are conditioned by cultural, social and historical factors, which lead us to an inner emptiness. Through centuries of patriarchal leadership and feminine dependence we have arrived at the present of deep unsatisfaction. The neediness of so many women and the present day situation of lack of true encounter between men and women, has led the author to question, to observe and to suggest new solutions to our present challenges. We need to learn to relate to each other without hurting ourselves, to love each other without attaching one to another, to be accomplices respectful of our identities and freedom, to experience unity in diversity.


This book is an invitation to learn to love ourselves and to love the other without engaging in toxic dependences, and without paradigms that choke us. It is an invitation to experience true love, that love which makes us free and that, as she states: «(...)arises out of the encounter of two wholes and not of the belief in and search for the joining of two halves». Miriam knows that we cannot love if we do not feel realized as people; that is why she devotes her first chapters to smashing the very real chains that imprison us into tiny pieces. It isimpossible to find realization in our partner if we are waiting for the other to rescue us; if we yearn for perfect, not real, relationships; or if we are so afraid of rejection that we drag dead relationships along with us. That is why this book is a navigation map for all those of us who want to have a full and authentic life, not only in a partnership, but also in our relationship with ourselves. A great essay—such as the one the reader has in his or her hands—invites us to think, to reflect and to be moved to action.To achieve this, Miriam speaks to us out of her own experience with courage, exposing herself and committing herself as a person, and what she achieves, through so doing, is that her words leave us far from indifferent. It is a marvelous book, highly recommendable, brave, full of wisdom, of intimacy, inciting us to change and question ourselves, written by a woman who is a teacher in what she says and, even more importantly, in what she does. ~ Pilar Jericó,

Miriam Subirana
Miriam Subirana Doctor in Fine Arts, The University of Barcelona. Coach, Author and Trainer in Appreciative Inquiry She shares her profession as a paint...
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