Get a Life! - the guide book

Get a Life! - the guide book

A moment of contemplation in a frantic world to allow your heart to sing and spirit to soar!


Thank you for picking up this little book from the book shelf. Congratulations, you’ve made a wise choice. This book may not be the biggest or the thickest book on the shelf, but don’t underestimate what it will do for you. If you’re holding it in your hands, then be sure it has chosen you to work with, and not the other way around. Everything happens for a reason, even if not apparent at the time. As you will learn as we travel on your journey through this book, you will at some point have drawn this little book towards you, and that is why without doubt you’re reading these words now.

…a refreshingly down to earth and very practical spiritual guide to living a truly miraculous life. Jason Chan, Author of The Radiant Warrior

…a charming book that offers a fun and easy guide to “Awakening”. Melvyn Carlise, CEO Mind Body Spirit Ltd

Lisa Whitehead is a multi-award winning therapist,professional psychic,
inspirational speaker and soul purpose coach.


I think that Lisa has written a charming book that offers a fun and easy guide to “Awakening” I love the way she keeps it simple, interactive and inspirational. No one can force you to turn on to life, it has to be your choice. I reckon that choosing to read this book is a great start. ~ Melvyn Carlile, CEO Mind Body Spirit Ltd

In this gem of a spiritual book, Lisa Whitehead invites her readers to take very practical daily steps in order to transform their daily lives from a stressful blur into a truly joyful and fulfilling adventure. Lisa manages to convey profound spiritual wisdom in a delightfully warm and accessible way. I was totally charmed by her wit and wisdom.  This little book is packed full of practical spirituality. It is a true gem from a master of living joyfully. This book is a refreshingly down to earth and very practical spiritual guide to living a truly miraculous life. I just loved the practical spiritual wisdom contained in this gem of a book. Love and Passion. ~ Jason Chan, Author of The Radiant Warrior (Hay House 2009). Voted Most Inspiriational Individual in 2008 by readers of Kindred Spirit Magazine

Lisa Whitehead
Lisa Whitehead Lisa Whitehead The Soul Purpose Coach - "Opening hearts & changing lives". Lisa Whitehead - positivity expert, a multi-award winning the...

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