Gift of an Angel, The

Gift of an Angel, The

A Journey to Integrating Spirituality Into Everyday Life

A true story of a woman channelling Angel messages, the purpose of which is to help us all to shine, speak our truth and find our own courage to support the Divine.


This is a book about angels and angelic verification. It contains a true story and a channelled vibration of comfort and love. It has been channelled and written to assist with the realignment and the post-2012 'great shift' we are currently undertaking.
This is also a book about the process of being able to channel messages and verify them, to have faith and surrender. It is about being on a spiritual path, about finding your life’s work, about being free but also having fun; it is about taking responsibility, to be able to laugh at absurdity and not taking all of this too seriously on the one hand and taking it very seriously indeed on the other. For being on a spiritual path is a journey to integration and joy, a journey in which we are the hero or heroine, however unlikely a label that may seem. And if it is as serious as that it is also as joyous and wild as that.
The Gift of An Angel will inspire and assist anyone setting out on their own spiritual journey, especially if this includes the desire to connect to angelic realms.


As a grief counselor I often recommend books to grieving clients. This one moved me so much I felt spiritually to tell all [my clients] about it. ~ Shontell Stapleton, NetGalley

A very inspiring and uplifting read. It was eye-opening and uplifting to read about angels in this book! ~ Christopher Anama-Green , Educator, NetGalley

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars I love this book and feel it is a must read for anyone of spirituality. Angels are an amazing energy to experience. Having the author help guide you through a first attempt at contact is beyond helpful. She also gave a practical pantheon of Angels for you to continue your work with.. The angels then channel thru the author to us. I was enthralled with her personal stories. What she shared was beyond personal and emotionally uplifting. I can't wait to show this book off to friends I know who are having personal difficulty.. I'm hoping this book will give them the emotional boost that it gave me. ~ Mary Ebert, NetGalley

Now this book is very interesting, especially if you're into medium ship, Wicca, or any other form of spiritually, this book will show you many things that will in no doubt open your mind with a type of clairvoyance, and everything will begin to make sense for many spiritualist around the world. This book is a must read and keep in mind that you take your time time to unfold the pages of paradigms fall to insure that you understand, don't skip, don't jump, this is the exercise that unfolds everything. Enjoy, your journey awaits you. ~ Shamara Tamara Pollard, NetGalley

I greatly admire Wendy for not only sharing her spiritual experiences but her life story with us. As we all are on a spiritual journey, we all can benefit from her wisdom and intuition as she graciously gives us a glimpse into her very own mystical world. ~ Martina, Goodreads

I don’t normally read books on angels as I find many of them too saccharine, but I found Wendy Erlick’s book The Gift of an Angel direct, authentic and sometimes very moving. Wendy has a knack of expressing profound truths simply, and her book should appeal to beginners and advanced spiritual workers alike. ~ Cilla Conway, author and creator of The Intuitive Tarot, and the Devas of Creation cards

Wendy Jane Erlick
Wendy Jane Erlick Wendy Jane Erlick is an angel channeller and healer as well as an executive coach. She currently works from Watkins Bookshop as an angel...

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