Go, Be Loving

Go, Be Loving

You don't have to wait to be loved

Ever asked what love is: how it can be done? This easy read is as fundamental as that, and that profound.


Do I despair of ever feeling loved? Do I know how to be loving? Do I even know what love is? If you want answers to these questions, this book is for you. If you want to discover how you can love, or why you can't love, you will find answers here. Jonquil Hinds' argument is that love is the movement of Going Out from ourselves and Bringing In our intended beloved. We don't have to wait to be loved before we can love. In GO, Be Loving we can also feel loved. Why then don't we love, when we so often want to? Is it because we are afraid of being hurt, of not being good enough, of being close? Or is it because we want the person to be different or perhaps we are plain angry with them? In stories from her own life and those of people she has counselled Jonquil Hinds offers solutions to these obstacles to Go, Be Loving. This essentially practical book is at the same time a book which makes the spirit sing.

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