Go! Smell the Flowers

Go! Smell the Flowers

One Journey, Many Discoveries

One journey, many discoveries


Go! Smell the Flowers will appeal for people looking to make a change in their lives; from CEOs to secretaries and armchair travellers. From the Winelands of South Africa to the markets of France; a Machu Picchu proposal, a detox spa and a Buddhist blessing on a Thai beach, it is a journey of discoveries with a surprising and unexpected end.

"The Jimbo I know from Dubai is probably not going to be the flower smeller that I know, but someone else I do not know - I hope! Enjoy the book that details this journey of change..."
Sir Ian Botham, cricketer

Book trailer at http://gosmelltheflowers.com/2013/06/25/go-smell-the-flowers-book-trailer-full-u-s-version/


GO! Smell the flowers is both thought-provoking and entertaining whilst capturing the zest for life these remarkable people have. Whether you are successful or floating around like a ship without a rudder GO! Smell the flowers will provide help you with the inspiration to make it happen. It has been a wonderful experience being Jim & Emma's long-distance mentors as they inspire countless others around the world. Look no further and as Jim & Emma say "GO! Smell the flowers, while you still can!" ~ Allan and Barbara Pease, best-selling authors and life coaches

The Jimbo I know from Dubai is probably not going to be the flower smeller that I know but someone else I do not know - I hope! Enjoy the book that details this journey of change... ~ Sir Ian Botham

Life is too short not to GO! Smell the flowers and this book is a great place to inspire change and to start living the life you want. ~ Lee Sharpe, ex Man united and England footballer now a T.V pundit and reality T.V regular

A great his n' her book - 2 perspectives on the same experience makes for an interesting read with a twist at the end. My wife and I raced to read this book every day! ~ Steve Thompson (MBE), former rugby international

An enlightening story of inspiration that encourages get up and GO! ~ Carly Booth (pro golfer)

This book will make you laugh, possibly even cry and give you the strength and courage to step into your greatness. GO! For it. ~ Katherine Roberts, Founder and President : Yoga for golfers.

Jim Wheat
Jim Wheat From the North West of England, Jim Wheat is a multi-faceted writer and artist with a message. Having spent time in the UK, USA and Dubai w...
Emma Wheat
Emma Wheat Emma Wheat is originally from the South West of England and has spent nearly 20 years living abroad, in Dubai, France and China. As a Profe...
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