Gods Within, The

Gods Within, The

An interactive guide to archetypal therapy


Psychologists have long realized that the ancient Greeks had deep insights into the human psyche, expressed through mythology. Peter Lemesurier's new book offers a way of using these insights as a startling new method of self-healing and self-realization. In the tradition of Joseph Campbell, James Hillman and Karl Keronyi, The Gods Within applies the dynamics of the Greek myths to overwhelming effect. This homeopathic system encourages co-operation with each controlling god, allowing each god to 'move on'. Readers are given full permission - perhaps for the first time in their lives - to be who they really are, removing all the stultifying effects of chronic guilt. But first, discover your god....


As well as exposing more of what makes you tick the book is a veritable treasure trove of Greek Mythology. I highly recommend this book to the seeker who wants to delve deeper into his psyche and study those parts that may lay in the shadows. ~ Rev Dr Sandra Gaskin, www.spirit-works.net

Wwhen I saw The Gods Within, I had to pick up the book. This text includes a personality diagnostic, made up of keywords describing various personality traits. Using this easy to use system, the reader then finds out which Greek God or Goddess archetype that he or she most needs to explore. Ten main personality types are thoroughly described with a number of subcategories slightly modifying each. The reader is then encouraged to explore and embrace this archetype through a series of exercise: self-enquiry, invocation, meditation, and remedial activities. ~ Dr Tami Brady, TCM Reviews

Whether you enjoy analyzing your family and friends or looking for ways to explain or excuse your own strengths and weaknesses, this book provides a whole new slant. Peter Lemesurier combines scholarship with wry humor, a compulsive mixture. ~ Anna Corser, Physiotherapy Manager and Stress Counsellor

The Greek gods approach does provide a valuable framework and metaphor for talking about the journey we are all on, beset by inner problems and conflicts, and the book is a useful aid to self therapy (and ultimately Self-knowledge). ~ David Hill, Professor Emeritus, University of Calgary

Peter Lemesurier
Peter Lemesurier Peter Lemesurier, a Cambridge-trained modern linguist and teacher and professional translator, spent his life writing books on various MBS s...
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