Good Remembering, The

Good Remembering, The

A Message for our Times


Through the ages, spiritual teachers, healers and shamans have pointed us towards a world beyond this one; a world of powerful, loving energies, and beings of light. Their voices speak to us, and if we are prepared to listen, they will change our lives and the future of our planet. This inspired rendering of the collective wisdom of these voices draws on native traditions from around the world, offering a message from our ancestors of high caliber inspiration, a beacon lighting the path through changing times.

Foreword by Brian Luke Seaward, Ph.D
Introduction by NY Times best selling author, John Perkins


Llyn's work changed my life. The Good Remembering is the most important book I've ever read. John Perkins, NY Times best selling author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man I stumbled into The Good Remembering and felt compelled to read it from cover to cover. Now I recommend it to anyone searching for insight into spiritual growth during these intense times. Responsibly and well-written, it is a magical, powerful little book that transcends words and speaks directly to soul. Melody Beattie, New York Times Best Selling Author of Co-Dependent No More and Finding Your Way Home, A Soul Survival Kit (with excerpts from The Good Remembering), and many other titles. The Good Remembering offers valuable insight and guidance for relating to these times of accelerated personal and global change. Everyone should read this book! Anyone interested in more fully participating in life will value it immensely. Donald M. Epstein, D.C., Developer of Network Chiropractic/Network Spinal Analysis and author of The Twelve Stages of Healing and other titles Llyn Roberts shares in a brilliant way a new vision for the future. The Good Remembering provides inspiration that we all need right now. Sandra Ingerman, author of Soul Retrieval and Medicine for the Earth Prepare to lift the veils of illusion as you turn these pages, and as you do, you will learn that you play an essential role in the unfolding of the universe. Brian Luke Seaward, Ph.D., founder of Inspirations Unlimited and The Paramount Wellness Institute. These channelled messages, given in full in The Good Remembering, encourage us to connect in a deeply conscious way with our Mother Earth, her consciousness, and her energy. This, more than anything else, say the star beings, will enable us to heal the split we feel from spirit and fulfill our destiny on this planet. A number of powerful exercises are also given to help us reconnect with the Earth, see ourselves as Light beings, become aware of our sexual energy as it truly is - the physical seed of the soul's expression - and remember our connection with the Whole. With its messages of inspiration and wisdom, this book can help to light our path through changing times. Cygnus Review An inspiring reaffirmation of the essential agenda of our times. Network Review ~

Llyn Roberts
Llyn Roberts Award winning author of both Nautilus Gold and Independent Publisher's awards, Llyn Roberts, is a prominent teacher of healing and shamanism...
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