Gospel of the King of the Jews, The

Gospel of the King of the Jews, The

The Gospel of the King of the Jews is a fascinating new look at the greatest story ever told.


The Gospel of the King of the Jews brings to life the characters and their background in a modern version of  ˜the greatest story ever told". It depicts Judas as a simple shepherd, who is tricked by the High Priests into leading them to his Master. This fascinating portrayal, separating the Christ of faith from the Jesus of history, is founded on vast erudition and thorough scholarship of the Jewish, Christian, Roman and Greek milieu. It will stimulate and excite all those genuinely interested in Jesus and his life and times.


The Gospel of the King of the Jews is an intriguing novel, bringing to life the famous gospel characters and story. With penetrating insight and a comprehensive knowledge of the Greek and Roman, Jewish and Early Christian backgrounds, Thorpe enables us to see "the greatest story ever told" with fresh eyes, challenging many of our preconceptions.

~ Stephen Gawtry, Managing Editor, The Watkins Review

Ralph Thorpe
Ralph Thorpe Novelist and traveller, painter and historian, Ralph (Hari) Thorpe gave up a meteoric business career, during which he wrote Test Marketing ...
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