Have The Best Year of Your Life

Have The Best Year of Your Life

An indispensable guide to getting more from every day of your life and transforming your future


Are you ready for a life worth living? A life with more joy, discovery and purpose – the best year of your life? Then let Have the Best Year of Your Life be your companion on a 12 month journey to identify and break free from what’s holding you back, teach you tools for a richer, more fulfilling life, and gently move you in the direction of your dreams. You’ll find a short activity for each day of the year: a treasure store of exercises, ideas, challenges and fun that will ensure your life no longer looks or feels the same by the end. Our best chance of making real and lasting change comes not from quick fixes but from taking regular small steps. Whether you’re feeling stuck, living on automatic, or are simply determined that this year won’t be the same old, same old, Have the Best Year of Your Life will guide, energise and inspire, and show you how to start living the breadth of your life as well as its length.


This book was a pleasure to read fun and very thought-provoking. Written from the heart, it is the perfect tool for students and clients starting on their healing journey: a compendium of 365 daily tasks - thoughts and deeds - that provide sound advice on how to make achievable incremental changes, without pain and without strain. I would not recommend trying to read the book in one hit as there are too many gems of wisdom, which need to be absorbed and utilised at a gentle rate to have best effect. Keep a few copies in your healing room - they will not be there for long!

~ Nikki Zalewski, In Touch magazine, The Healing Trust

I read a lot of self help books as part of my job. Which means that usually, I'm extra critical of 'yet another' in the field. But not this one.This one not only comes from a 'life examined'; the author has clearly been to the dark places and that shows through in her writing. The book not only comes from her years of workshop teaching, she obviously has under her belt years of helping folk through their problems. And - unusually for the genre - the book's also well written: lovely turns of phrase and an unput-downable style.So you may, like me, find yourself reading the whole book from cover to cover just for the joy of it. But then... the fun begins. For the way you're meant to use it is day by day, one task at a time, for the next year.And here the book keeps its promise on two levels. First, it delivers 365 days of interesting and challenging tasks, some light, some serious, all thought-provoking. And also - I can see this despite the fact that I'm only a few days into it - it's going to deliver a year of personal change, pace by pace, baby steps to harder tasks.I suspect that "The Best Year of Your Life" will effect a turning point in its readers... that if you trust in and follow the book, not only the next year but also the succeeding years of your life are likely to be the best ever! ~ Susan Quillliam, Agony Aunt, Broadcaster, Psychologist, Writer, and most recently author of The New Joy of Sex


By Jane Matthews

Published by O Books


ISBN 978-1-84694-374-4




Wow. Wow. Wow.  This is without a doubt one of the best books I have ever read and will continue to read every day and re-read again and again.  It really is that good.


This book was written by Jane Matthews as a present to her sister and she describes it as ‘a companion on a 12 month journey to a life full of joy, discovery and purpose’, and it delivers just that.  Each day the reader is set a task to complete, and every week these tasks involve seven areas which can lead to a richer and more joyful life. - Grow, explore, expand, receive, give, connect and commit.  The tasks are fun and challenging and really make you think about the different aspects of life and how to get the most out of every day.  I look forward to my daily mission and have read on many times as I can’t wait to get to the next one.  This book has made me really look at myself and the way I conduct my life, reflecting on past times, the present and my future hopes and dreams.


The tasks vary from things as simple as taking a walk in the park and collecting treasure in the form of acorns or anything else you may come across, to the more challenging ones that involve the reader to really think about themselves and how and why we act the way we do and what may have happened to make us be that way and have the beliefs we hold.  Several times, I feel I have undergone an epiphany while reading this and carrying out the various tasks which I have found hugely liberating and very entertaining.


Jane mentions various self help books in this book and I hope to get around to reading them one day, however this book stands alone and is definitely one of the most efficient and effective self help books available.  The teachings are offered in bite size chunks each day giving you time to reflect upon each lesson and this is where this book really won me over.  The lessons I am learning are staying with me as they never have with other books proclaiming to enrich your life.


My copy of ‘Have the best year of your life yet’, is very well used and dog-eared and I would highly recommend this book as it is ‘one in a million’ and could be the best £10.99 you have every spent.  Jane Matthews speaks a lot about synchronicity and I firmly believe it was just that, that delivered this book to my door.  Thank you Jane and I wish you every success as it is well deserved.


Lindsay Sinclair.

Eternal Spirit magazine 


A noval approach to personal transformation in the form of a 12 month journey with a short activity for each day of the year. As the author says changing habits can take time and doeslearning new things. Spread throughout the book are some provocative quotations, such as 'we don't see things as they are, we see things as we are' Anais Nin.  The Scientific and Medical Network


“If you are willing to invest time in yourself and
the growing of your life, Jane Matthews book WILL change your life.  
Step-by-step she guides you skillfully to new ideas and
behaviors to create not only your best year, but your best life.”


Dedicated to helping you achieve your potential
in heart, mind, and spirit,
Patricia J. Crane, Ph.D.

Heart Inspired Presentations, LLC

800-969-4584 or 760-728-8783
PO Box 1081, Bonsall, CA 92003 USA

~ Patricia Crane

Jane Matthews
Jane Matthews Jane Matthews writes and leads workshops on living more authentically, finding our purpose, creating better relationships, building self est...
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